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Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Free Beading Tutorial - Crystal Earring Drop. While browsing Pinterest, I came upon this necklace photo and it gave me an idea for embellishing a crystal drop bead: What I came up with is easy to do and the number of seed beads can be adjusted to fit different size drops.

Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Free Beading Tutorial - Crystal Earring Drop

My tutorial includes the bead counts for two common sizes. The earring in the photo below is my adaptation of the "Arula Earrings" pattern, which I blogged about HERE. I've made a few more sample earrings with this drop bead added and I will blog about them later after I take photos of them. 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457D) 15/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457D)8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457D)3mm druks "Ivory Pearl Coat" 7x5mm drop "Transparent Champagne Luster"Click HERE to download the Crystal Earring Drop tutorial If you like this tutorial, please consider making a voluntary donation through PayPal using the DONATE button on the right.

[Tutorial] Golden Soutache Earrings - Bead Tutorial. Tutorial : Golden Soutache EarringsLevel : IntermediateTechnique : Soutache embroidery Materials- Stone Cabochon 18x13mm.

[Tutorial] Golden Soutache Earrings - Bead Tutorial

(beadaholique)- Soutache braids two colors (lacetrim)- 8/0 seed beads (Supra Gold Metallic, available at piecesparts and beadaholique)- 11/0 seed beads (Supra Gold Metallic, available at piecesparts and beadaholique)- Swarovski pearl 4mm. (Local shop)- Chinese teardrop pearl 10x7mm. (Local shop)- Nicole bead backing or Lacy stiff stuff (Nicole backing is available beadwright. [Tutorial] : Juniper - Bead Tutorial. Tutorial : JuniperLevel : Beginner Materials :- 32 pcs.

[Tutorial] : Juniper - Bead Tutorial

Crystal bicone 4mm. - Dark Moss- 1g. Miyuki Rocailles 11/0 - Gavalnized Gold #182 (Color A)- 1g. Matsuno Rocailles 11/0 - Opaque Blue (Color B)- Earwires. Pinterest. Wire Jewelry Instructions, Jewelry Making Instructions. Wire jewelry instructions show how to make jewelry connectors using wire jewelry making techniques to make a wire spiral and more!

Wire Jewelry Instructions, Jewelry Making Instructions

Easy Wire Jewelry Techniques To make the lanyard ID holder, before you start this jewelry lesson, complete Part 1 of this wire jewelry tutorial: Coiling Wire. If you simply want to learn how to make wire spirals, you'll need a few inches (or centimeters) jewelry making wire. Wire Jewelry Tutorial Part 2How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector It's easy to make a lanyard ID holder jewelry component with jewelry making wire. Making Wire SpiralsA Basic Wire Working Skill We will take a length of coiled wire and make a wire spiral on each end, making a jewelry component.

You can then connect it to any jewelry you decide to make. DIY Wire Jewelry: Classy Coiled Earrings. Here’s our freebie of the week – DIY Wire Jewelry: Classy Coiled Earrings!

DIY Wire Jewelry: Classy Coiled Earrings

Learn how to make this pair of classy looking earrings using wire wrapping and looping wirework techniques. This design requires only basic materials ie copper wires and some beads. By learning this technique, you will be able to come up many variations of designs! With 20 detailed step by step guide coupled with many images, this tutorial offers some good tips on wireworks for beginners! Step 1: Cut approximately 5cm length of 1mm dia (18gauge) of copper wires. Tips. Dragonfly Earrings. Copyright 2016 Deborah Roberti Scroll down to the bottom of this page for links to beads used in the photo above.

Dragonfly Earrings

MATERIALS • 4-6 feet of 6 lb. FireLine • About 60 size 11/0 seed beads • 8 MiniDuo beads • 2 SuperDuo beads • 8 Color1 size 4mm beads (can be any bead type) • 4 Color size 4mm beads (can be any bead type) • 2 drops or accent beads (can be any bead type or size you prefer—round, fire-polished, pearl, teardrop, etc. —vertically-drilled or top-drilled, one or two-holed dagger bead) • two small (2-4mm) closed jump rings • a pair of earring findings Step 1: Thread your needle with 2-3 feet of FireLine. Leaving about a 6-inch tail that you can weave in and make disappear at any time, string a Color1 4mm bead, two seed beads, another Color1 4mm bead, a seed bead, a SuperDuo bead and a seed bead. Grab your tail thread and tie a tight double knot: S Free Tutorial on Making a Pair of Vintage Beaded Drop Earrings. There are many pearl and rhinestone drop earrings designs on this site, but today I still made a pair of vintage beaded drop earrings with glass beads, pearl beads, gold bead spacers and rhinestone beads for beginner to learn.

s Free Tutorial on Making a Pair of Vintage Beaded Drop Earrings

In making this pair of beaded drop earrings, you do not need any beading skills, making it a good DIY project to try. Madame Beaded Bead (Earrings) Beading Tutorial by HoneyBeads (Item ID: 326878, End Time : N/A) - DIY Lessons - Learn Jewelry Making With Online Lessons, Videos and PDF Tutorials. Jewelry Design - Earrings with Quartz Crystal Gemstone Beads, Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs and Silver-Plated Brass Components, Drops and Charms. Bead Jewelry Making Video on How to Make Beaded Drop Earrings. Hidden Hearts Earrings Beading Tutorial by HoneyBeads1 (Valentine's or prom earrings with pearls) Making Distinctive Earrings with Silvery Brass Wire and Blue Glass Pearls. A simple spiral wire wrap pattern will never trouble you.

Making Distinctive Earrings with Silvery Brass Wire and Blue Glass Pearls

And you needn’t rack your brain to recreate another pattern, because basic wire wrapping and beading can to a large extent differ your pattern from original. Pandahall's Free Tutorial on Making a Pair of Vintage Beaded Drop Earrings. Free Tutorial: Circular Brick Stitch Around a Bead. Miguel Ases Earrings. Beaded Circle Charm. Basic Hexagon Stitch Beading Pattern. 4.

Basic Hexagon Stitch Beading Pattern

String the Base Ring This pattern begins with a base ring of beads. Pick up 6A, and slide them down to about six to eight inches from the end of the thread. Then, pass through all six beads again, and through the first A again. Pull the thread taut to create the ring. Notice that the base ring already hints of a hexagon, because it has six beads to match a hexagon's six sides.

Tip: Passing twice through the base ring is optional, but it makes it easier to maintain firm thread tension. Beaded Snowflake Pattern Using Hexagon Angle Weave. Quick Wire Christmas Tree Earrings. [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of November 9, 2015 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically.

Quick Wire Christmas Tree Earrings

In order to track any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will include a historical reference at the top of this document. This Privacy Policy will tell you, among other things: Your California privacy rights. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT/YOUR AGREEMENT Company websites are not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18 or those who are not legal residents of the United States. Victorian Earrings. (copyright 2008 Deborah Roberti) For the exact beads used in the photo above, click here to go to the Gallery of Color Suggestions and scroll down. Materials: • 2 yards waxed Nymo or C-Lon thread, size D, or 6 lb. FireLine • About 50 size 11/0 seed beads • 12 size 4mm fire-polished beads • 16 size 4mm bicone crystals • two small (2-4mm) jump rings • a pair of ear wires, or whichever type of earring finding you prefer.

Deco Darling Earrings. NOTE: This project has been discontinued. We have kept this project on the site for you to use as a template or inspiration for your own creations. Heart-in-heart Brick Stitch Earrings For Valentine. Crochet Wire Medallion Earrings. Yes, I’m still playing with the crochet wire … I hope you’re not sick of seeing it yet because I’m actually loving it! This time I tried adding some beads to wire to make these pretty medallion earrings.

Very fun! Here’s what you need: 30 gauge Nickel Silver wireD hook48 – size 6/0 seed beadsa pair of ear wires2 crimp beads Click here to reference the Crochet Abbreviations Chart. Special Stitches: Beaded Single Crochet (bsc): Insert hook into specified stitch and draw up a loop, move bead up the wire to rest next to hook, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook. Beaded Double Crochet (bdc): Yarn over, insert hook into specified stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops, move bead up the wire to rest next to hook, yarn over and pull through remaining 2 loops on hook. Circular Brick Stitch Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial. How to Make Elven or Elvish ear wires. Every time I see or make elven or elvish ear wires, I am reminded of the movie Lord of the Rings. There were several elvish ears on display! This style of ear wires is popular because they are different.

They are very easy to make - I am sure many readers have already done so. Shown here is a pair I made for myself. There are probably different ways to go about making them but this is how I do it. How to Make Earring Wire Tutorials with Variations. Have you ever run out of ear wires or wish you could hand forge your own for the ultimate artisan look? Here are several options to try using common tools you already have. You'll also need to stalk around the house and look for a few more. 1. First find something cylindrical - approximately 1/2 " in diameter. A dry erase marker pen works really well. Ethnic earrings out of old jeans. Pattern for beautiful beaded earrings. Here is a pattern for beautiful earrings Mistinguettes by Sereine. Its simple and amazing! Pattern for beautiful beaded earrings. Bracelet pattern schema, earrings schema. Fiore Earrings. Pattern for pendant…or for earrings?

Pendant pattern. Here is a very easy pattern for beautiful pendant. Related posts: Free pattern for beaded bead East. Free pattern for beautiful beaded earrings Daisy. FREE pattern for earrings Snowflakes. Free pattern for bracelet and earrings Peony. Free pattern for pretty beaded earrings Floweret. Free pattern for earrings Berry Juice.

Free pattern for beaded earrings Antarctica. Free pattern for earrings Persia. Free pattern for beautiful beaded earrings Mia. Free pattern for beaded earrings Adriana. Free pattern for beaded earrings Orange Crystals. Free pattern for earrings Gala. Earring Patterns. Flower Earrings. Bead Tutorial - Tutorial : Russian Spiral Earrings. Ear Wire Varieties. DIY Tutorial orecchini Gold Christmas. Tutorial orecchini barocco. Tutorial orecchini barocco. Blue Ice Coin Knot Earrings. Free pattern for beautiful beaded earrings Mia. Bistro Earrings & Pendant. Lady Jane's Earrings. Antique Earrings & Pendant. Dewdrop Earrings and Pendant. Holiday Earrings. Mandala Earrings.

How to Make Bead Earrings - Wrap A Pearl with Beads. Double Beaded Dangly Earrings Tutorial. Rhumba Earrings Tutorial. Double Beaded Dangly Earrings Tutorial. Crystal & Pearl Bridal Earrings Tutorial. Les Nereides Knockoff Tutorial: Voluptueuse et Vaporeuse Earrings. Beading4perfectionists : 1920's Art Deco -"ish" Spiderlike earrings brickstitch beading tutorial. Plastic Canvas Earrings ∙ Creation by Tallchick on Cut Out. Enchanted Forest Earrings. Beading4perfectionists : "The Queens Ruby's" ;-) Earrings beading tutorial for advanced beaders.