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Writing stories to younger grades to simplify concepts – Teaching Without a Quill. Sometimes your standards have you teach things that are FAR beyond your student’s developmental level.

Writing stories to younger grades to simplify concepts – Teaching Without a Quill

I feel that way when I teach pretty much all of US History to 8th graders, especially government. So, when I taught the Bill of Rights I thought.. how can I simplify this for an eighth grader to REALLY get it. I started with a super simple hyperdoc that had students view the Bill of Rights and draw symbols into their interactive notebook. You can look at this hyperdoc here: Now, here comes the fun part. Here are a couple pages from one of the books published.. Writing the story wasn’t enough.. the class then voted on the best stories written and we had five winners. Like this: Like Loading... iBooksAuthor-NEASIST.pdf (application/pdf Object) 3 Free eBook Creators to Create eBooks Free. Here are 3 Free ebook creators to create ebooks for free.

3 Free eBook Creators to Create eBooks Free

These free ebook creation software are easy to use, and completely free. MobiPocket Creator MobiPocket Creator is free ebook creator which enables you to add quick HTML tags and image file to your publication. The application is equipped with tables of contents Wizard for you to automatically generate links to the chaps of your ebook along with smart heading extraction. MobiPocket Creator is free software and includes the Mobipocket Emulator to test and preview the eBooks that you create. Sponsored Links Some of the features of this free ebook creator: This e-book creator provides overall solution for creating impressive ebooks whether for personal use of for distribution purpose. Also personalize cover page of your e-book using this application and add pictures in various formats.

Also Read: Free PDF Readers NATATA eBook Compiler: Its key benefits are: Zinepal: You can also preview your ebook after compilation. Write. Creating your own eTextbooks for Common Core. Learn how to save your school money, create Common Core-aligned material By Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor, @eSN_Meris Read more by Meris Stansbury August 14th, 2013 Creating eTextbooks might be easier than you think.

Creating your own eTextbooks for Common Core

In an effort to save schools and districts money that’s often spent on outdated textbooks, many of which are not aligned with the Common Core State Standards, innovative educators and administrators are using online resources to create customized eTextbooks.In a recent webinar, “Create Your Own Textbooks for the Common Core,” Nicole Rothbauer, an intervention specialist for Salem City Schools in Ohio, detailed how her district didn’t want to spend money on old textbooks that didn’t reflect the Common Core State Standards. “Common Core really pushes students to build a deeper understanding of content and effectively apply learning within and across disciplines,” she said.

“It was time to take action.” (Next page: Administrative support and first steps) Digital Storytelling/Content Creation iPad Apps #ipad #apps #contentcreation #ipaded #digitalstorytelling. Kindle Direct Publishing. 15 More Apps To Create Books On The iPad. Creating books on the iPad doesn’t seem like the first thing you might do with one of the popular little tablets, but it’s really quite capable of doing so provided you’re not trying to write the next great novel.

15 More Apps To Create Books On The iPad

We’ve written about 3 apps to reate books on the iPad in the past, but the following listly by Meg Wilson goes further, including 15 apps to do so. The artful collision of technology, learning, and literacy is an idea promoted in the Common Core Standards, which is likely your rule book if you teach K-12 in an American public school. This is a new age of literacy where students can read, research, write, publish, and socialize on the same device sitting right in their lap with a pinch-and-zoom elegance that somehow makes the whole process seem easier than it really is. And for those of you that rail against both Common Core and the iPad (but obviously not literacy), keep fighting the good fight.

How to Create Your Own Textbook — With or Without Apple. By Dolores Gende Apple’s iBooks2 and authoring app has created big waves in education circles.

How to Create Your Own Textbook — With or Without Apple

But smart educators don’t necessarily need Apple’s slick devices and software to create their own books. How educators think of content curation in the classroom is enough to change their reliance on print textbooks. As the open education movement continues to grow and become an even more rich trove of resources, teachers can use the content to make their own interactive textbooks. It might seem daunting, but the availability of quality materials online and the power of tapping into personal learning networks should make it easier.

Here’s how to create a digital textbook and strategies for involving the students in its development in three steps. 1. Teachers can work with colleagues within their subject area departments and beyond the walls of the classroom to aggregate resources through social bookmarking. 2. One of the most user-friendly tools to post resources for your course is LiveBinders.