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Thanks for Downloading - Inside Out Style. How to Wear Ankle Boots with Skirts. How to Wear Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans. Ankle Boots for Short Legs. If you’re under five foot three, you've likely made the following excuses as to why you absolutely cannot do the “ankle boot thing”: They make you look frumpy; they cut off your legs; they're bunching like crazy.

Ankle Boots for Short Legs

Well, we’re here to prove you wrong. Here, five tips on how to style ankle boots for the shorter set. Do: Cuff Your Boyfriend Jeans You've heard this tip before, and it's especially true for shorties. If you're wearing your ankle boots with boyfriend jeans, please, whatever you do, roll up your hem. Get the look: Ann Taylor boots ($140) How to Wear a Moto Jacket. You took the time to shop around.

How to Wear a Moto Jacket

You priced your options. You even debated soft pastels versus traditional black. You finally invested in the perfect length and hardware to fit your style, and now the outfit possibilities are endless. But how is the line between edgy chic and washed-up biker dude so thin? Here, seven ways to rock the moto and five we suggest you skip. Stand Out For Style, Not Stains. Imitate the famous origami skort by Zara! It was love at first sight when I first saw this origami skort by zara online.

Imitate the famous origami skort by Zara!

I think almost every single blogger has one at this point, but that’s probably because it’s such a fun piece to style. Every time I see someone wearing it, it looks completely different. But I love how Natalie Caez (fashion blogger) would wear’em! She looks super sexy in that pair of skorts! And so the love for that skorts has grown deeper in me. Tutorial: slouchy beanie sewing pattern - imagine gnats. This post is written by Teresa of Dandelion Drift.

tutorial: slouchy beanie sewing pattern - imagine gnats

Today I’m here to help you make your own comfy hat with this free slouchy beanie sewing pattern for babies, kids, and adults! Has it started to get cold by you guys? It’s cold here, in fact, today I’m wearing my boots and sweater, but cold is a little relative. It’s in the 60s here (in Florida) and that means I am freezing! Wildflowers 3: DIY Beanie Tutorial. Tutorial: simple arm band DIY - imagine gnats. Looking for a comfy, washable, and easy-to-make workout arm band to hold your phone or mp3 player during your next run or jazzercise class?

tutorial: simple arm band DIY - imagine gnats

Oh, good… because here it is! When Nick started running a few months ago, we went through quite a few versions of arm bands for exercising, trying to find something that was comfortable and actually worked. not happy with the options available for purchase, we took to the interwebs. we found a tutorial for The Most Comfortable iPhone Armband EVER, and it blew. my. mind. if you’re going for super simple, it’s for you. we tried it out, but found ourselves in a sweaty situation with one very soggy arm band, so we set out to improve on the fold-up cuff style arm band. Tutorial: sew a skirt with shorts - imagine gnats. This post written by Teresa of Dandelion Drift.

tutorial: sew a skirt with shorts - imagine gnats

For those days that you want the fun of a skirt but you need the convenience of shorts, I’ll show you how to sew a skirt with shorts by adding simple knit shorts to the alder skirt {for girls}, or any favorite skirt pattern with a separate waistband. My girl, Sweet Pea, is about to turn 10. When she was a little toddler, she was a dress girl. She wore dresses every single day.

Then she went through a shorts only phase, and now she has come to meet somewhere in the middle, she’s a skirt girl. The Fabric Fairy. Constructing a Knit Tee Shirt // Stretch Yourself - One Little Minute. This series is sponsored by Baby Lock.

Constructing a Knit Tee Shirt // Stretch Yourself - One Little Minute

For over 40 years, Baby Lock has been dedicated to the love of sewing by creating machines for sewing, embroidery, quilting and serging – all with ease-of-use, high quality and a touch of elegance. Constructing a basic tee shirt is one of the foundational skills of sewing with knits. Once you figure out the steps, and feel comfortable with the process, you will open a door to endless possibilities!

All different types of blouses, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, and dresses are made pretty much this same way. Drafting and Sewing Leggings // Stretch Yourself - One Little Minute. This series is sponsored by Baby Lock.

Drafting and Sewing Leggings // Stretch Yourself - One Little Minute

For over 40 years, Baby Lock has been dedicated to the love of sewing by creating machines for sewing, embroidery, quilting and serging – all with ease-of-use, high quality and a touch of elegance. I’ve always loved sewing with knits, but recently I’ve developed an even greater obsession with it because of leggings. I’ve never had a problem finding leggings that fit (they’re all so stretchy most everyone can find the right size).

What I have really enjoyed is making leggings in different colors, prints, and materials than are available in stores! The process of drafting your own to measurements is really quite easy, and once you have the pattern piece made, watch out, because you might become addicted to making your own leggings! FREE Sewing Pattern: Summer Shorties — Baste + Gather. Easyfleecehat. 13 Sewing Tricks That Will Make Life A Lot Easier! How to Sew a Faux Fur Stole. March 25th, 2010 Email 29 users recommend.

How to Sew a Faux Fur Stole

Search Results - Girl Charlee. Pantskirt tutorial - pantskirt-tutorial.pdf. Circle Poncho {Cotton Laminate Tutorial}... Looking for a quick rain coat for your little one?

Circle Poncho {Cotton Laminate Tutorial}...

I happened to be on the market for two new raincoats since my kids outgrew their ones from a couple of years ago. I stumbled across this adorable rainbow polka dot Sunny Skies fabric by Riley Blake in cotton laminate (my favorite), and fell head over heels… What is not to love?! Instead of a structured rain coat, this fun and happy fabric needed a swinging style. And I was more than happy to whip something up for the youngest daughter in the house. Making one is pretty simple. First off, I used 1.5 yards of laminate cotton for the exterior, and an additional 1.5 yards of regular cotton for the lining. Cowl Neck Poncho. Cowl Neck Poncho Tutorial Perfect for winter layering, this fitted poncho has a cowl neck that can also be worn as a hood. It can be made in almost any stretch fabric, so it’s not necessary to finish the hems if you don’t want to. Hooded Side To make the poncho, simply follow the diagram below. 1) Cut the fabric to size.2) Cut a neck hole out of the body fabric, and serge the cowl neck pieces together at the side seams.3) Sew two lines of stitching on either side of the waist to give the poncho shape.4) Slide the cowl neck over the body piece, and serge the neck onto the body.

Jacket & Coat Sewing Patterns. Jacket & Coat Sewing Patterns. GreenPepper pattern. Misses'/Misses' Petite Coat & Dress. Make A Regency Gown. In an age before preprinted patterns, dressmakers would look at the illustration of a gown in a fashion plate or magazine and make a pattern based on the picture. If they were lucky, a fashion doll (not unlike Barbie,for so many of us!)

Would be available wearing a small representation of the fashionable style, which the seamstress could then study to better understand the construction of the gown. “Draping a Toile” was the term used when the seamstress created a pattern by simply draping and pinning inexpensive fabric to create a sample of the dress, from which the actual gown can be made. A “toile” was simply the mock up of the gown before it was finished.

The following pattern should be attempted only by experienced sewers. Visit our online giftshop for costume patterns, ready made dresses and more! This entry was posted in Fashion to Make and tagged gown, Jane Austen, make, regency gown pattern. How to make a Poncho (3): Adding a Hood! Poncho With Hood - Sewing Pattern #5798. Zipped Cape With Hood - Sewing Pattern #5713. 587_technical_drawing_2898.jpg (JPEG Image, 1852 × 1188 pixels) - Scaled (55%) Pendleton Cape. Patterns. It's Sew Easy. Free sewing patterns. Click on the photo to enlarge or click on the title to go to the sewing tutorial. The easy long cardigan, a staple in your wardrobe This is a super easy project.

You’ll see that there isn’t a long tutorial because the design and construction are so simple. This cardigan is very minimalistic and streamlined –perfect for the busty girl. I have used tulle in the back to add a bit of drama but it is completely optional and you could use the same knit fabric to make the project even simpler. The bralette perfect undergarment for summer Seriously, it is warm and humid and I was walking under a dreadful sun on a shopping street called Orchard Road back from you guessed it, buying fabric. Perfect Beach Dress for Summer Fun The Perfect Beach Dress is an A-line dress, meant to be worn over your swimsuit and it falls above the knee.

RFID shielded handbag: I’m calling it Gleam and the pattern is FREE I have been looking for the perfect shopping handbag. Salina: The Easy Romper I wished I had packed. Jackets, Vests & Coats. Amber's Cropped Jacket : Drafting the Pattern. Patterns: If you are not comfortable drafting patterns from scratch you can buy a pattern with a band collar with kimono style sleeves. Butterick and Vogue should have similar styles. From there you can modify the pattern to look like the costume.

Sewing with Shirring Elastic. How to Shirr or Smock. Swimwear Fabric - Discounted 40% and More. What is Spandex Fabric? Known for its extraordinary elasticity, spandex has been used extensively for foundation garments and all types of active sportswear [including swimwear] since its introduction in 1958. Spandex is frequently called by one of its trade names - Lycra®. Spandex fabric can be stretched repeatedly and still snap back to its original shape and length. Print your own fabric from your desktop printer... And it's PERMANENT!

Inkjet Printing on Fabric. DIY Clothes. Crafting Classes, Patterns & Inspiration. How To Shorten Coat Sleeves. Do you want to learn how to shorten coat sleeves? If you regularly wear jackets, the coat should cover the jacket’s sleeves by between 3/8 inch and ½ inch. For a professional look, you will have to alter the coat and the coat’s lining separately. This will also make any future alterations easier. To change the length of your sleeves, you'll need: Straight Leg Skinny Pants Pattern Size 6 - 20 Vintage Jean Hardy 330. DIY Fashion Using a Men's Dress Shirt. Petite Fashion, Style Tips and DIY. How to Hem Suit Coat Sleeves. How To: Shorten Sleeves with a Lining. How to Make a Pattern from a Favorite Garment. AMAZINGLY Simple way to Screen Print at Home! Aquí: heres how: DIY braided back shirt.

Tank Top DIY & How to Create a Snakeskin Print with Sharpie Stained Markers Fashion. The people from Sharpie so kindly sent me their newest invention, the Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker and asked that I create something with it. How to Screen Print a Cotton Fabric by Hand in 5 minutes.