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Facebook. Facebook. Photos du journal - The Imagination Tree. - Photos du journal. Photos du journal - Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds. - Photos du journal. OnePerfectDay: Grrribbit! These frogs are not only fun to make but they can provide hours of fun because they are also a toy.

OnePerfectDay: Grrribbit!

After a proper amount of practice, you can catch the fly in the large, gaping mouth. If someone can provide me with a link, I will gladly add it here. Shana Patry - Shana Patry's Photos. Ocean theme for preschool. This foil fish craft is great as part of an ‘under the sea’ theme or as seaside art.

ocean theme for preschool

The foil presents children with an interesting material to paint on and you can make a whole ocean full of their designs. Foil fish craft :: ocean theme for preschool To make these fish you’ll need some card, foil, and marker pencils, oil pastels or acrylic paints. Begin by drawing a fish shape on a piece of card and cutting it out. You can look in an ocean information book to discover all the different shapes that fish can be and pick your favourite. Then wrap your fish in foil – we used kitchen foil wrap, nothing fancy! Once your fish is covered in the foil it’s then time to add your design. You can make any design you like. If you want to hang your fish as a mobile, apply a design to both sides.

The fished fish look great hung from a piece of twine in front of a window, where they can twirl in the breeze and reflect the sunlight. Pin by erika on pre escolar. Monde des Petits - Poissons d'Avril. Ocean-coloring-pages. Foolish Tortoise Painted Rocks. This month the Virtual Book Club for Kids author was Eric Carle.

Foolish Tortoise Painted Rocks

We love Eric Carle, and own many of his books. We read several all month, but choosing one for our project and post was hard. In the end, we went with The Foolish Tortoise because it was one we didn't know as well. Big Brother has been asking for a while to paint rocks, and this seemed like a perfect extension project. The book tells of a tortoise who takes off his shell, only to learn how much it needs it for protection. We started with some smooth rocks we found in the yard and craft acrylic paints.

This summer we're excited to have Little Miss H spending some of her days with us and already she's loving our project time. The kiddos tried to cover as much of the rock as they could and add lines, swirls, or dots. After the rocks dried I placed them onto felt and traced the shape of the rock. The kids enjoyed playing with the herd of tortoises afterwards and could easily become part of a small world play set up. Facebook. Pinterest. Bricolage poisson. Bricolage poisson. Bricolage poisson. Bricolage poisson. Bricolage poisson. Bricolage poisson. Ok I LOVE summer with my girls.

Bricolage poisson

These moments are magical! Today I asked June what she wanted to make and without hesitation in her three year old imagination she quickly responded…”Fish mommy…I want to make fish please” So we google imaged “tropical coral reef” She loved looking at all the fish and talking about all the different colors and designs. She drew some fish and I held her little hand and helped draw some more. I cut them out and we counted them and sorted them a few times. Then time to paint!! “Look at the water change colors mommy” I told her to paint yellow on her blue starfish and see what color it made “Wow GREEN!!” We used all different things to paint a variety of lines,dots, and designs; Forks chopsticks.

Bricolage poisson. Bricolage poisson. Bricolage poisson. Last week our theme was "ocean.

Bricolage poisson

" First of all, let me say that there are SO many ocean activities, books, videos, and more to choose from! It was very hard to narrow it down! So we are going to continue ocean learning this next week too! Here are some of the ocean-y things we've done in our class so far! Our big question for the week was, "What is in the ocean? " After learning that the ocean is more than half of our world, we wondered what on Earth is in it besides water! They loved this reader! Here are what the cut out pieces look like: Click here to get my "Ocean Friends - What's in the Ocean? " Bricolage poisson. Create a miniature underwater world with a paper plate and colorful paper, adding Kix cereal to the bottom for a textured touch on this paper plate aquarium.

Bricolage poisson

For this paper plate aquarium you will need: 2 light blue paper plates (or plain plates painted light blue) Colored paper Googly eyes Handful of Kix cereal Colorful tri-beads Glue Glue Kix cereal to the bottom of the blue side of the first plate. Cut fish and plants from colorful paper and glue to the plate. Add googly eyes to the fish. Now you’re ready for a little aquatic fun! If you liked this post, you may also like these 4 Ways to Recycle Crayon Bits Project created by Amanda Formaro for Kix Cereal.