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Supplier Directory. Ntact » Parker Warburton - Team Architects. Contact » Parker Warburton - Team Architects. Look to IMS for Modular Schools and Portable Classrooms.

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Imagination Playground Block Shop – imagination playground. Tables & Chairs - JAGGO. Education Design Showcase Project. Concord Elementary SchoolsHMFH Architects, Inc.Honorable Mention Winner 2013 Education Design Showcase ** Please Note: Data that appears above are averages for the three schools included in this project.

Education Design Showcase Project

See below for data on individual buildings. The three new schools in Concord, New Hampshire provide the city with an equitable program for 21st century teaching and learning. Project Goals and Vision The city’s consolidation effort, from its six aging elementary schools into three equitable facilities, necessitated a significant community planning effort. The Superintendent, along with her academic team, noted that only one scheduled class could visit the library at a time and use its resources, which limited literacy within the school. The Planning Process. Planning_and_design. Style and Create — An amazing house in Malmö, Sweden, with... An amazing house in Malmö, Sweden, with inspiration from the 1960′s in Los Angeles | Styling by Tina Hellberg | Photo by Petra Bindel for Swedish Elle Decoration.

Style and Create — An amazing house in Malmö, Sweden, with...

This Vending Machine Sells Fresh Salads Instead Of Junk Food. At the Garvey Food Court in downtown Chicago—a somewhat bleak place that Yelp reviewers call "sketchy" and even "scary"—there’s plenty of typical fast food fare.

This Vending Machine Sells Fresh Salads Instead Of Junk Food

Dunkin Donuts, Popeyes, McDonalds, and other chains ring the hallway. But in the center of the food court, things are a little different: Last fall, an entrepreneur named Luke Saunders opened Farmer’s Fridge, a vending machine that sells fresh kale and strawberries instead of candy. Each morning, the machine is filled with freshly made salads and snacks packed in recyclable jars. The ingredients, carefully layered to stay crisp throughout the day, are all organic, and locally grown when possible. "I have always been someone who sought out healthy food, and I have been a bit obsessed with the food industry my entire life," Saunders says.

By forgoing the rent and staff costs of a restaurant, Saunders can start to compete with the chains. Compact, Battery Powered Automatic Floor Scrubber. Incredible Water Recovery - The BD 14/4's low-moisture design includes an integrated parabolic squeegee system, mounted just 1" behind the pad.

Compact, Battery Powered Automatic Floor Scrubber

Solution is contained within the cleaning path and instantly recovered, even around 180 degree turns. Floors are left amazingly dry, avoiding touch-up work that is often required on competitive models. The Compact 14/4 is perfect for use in many different environments including: Orbit System - Cleaning trolleys - VERMOP. Custodial Closet Storage Ideas. StoreWALL wall panels and accessories make it easy for your staff to access equipment and supplies for the ultimate janitorial closet storage solution.

Custodial Closet Storage Ideas

Professional and heavy duty storage and closet organization that is versatile, flexible, adaptable and strong. Workplace storage that allows your staff to find exactly what they need, when they need it. 5" Single Hook A great value, this hook lets you store bigger items, or just organize more of them in one place. Heavy Duty Universal Hook. Euromop Antares Security Lockable Trolley - T.L. Killi's Quality Cleaning Machines & Supplies. 2014 Library Interior Design Award Winners : Image Galleries : Library Interior Design Award : IIDA. Child Care. By WBDG Staff Last updated: 05-26-2010 Overview The Child Care space types, described herein, are the facilities required for child care services permitted within federal facilities.

Child Care

Child care centre design guide. Classroom Floorplanner. Create your dream classroom with Kaplan's Classroom Floorplanner!

Classroom Floorplanner

Our free online classroom design tool can help you arrange your space and see how your favorite Kaplan products fit into the classroom. Elearningclassroom - Modern Learning Environments (MLE) Ergonomic Workstation Setup. Home Interior Design IdeasHome Interior Design Ideas. Decoration Ideas.

Home Interior Design IdeasHome Interior Design Ideas

Furnishing International » Growth Table by Tim Duree and Iris Anna Regn. Growth Table is an innovative desk with adjustable levels and angles ergonomically designed for children to grow creatively, and physically with the table.

Furnishing International » Growth Table by Tim Duree and Iris Anna Regn

Los Angeles-based design duo Tim Dufree and Iris Anna Regn have harked back to a time before computers reigned supreme with their beautifully designed Growth Table. Embracing the power of the pencil, the innovative table encourages a multi-user space for what kids love doing the most, drawing! Interior Finishes. Kids. In 2011, we wrote about the newly opened Shanghai Museum of Glass (SHMOG) designed by Coordination Asia’s founder and CEO, Tilman Thürmer.


More recently, Thürmer’s team completed the Kids’ Museum of Glass located in the same Shanghai-based complex and opened a few days ago. Cool and edgy, quite literally, the Kids’ Museum has none of the typical cute and cuddly kiddie features found in spaces dedicated to children. Instead, the target audience, kids aged 4-10, enter an environment of glass, particle board and metal realized in a color scheme of black and white sparsely livened up with lemon yellow, saturated pink and cool blue. The museum is designed to teach kids the basics of glass in a playful and fun way. Multifunctional School Building Tesselseveld / HVE architecten. Architects: HVE architecten Location: The Hague, The Netherlands Project Team: Gerrit van Es, Suzan Reerink Client: Stichting Christelijk Onderwijs Haaglanden (SCOH) + City of The Hague Project area: 2,700 sqm Project year: 2009 Photographs: Peter de Ruig, HVE architecten.

National Autism Resources: Shop Our Autism Store for 1400+ Autism Products. Preschool Room 3 to 5 Years. Resources/Knowledge Center : Professional Development : IIDA. Demco Interiors - Inspiring Library Design. Sherwood Preschool & Childcare. As parents ourselves, we understand that choosing the best educational child care for your child is one of the hardest decisions you have to make.

By providing an environment for your child where they can grow and thrive, we are confident that Phoenix Children’s Academy in Sherwood, Oregon is the best preschool you can choose.At Phoenix Children’s Academy we integrate the two most important elements in any child care or preschool to give your child a fun and educational experience – amazing teachers and a contemporary curriculum. Combined, the value our preschool offers is unparalleled.

Welcome Families, It is a pleasure to introduce your family to our school, Phoenix Children’s Academy! Our school has been a valuable part of the Sherwood community for over 10 years, providing the highest quality early care and early education program in the area. Toddler and Early Preschool Program: From 18 months through 36 months is a remarkable period of growth. St Monica's Primary School - Middle School - CEFPI Australasia: Where great schools begin. The Middle School represents the third step in a 2009 masterplan program and delivered the task of modernising an Edwardian school building. Traditional classrooms with teacher’s platforms and blackboards were devoid of acoustic control or adequate storage and the area linking the classrooms was too wide for a corridor and too narrow for a learning space.

A strong heritage aesthetic contributed to the wider school precinct and the community’s emotional investment in the building’s history demanded a cautious approach. Enlarging the floor-plate with a modern addition that defined the existing heritage fabric, focus was placed on reconfiguring the internal spaces to support the ‘Inquiry’ based learning pedagogy.

Adding to the challenges, valuable play space and community use limited expansion of the footprint, while an existing curve-walled toilet-block required integration into a new aesthetic. National Autism Resources: Shop Our Autism Store for 1400+ Autism Products. Sound Sponge Quiet Dividers Magnetic Wall Strip, 2-1/2W X 28H - 1435564 - Household Supplies Storage Hooks & Racks Coat - Mansion Schools. Angeles® Corporation Product Showcase - Changing Table. En_dvc_2009_46. Shier-AdventurePlaygrounds. Jimmy.pdf. Angeles® Corporation Product Showcase - Value Line Cots.