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10 Remote Caribbean Hotels That Are Worth the Journey. Some hotels are destinations in themselves — and some places are so beautifully remote that when you get there you simply must be in a hotel.

10 Remote Caribbean Hotels That Are Worth the Journey

There is a peaceful quiet relaxation from the realization that you’re miles from anywhere and no one can find you. You know the feeling…when you look at each other and think, “this place is too cool to be real.” Today you can be found almost anywhere on the planet and that exact point is what make the following places so special. Here, you can actually hide away — these places are designed for doing exactly that. St. Croix Virgin Islands, Vacation Guide for Travel to St. Croix. St. Croix, US Virgin Islands Travel Guide. The largest of the four islands in the USVI, St.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands Travel Guide

Croix is sometimes referred to as the ‘big island’. The 84 square mile island is home to 53,000+ residents. Residential areas are fairly spread out around the island with a concentration of homes, schools, grocery stores and so on in the center of the island. The two main towns are Christiansted and Frederiksted. Resorts and condos are mostly on the north shore and vacation villas can be found in various areas. Planning Sections Getting Married Does your dream wedding take place on a secluded beach? Cruise Ship Information. Hotels in Caribbean - Caribbean Hotels, Reviews, Active Caribbean. In this Caribbean Hotels section of Active Caribbean, written to give you an idea of the types of accommodation available at each destination, you will find a number of hotel reviews, Caribbean special places to stay, and specially featured Caribbean hotels we would particularly like to bring to your attention.

Hotels in Caribbean - Caribbean Hotels, Reviews, Active Caribbean

You will find featured Caribbean hotels included in the destinations listed below, country by country, and also via this link to Caribbean hotel reviews & featured hotels. Within this Caribbean Hotels section our travel writers have reviewed a number of hotels – these reviews have been published on the relevant country’s dedicated HOTELS page. Click on the image links above to go to Caribbean hotels generally, or on this link to our featured hotels and Caribbean hotel reviews. How to choose a Caribbean island. St Vincent: the last of the real Caribbean. Caribbean climbs: the best islands for hiking. Hotels in Barbuda. The islands of Antigua and Barbuda, located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, are a beautiful and remote destination, ideal for an exotic vacation adventure.

Hotels in Barbuda

Barbuda, the northern island, has a much smaller community than the larger southern island, Antigua. Luckily, limited tourist accommodation is available on Barbuda if you are planning on traveling to this warm and sunny locale. Coco Point Lodge For visitors to Barbuda looking for a secluded tropical paradise, Coco Point Lodge is a great choice. This all inclusive resort is located on a private peninsula of Barbuda island, complete with dining facilities and easy access to the beautiful surrounding beaches. Lighthouse Bay Resort The Lighthouse Bay Resort is Barbuda's most luxurious hotel.

North Beach Cottages As the smallest provider of accommodations on Barbuda island, the North Beach Cottages have a very authentic feel and local taste. About the Author Alexander Abbott has more than seven years of experience in digital marketing. Travel Safety in Antigua. Tropical beaches and English-speaking natives make Antigua a prime vacation location for U.S. tourists looking for a relatively safe, comfortable island vacation.

Travel Safety in Antigua

Street crime and thefts do occur on the island, although these types of crimes can affect visitors at almost any vacation destination. Keeping an eye on personal possessions and avoiding known dangerous areas can help ensure that your Antigua vacation is trouble free. Crime Armed robbery and other violent crimes can occur in Antigua, and visitors should take appropriate precautions such as not displaying expensive jewelry or large amounts of cash.

You Should Visit Antigua in May. Here’s How. Our new Destination of the Month feature offers a more in-depth exploration of the Caribbean’s top destinations, with a look at where to stay, play and eat — and how to get there.

You Should Visit Antigua in May. Here’s How.

This month, our destination of the month is the beach-filled island of Antigua. Here’s a quick Antigua guide for what you should do when you get there. Where to Stay Antigua is blessed with a diverse collection of great hotels and resorts, with a particularly high number of high-end all-inclusive resorts. These aren’t the all-inclusives you’re used to — they’re sophisticated, elegant and luxurious. 20 Beautiful Waterfalls Hidden in North Carolina. With North Carolina being home to over 250 waterfalls, its a little hard to pick just twenty, thirty, or even fifty, to explore.

20 Beautiful Waterfalls Hidden in North Carolina

Despite the dreary weather currently overtaking my section of the state, making this list has me dreaming of the lush greenery of the North Carolina mountains. There is nothing quite like dipping your toes in that cool mountain water after a long summer hike on the Blue Ridge. I know there is warm weather on the horizon, so I’m making a must see starter list for springtime adventures. 20. Caribbean travel guide. Read more: What's new in the Caribbean?

Caribbean travel guide

The islands Click on the links below to read about individual islands. Caribbean climbs: the best islands for hiking. Gros Piton, St Lucia The steep-sided twin peaks of the Pitons rocketing above St Lucia’s west coast are a World Heritage Site and striking icons of this intensely green island.

Caribbean climbs: the best islands for hiking

Rising to 2,614ft, Gros Piton is its second-highest point, a mighty sugar loaf that cries out to be conquered. The four-hour round trek is one of the most appealing and easily arranged ascents in the Caribbean – but no doddle. “Around a fifth of climbers never make it to the top,” explains Kaurene John, part of a mini-army of uniformed rangers from the nearby village of Fond Gens Libre who serve as official guides. At busy times the precarious summit feels like an enactment of the famous theological question about how many angels can dance on a pinhead, but the views across the island and to Martinique are tremendous. British Airways ( flies from Gatwick to St Lucia, from £635 return. Cracking the Caribbean on a budget. By Ryan Ver Berkmoes · When travelling in the Caribbean, your choices are as diverse as the islands.

Cracking the Caribbean on a budget

But you don't need to fall for the cliché of pricey beach resorts or isolated boutique getaways costing hundreds of dollars a night. You can enjoy the same beautiful beaches and lusciously warm, blue waters as the big spenders and you can do so on a budget without settling for the over-hyped all-inclusive mega-hotels with their hundreds of tiny rooms and buffet lines piled high with fast food fare. Cool and interesting budget places can be found on islands scattered across these achingly alluring waters. Here's our favourite five islands for having a sunny frolic that won't leave you with a fiscal hangover. Barbados Yes, the west coast of this beautiful island is renowned for snooty old clubs and resorts where tea is still served to people dressed in linen at 3pm.

Bequia Bonaire Divers like bargains and for them reef-ringed Bonaire is paradise. Cuba Saba. How to choose a Caribbean island. Travel News, Guides and Tips - Plan a Vacation, Weekend or Getaway. PlanetRider Travel Directory. Travel Guides, Hotel Reviews, Vacation Ideas, and Trip-Planning Tools at Travel Guide and Travel Information. Free Travel Tips, Advice & Hints: Fodor's Travel Guides - Plan Your Trip Online.

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