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"Fake News" Resources - Teaching Kids News. WE CAN ZOOM INTO YOUR CLASSROOM!

"Fake News" Resources - Teaching Kids News

We do super-interesting, informative and engaging virtual presentations, for students and for educators, as well as keynotes and presentations to educators, on “fake news,” how to spot it and how to avoid it. To find out more about booking Joyce Grant for a virtual visit, please CLICK HERE. Visit this page often; we update it regularly. The most recent resources are at the top, (labelled NEW!) After these online games. W18 6509. Evaluating for bias.pdf. Headline bias. Opinion: Here are plenty of examples of media bias - Gainesville Times. We have lived here, subscribed to The Times for over 20 years and feel it necessary to have a local paper.

Opinion: Here are plenty of examples of media bias - Gainesville Times

Years ago, we canceled our subscription to a paper 40 miles away; the name should have been editorial on the banner. I read in the June 20 paper where the editor picked out one example of media bias, and it was from Fox News. She challenged us to find other examples. Challenge accepted: In five minutes I found many fine examples of bias in all media, print, TV and radio.

News Bias Explored. Detecting Bias in the News - Savvy Info Consumers. Examples of Media Bias. November 2020 11/18/2020 - AP dismisses attorney’s claims of election tampering 11/11/2020 - Media Networks Cut Off Press Conferences 11/4/2020 - Big 3 ignore identity of rioting groups October 2020.

Examples of Media Bias

The Yale Politic -Biased Headlines. Consider the following headlines concerning the shooting of Bothan Shem Jean: Police officer charged in shooting death of unarmed neighbor Dallas police officer Amber Guyger says she entered Botham Shem Jean’s apartment by mistake at end of her shift; Casey Stegall reports.

The Yale Politic -Biased Headlines

Sep. 10, 2018 —Fox News Dallas police officer charged with manslaughter in fatal shooting of unarmed man in his own apartment A Dallas police officer was arrested Sunday in connection with the shooting death of Botham Shem Jean, the Texas Rangers said. Amber Guyger, who is white, was off-duty when she shot Jean, a black man, after mistakenly entering his apartment at the complex where she also lived, police said Thursday. Sep. 9, 2018 —CNN The Fox News/CNN divide is not only a topic of national conversation; it is a determinant of national conversation. How to Read the News When You’re in High School.

Like any other habit, your news routine is a tricky thing to change once you get used to it.

How to Read the News When You’re in High School

If you don’t pay any attention to the news now, it gets harder as you get older to know where to start. If you pay lots of attention to a specific set of sources now, you could be missing out on a lot of great, eye-opening journalism. If you don’t really think about it and just scroll through whatever comes across your social network feeds, you’re actually getting used to a certain set of perspectives without even realizing it.

(On the web, we call this the filter bubble. Here’s a great TED Talk about it.) One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re young is develop a personal news routine that works for you, and, as the times and your lifestyle change, keep re-evaluating and updating it. Want to be a better fact-checker? Play a game. In this newsletter, we spend a lot of time highlighting how misinformation is a global problem.

Want to be a better fact-checker? Play a game

"Fake News" Resources - Teaching Kids News. The News Bias Chart: Who is the Least Biased News Source? I’ll start off by sharing how and where I got the information to create this analysis.

The News Bias Chart: Who is the Least Biased News Source?

I feel, now more than ever, that there’s already far too much bias in the information on the web. As such, I tried my best to remain neutral in the following analysis. If you spot any errors or corrections needed, please comment and I’ll take a look. 10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts. By Paul Glader Where do we most often find real truth, real facts in a new era of Internet hoaxes, fake news stories and new political administrations that tout their own "alternative facts"?

10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts

Many citizens appear confused and worried. News stories from the BBC and the New York Times and Money magazine are reporting (with proof) that dystopian novels such as 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley are seeing a noticeable boost in sales. ‘Fuller picture’: How major media outlets handled their evolving accounts of the Covington story. 10 tips to create a stunning portfolio website. A portfolio website offers a way to show off your work, connect with clients and bring in new business.

10 tips to create a stunning portfolio website

However, many creators don’t have a background in website design or website optimisation. Using the best website builder can help you create a portfolio website that stands out. But even then, it’s important to know which elements will display your work at its best. So in this guide, we’ll cover 10 tips you can use to build a stunning portfolio website. 01. While your entire portfolio website needs to be top quality, the truth is that most visitors will never make it past your homepage. How to delete 99.9%* of your digital footprint. Most creatives use the internet as the main portal to get their work seen.

How to delete 99.9%* of your digital footprint

Cultivating a popular social media account can get you an audience of millions, and what's not to love about that? Well, an active online life could leave you vulnerable to hackers and with cyber attacks on the rise, it's worth being a little paranoid. With so much of yourself now out there on the web for anyone to see (on any of the top social media platforms and beyond), it's hard to keep track of exactly what type of information is stored where. And if your personal or financial information is floating around on the net, it's the perfect target for hackers to steal. Luckily, ex-hacker and Twitter user @somenerdliam stepped in last year, with his thread "How to delete 99.9% of your digital footprint from the internet", and the grateful Twitterverse went wild for it.

Revinson Martin. Digital Communication. Communication Skills: How Formal Should an Email Be? Gmail basic. 7 common workplace safety hazards. The National Safety Council has a team of consultants who travel across the country – and the world – to visit worksites and conduct safety audits. But no matter where each team member is, chances are good that he or she will spot one or more of seven common safety hazards. Here, NSC consultants JoAnn Dankert, Namir George and Rachel Harrington identify for Safety+Health the workplace hazards they see over and over again. 1Working at height It shouldn’t be a surprise that Dankert, Harrington and George frequently spot hazards associated with working at height. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that falls to a lower level accounted for 14 percent of all fatalities in 2014, and OSHA standards related to scaffolding and ladders are regularly among the most frequently cited violations.

Dankert, an NSC senior consultant based in Arizona, said hazards associated with working at height can originate from a lack of understanding. Some of those locations may be surprising. Recognizing hidden dangers: 25 steps to a safer office. Falls are the most common source of injury in an office, although workers also are injured by being struck by or against objects, and suffering ergonomic injuries.Some simple changes to the workspace can be effective in eliminating hazards and reducing the number of injuries.

Administrative interventions such as scheduled walk-throughs and the establishment of a formal reporting system can help protect workers in an office environment. It's fairly obvious that safety and health hazards can exist on worksites filled with heavy machinery and equipment, where employees often are required to engage in strenuous manual labor. A job where most of the work tasks are completed while sitting in a chair in a climate-controlled office building would seem less fraught with danger. However, a surprising number of hazards can be present in an office setting.

Here are 25 steps you can take to reduce the risk of injury among your office staff. Happy Holidays from Frosty the Cell Man. ☃️ ❄️ Windows 10 Tutorial. Windows 10 is the latest OS version from Microsoft. This tutorial gives you all the indepth information on this new operating system and its procedures, right from what all hardware and other system components are required to install this OS in your system, to its advanced features and other uses. Windows 10 combines the features from its two previous versions for making it further user friendly for desktops as well as laptops and mobile devices.

This is an introductory tutorial that explains all the fundamentals of Windows 10. This tutorial has been designed for all those readers who want to learn the features of Windows 10. Create your Own Excel Art on Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software. Online Computer Skills Training – Resources. Basic Computer Skills1. 1-2 Computer Types: Descriptions. Computer Types: Descriptions There is a computer for every use under heaven, or so it seems. Let's look at the kinds of computers that there are, based on general performance levels. Personal or micro. 7500 IC3 GS5 Outline. Computer Lesson Plans and Links.

Lesson Plans/Activities. Microsoft Word Lesson Plans and Activities to Wow Your Students. Customizing the Word Quick Access Toolbar Tutorial MS Word QAT Lesson - MS Word 2010 - Getting Started. * Add & Remove Buttons from the Quick Access Toolbar * Advanced customization for the Quick Access Toolbar * Repositioning the Quick Access Toolbar * Resetting the Quick Access Toolbar. Wrap text around a picture in Word - Office Support. Select the picture. Select Layout Options. Microsoft Word 2016 Lesson 2 Directions. Microsoft Word - Kathryn Parry - Baker Middle School. Microsoft Word - Kathryn Parry - Baker Middle School. We Need to Teach Emerging Technology Skills in High School. The world of work is quickly changing. As educators, we want to prepare our students for their future careers.

Fakebook. Windows Basics: General Concepts & Terminology. Terminology | Mouse Clicks | Menus | Folders | File Extensions | Hardware. Jan's Computer Basics. You don't have to know everything to be comfortable with computers. Basic Computer Skills1. Northstar Digital Literacy. Information Technology Games. Enjoy Computer Games And Learn Information Technology - Apni Tech. Information Technology (IT) is now the life of the globe. No one denying the role of technological development to bring innovation and advancement in our lives. we need to take this opportunity to polish the minds of our youth according to the growing trends and innovation in the technology sector. It will enhance their mental skills to make them capable of using and innovating technology.

Education and Information Technology. Web sites to use in an information technology classroom. Word Scramble - Free Word Jumble Puzzle Game with Answers. Technology for Kids - Free Games, Activities, Experiments, Science Online. Online Computer Skills Training – Resources. COMPUTER SKILLS - Adult Basic Education (ABE) - Research Guides at Madison College (Madison Area Technical College) How to make your laptop last longer so you don't have to buy a new one now. Business And Work Crossword Puzzles. 200+ Free Downloadable Tutorials at Word 2016: Indents and Tabs. Total Seminars - Best selling books plus practice exams for A+, Network+, and IC3 certification.

Flashcards Table on 1 Computing Facts. Test Your Cloud Computing Knowledge! (8) Practice questions on IC3 exam Module 1 # (1-3) (8) Introduction - Excel for Beginners - Lesson 1. IC3 - Computer Fundamental. Computer Fundamentals Questions and Answers - Sanfoundry. IC3 Study Questions. IC3 - Computer Fundamental. IT Training, Testing and Consulting ServicesIT Training, Testing and Consulting Services. High School Computer Curriculum, Computer Lessons - TechnoKids. IC3 GS5 Certification Guide Using Windows 10 & Office 2016 - CCI Learning Store. Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to Access 2013 Database. Vocabulary Flash Cards using MS Word.

Create Database Using Microsoft Access with 6 Amazing Steps. How to Build a New Database in Access 2016. Buying a new router? Understand these Wi-Fi basics first. The Ultimate IC3 Certification Study Guide. IC3/Spreadsheets. IC3 GS5 Computing Fundamentals Student Workbook. IC3 study guide. IC3 Internet and Computing Core Certification Living Online Study Guide.

IC3CompFund WB01. Introduction - IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Computing Fundamentals Study Guide. IC3 GS5 CF Office16 Tutorial C8. IC3 Certification: Global Standard 5 R1.2. LearnKey IC3 GS5 Sample Teacher Workbook. IC3 GS5: Computing Fundamentals First Edition. IC3 GS5 Computing Fundamentals Student Workbook. What are Databases? - Examples & Types - Video & Lesson Transcript. Access 2016: Introduction. (8) MS Access 2016 - Create a Form. Basic Database Terminology - A Begginers Guide. Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to Access 2013 Database. Lesson Plan: Introduction to Databases Lesson. (8) Branch Education. (8) How Do Touchscreens Work? (8) Fly Through of a Smartphone. IC3 Module1 Practical Exam 1. IC3 - Computer Fundamental. IC3 Certification Computing Fundamentals Final.

IC3CompFund WB01. Goodbye, Boring Database Instruction. Hello, Search App Smackdown! IC3 Sample Workbook. IC3 Certification Computing Fundamentals Final. IC3 - Computer Fundamental.