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Best Hiking trails in Grenada : Wikiloc. Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve. Soft Adventure. Caribbean GEM Beach Holiday Resort in Grenada. Hiking,Mt St Catherine,Mt Qua Qua,Concord waterfall,Grand Etang. Hiking in Grenada provides an ideal opportunity to experience the island's lush green rainforest, rolling peaks and valleys.

hiking,Mt St Catherine,Mt Qua Qua,Concord waterfall,Grand Etang

Whether its a hike to Mt. St. Catherine, our highest peak or a trek to the Upper Concord waterfall, just name it and leave the rest to us. Following are some of our popular hikes. If none of them suits your fancy, let us know what your interests are and we'll be happy to design a hike just for you. All prices are quoted in US dollars and include entrance fees. Hikes are graded as follows: 01- Easy: No steep slopes. 02- Challenging: Gentle slopes. 03- Difficult: Many steep slopes. 04- Very difficult: Mostly steep slopes. Obstacles are mainly boulders, ditches, streams and fallen trees. Upper Concord waterfall - approx. 4.5hrs - grade 02 It takes about 45 mins hiking through a mix of cultivated land, wild flowers and natural forest to get to the waterfall. 1 pers=$120.

Welcome to Grenada Hash House Harriers. Waterfalls in Grenada. Grenada Sunsation Tours - Grenada's Tour Operator - Grenada Fish Friday with Sunsation Tours. (Nearly) every Friday evening, the north-western fishing village of Gouyave lets its hair down and turns over a street (and a bit more) to fish stalls.

Grenada Sunsation Tours - Grenada's Tour Operator - Grenada Fish Friday with Sunsation Tours

Under canvas, you can browse among the evening’s catch, served up in a variety of ways: fried fish, grilled fish, BBQ fish, fish balls, fish loaf, fish cakes, fish pies, fish quiche, fish pizza, fish pockets, fish rissoles, fish poached in garlic, fish kebabs, lobster (in season), lambie and more. Somewhere, there’s even sure to be fish ‘n chips. Experts puzzled by mysteries of Grenada’s unique crater lakes - - Caribbean direct from the Caribbean. Although most of the Caribbean islands are of volcanic origin, crater lakes can only be found in Dominica and Grenada.

Experts puzzled by mysteries of Grenada’s unique crater lakes - - Caribbean direct from the Caribbean

And as if to compensate, there are three of them on the spice island: the brackish Levera Pond and Lake Antoine in the north, and the Grand Etang in the center of the island. It is in particular this 15 acre one that is full of mysteries. Grenada Car rentals with CG Rentals. A & A Grenada Car Rental. Grenada Car Rental - Archie Auto Rentals: Our Vehicles. We offer: Automatic & Manual 4x4 jeeps, sedans, executive sedans, 4 door hard top jeeps and 6 seater family caravans.

Grenada Car Rental - Archie Auto Rentals: Our Vehicles

All vehicles have air-conditioning and power steering Unlimited Milage Free Pickup and Delivery All Major Credit Cards Accepted Twenty Four Hour Service Customer Oriented Staff. B PARKEYS CARRENTAL Grenada - Grenada Island Tours & Car Rentals. Historic Sites. Conservation Kayak. Duration: 9 am – 1 pm (During certain times of the year when the winds are particularly high it isn’t possible to do this trip due to the unsuitable conditions).

Conservation Kayak

We begin with route and safety briefings on the dock, followed by some kayaking technique tuition which includes essential tips to help you get the most out of the trip. – We focus on teaching our guests to kayak with the best possible technique through our comprehensive and concise ‘out of water / in water’ instruction session. Depending on the number of people in the group and their experience levels, this generally takes between half an hour to an hour before we set off on our adventure and greatly improves your ability to paddle on the ocean. Glide alongside the magnificent Mangroves of Benjy Bay learning about the unique ecosystems and wildlife as you go. Cruise above a vibrant, turquoise sand patch surrounded by corals and sponges and enjoy the uplifting effect of the ocean. Maximum number of guests per trip: 10.

Grand Etang National Park. Welcome to Grenada Hash House Harriers. Grand Etang Lake. Grand Etang Lake is a prime example that Grenada has more than just pretty beaches.

Grand Etang Lake

On our nature tour of Grenada we stopped off at Grand Etang Lake, to admire the beauty and take in the serenity. Getting to the lake is easy, even if you are driving yourself. There is only one main road that takes you “over the hills” into St. Andrews from St George’s. The signs will tell you when you are in the Forest Reserve area … you can also tell from the orderly planted Pine like trees. When you see this sign turn down into the off road and you are there. Side Note: A word about driving “over the hills”. This small hut at the entrance to Grand Etang Lake is where you would pay a fee to go down to the lake. I wish I can tell you how much we paid but I can’t. I would imagine it’s no more than a dollar or two. What I love about Grand Etang Lake is the peace about the place. There are picnic tables if you want to make the visit a romantic or family picnic. Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve.

Grand Etang St.

Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve

Andrew Explore TripAdvisor reviews > The most popular areas in Grenada for hiking and trekking is undoubtedly the rainforest around the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, high up in the mountains of the island's interior. Grand Etang's varied elevations and terrains maintain several different ecological subsystems, culminating in the elfin woodlands high up the slopes of the reserve's central mountains. Grand Etang's flora includes towering mahogany and giant gommier trees as well as a multitude of ferns, tropical flowers, and other indigenous plants. Grenada's Gold. Cabier Ocean Lodge: Home. Caribbean Island of Grenada. Grenada Sightseeing Tours Selection from Mandoo Tours & Taxi Service. No visit to Grenada is complete without a tour of the island, where you can enjoy its beauty and lush vegetation, as well as exploring our island's historical sites.

Grenada Sightseeing Tours Selection from Mandoo Tours & Taxi Service

Below we featured some of our standard tours, but you can also design your own, with our help. Halifax Bay Brizan Concord Falls Dougaldston Spice Estate - Gouyave - Nutmeg Station - Lunch - Rivers Rum Lake Antoine - Levera National Park Grenville - Grand Etang Island Tour: Northern Route This tour takes you to some of the natural attractions our island has to offer, as well as giving you the chance to see some of the agricultural products Grenada is known for worldwide. You will also be stopping for lunch at a well known historical site made famous by the original inhabitants of the Spice Isle. Grenada Webcams & Grenada Blog.