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Naissance d'un papillon Belle Dame. Minuscule ep25 Sans coquille. Facebook. 35 Butterfly Crafts. Now, my kids adore butterflies, and each year we get our own set of caterpillars, that we watch transform into stunning butterflies.

35 Butterfly Crafts

It is amazing to watch the caterpillar/ butterfly life cycle and see those amazing animals emerge. To celebrate this lovely experience we also like to do a butterfly craft! Though we have a quite a few butterflie crafts here on red ted art already (see below), I thought I would pull together some more ideas for you – there is something for everyone – from simple coffee filter butterflies for preschoolers, to butterfly crochet patterns for grown ups.. and everything in between! Would love to hear what your favourite butterfly craft is…. and now… to our cute little butterflies!!! Butterfly Cork Craft – these butterflies look super cute made from plain paper, or turn your “toddler art” into stunning butterfly wings”! DIY Butterfly Lacing Cards Butterfly Suncatchers Paper Quilled Butterflies – this is a great step by step paper quilling tutorial for beginners. Top 7 Bug Crafts for Preschoolers.

This is a sponsored post for Mortein.

Top 7 Bug Crafts for Preschoolers

As much as we love Bug Crafts we really do have a problem with the real life creepy crawlies like Cockroaches! I recently stumbled into the kitchen half-asleep in search of a drink of water…only to discover a family of cockroaches scurrying all over my clean kitchen sink!! Eeeeek!! I managed to wake the whole house with my shriek (and maybe also the next door neighbour’s dog!!). I then proceeded to empty half a can of no-brand bug spray…without much effect! We were ‘lucky’ terrified to be given the opportunity to test the new Mortein Crawling Insect Killer – Rapid Kill! You can read all about this premier product here and it can also be found in-store at your local Woolworths. Here are our top 7 Cute Preschool Bug Crafts! These FUN Bug Headbands are the perfect craft for a playgroup or preschool activity!

What you’ll need – Instructions - These Bottle Cap Bugs are so simple and FUN to make using recycled items from around the home! Louise x. Toilet Roll Love Bugs for Valentine's Day. I’m Kate and I blog over at The Craft Train, where we share crafty ideas for kids and parents.

Toilet Roll Love Bugs for Valentine's Day

We are thrilled to be taking part in Red Ted Art’s ‘31 Days of Love‘ series once again. Do browse the rest of the series for Valentine’s Day Cards, Valentine’s Day Decorations, Valentine’s Day Treats or Valentine’s Day Gifts… LOTS of ideas to inspire you.. and now to these adorable TP Roll Love bugs! Too cute! Kids love hearts, glitter, flowers and being creative so it is understandable that they are attracted to making Valentines Day crafts. They don’t really get the concept of ‘true love’ at this age, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t join in the fun and make some cool stuff.

You will need a few basic supplies to form the base of these bugs, but when you get to the decorating part you can use whatever you fancy (or whatever you happen to have in the cupboard). For your TP Roll Love Bugs, you will need: Optional extras: – Pom poms – Glitter or glitter glue pens – stickers – Washi tape. Plastic Spoon Craft: Bugs on a Branch. Summertime means flowers, animals foraging and plenty of bugs.

Plastic Spoon Craft: Bugs on a Branch

This is a fun craft to help teach kids about insects, or just something fun and colorful to do one afternoon! If you have a group of kids, you could make an entire tree! Great for a classroom display. School will be starting up again soon, so think about how cute this display would be in your classroom. A great way to get everyone acquainted and create something together. Note: some links below are affiliate links. As always, a full printable supply list and instructions are at the end of this post.For this project you will need the following supplies: plastic spoons 1 sheet green felt. Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft. Make a beautiful coffee filter butterfly craft using water colour paints and clothes pegs!

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

Such a simple, classic nature craft which looks gorgeous hanging in the window or as a mobile for a baby. Miss 5 declared that she wanted “to make some butterfly art” the other day, so I remembered this classic craft which we haven’t tried yet an set it up as an after school art activity for us all to do together. I love the simplicity of these and that they require so few materials and create very little mess (always an extra bonus when getting creative at the end of the day!)

To make this coffee filter butterfly craft you need: clothes pegs/ pins (either plain or painted like the ones we made below) solid or liquid watercolour paints coffee filters We got our coffee filters from a friend who brought them back from the USA, but you can get similar smaller ones here in the UK. They each did a couple and I made some too as it was very relaxing and therapeutic!

30+ Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities for Kids.