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Annie Cheney - Photos de la publication de Annie Cheney... Annie Cheney - Photos de la publication de Annie Cheney. Amélie Gélinas - Photos de la publication de Amélie... Photos de la publication de Pary... - Pary Skarogiannis. Facebook. Photos de la publication de... - Marie-Christine Boutin. Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament Craft Idea. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our mailing list.

Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament Craft Idea

Thanks for visiting! Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by DecoArt. All opinions, ideas, and images are completely my own. You don’t need snow to know that the holidays are here. And you don’t need snow to make a cute snowman! You will love this holiday mason jar craft idea which doubles as a cute ornament, holiday decoration, or glowing luminary. On one of my recent trips to Michaels, I picked up a bag of Frosty Snow®, which is a fluffy plastic material made to emulate snow for crafting with. For this easy craft idea, I also used my glue gun, a sponge brush, a decorative mason jar lid, and one of my favorite craft materials – Americana Decou-Page. I usually use Decou-Page to apply and seal paper to something, but I knew it would be the perfect thing to create my “snowy” snowman mason jar. Facebook. Water Cycle in a Bag. Activity for ages 3 to 7.

Water Cycle in a Bag

I’m always on the lookout for simple, fun kids’ science activities so when I ran across this water cycle in a bag I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It was a quick prep activity that had a big payoff – my boys watched the water do its thing for days. I hope you love this water cycle in a bag too. P.S. Looking for some easy ways to add super cool, hands-on science to your classroom or home? Getting Ready. Photos de la publication de... - Le bonhomme de pain d'épice : les formes géométriques en maternelle. Je vais étudier Le bonhomme de pain d'épice avec mes 2 élèves de petite section, et j'ai donc créé un petit jeu sur ce thème pour leur faire découvrir les formes géométriques de base: cercle, carré, rectangle et triangle.

Le bonhomme de pain d'épice : les formes géométriques en maternelle

En parallèle, je leur propose mon memory des formes géométriques en ateliers libres. Le but du jeu est d'être le premier à reconstituer son bonhomme de pain d'épice avec les formes géométriques. Chacun leur tour, les élèves piochent une jeton dans le sachet en tissu. Ils prennent la forme géométrique correspondant au jeton. Le jeton "chance / trèfle à 4 feuilles" permet de prendre la forme que l'on veut, celle qui nous manque. Tous les éléments sont plastifiés, et tiennent grâce à de petits scratchs (oui, encore des scratchs! Le fichier avec les bonshommes, les éléments géométriques et les jetons à plastifier : Absorption Experiment. Experiment with water… Materials Needed: ice cube traysmedicine dropperscups of watermaterials that absorb or do not absorb (ex: small piece of wood, facial tissue, tissue paper, writing paper, paper towel, Unifix cube, cotton ball, rock, etc.)baby diaper (optional) Set Up: Gather all materials.

Absorption Experiment

Place each kind of item that you will use for the experiment into a ziplock (one of each item for each child or pair of children). Procedure: In a large group, ask children to guess how many cups of water a baby diaper will absorb. At small group, children can do an individual absorption experiment. ABC Snowman Match Final.pdf. Peinture pour la neige. Matin de tempête...depuis 7h que mes enfants jouent dehors.

Peinture pour la neige

Idée de bricolage: Tuto Flocons de neige. Idée de bricolage: Tuto Bonhomme de neige. (4) Facebook. A Girl and a Boy. No snow?

A Girl and a Boy

No problem! We made a bunch of these Borax snowflakes, so we’re all set for our California winter. Full instructions are here, and they are, of course, super cheap and easy (it’s just Borax and water!) , which is the exact opposite effect you get from these super fancy snowflakes when you hang them on your tree or in a window, or use them to pretty-up plain gift wrapping because you accidentally bought an industrial-sized roll of kraft paper that will last into the next millennium, genius.

Snow Storm in a Jar. Rosie loved the snow storm in a jar activity that we did last year.

Snow Storm in a Jar

Given that we just got a real snow storm I decided to recreate it. This is a fun Winter activity and great opportunity to talk about and discuss a bit of weather Science. Snow Storm in a Jar. Snowman Craft from Foam Cups. Alex et les Fantômes - HD. Pom Pom Snowman Craft. Build a Snowman Dice Game. My son's preschool has an adorable version of this Mr.

Build a Snowman Dice Game

Potato Head dice game... so I thought it would be fun to tweak it a bit and make a Snowman one! The goal of the game is to BUILD your SNOWMAN! This is a fun game to play with a partner, so print out at least 2 copies of everything. Sabrine Brault - Photos from Sabrine Brault's post in... Ghost Rockets Halloween Activity. Today we are falling into more sensory play alongside Mess for Less. We have had so much fun working with Vicky to come up with FUN Fall activities.

If you have missed any of our series be sure to check out all the activities at the end of the post. Today, Vicky and I are each sharing a FUN Halloween Activity. Flying Ghost Rockets Halloween Activity Have you ever made Alka seltzer rockets? Flying Ghost Rockets Materials List (affiliate links provided) Film canisters (we ordered the ones made for kids to use in Science activities- 12 for only $6)Corn starchWaterA black marker Alka seltzer ( we used the off brand tablets they sell at Dollar Tree and they worked great!)

Once dry add a bit of corn starch to each film canister and then fill roughly 1/3 of the way with water. Then it is time to PLAY! Monde des Petits - Bonne Année. Fun with frozen: making ice grow. I have been noticing lots of fun ideas being shared by my fellow bloggers that are all related to the Walt Disney movie “Frozen.”

Fun with frozen: making ice grow

I must admit that my grandsons and I have enjoyed watching this movie at home on more that one occasion. So for all you “Frozen” fans out there (and for those of you who just like really cool ice science), here is a fun way to make ice grow just like Elsa does! Well almost – to correctly state this for our young scientists, here is what crystallization means… So I am going to try and explain this but at the end of this post, I will put a video link to where you can learn a little bit more about it and probably understand it better too. It isn’t all that complicated but it helps to have a little extra information. You can color the water first if you would like to make colored ice grow. After the 2 hours and 45 minutes, your water should still look like water and not be frozen. Gently take your super icy cold water out of the freezer and handle very gently.


Épinglé par The Craft Train sur Recycle and Repurpose. Sparkling Ice Crystals. This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time 1 hour Ages all-ages String up a few of these crystals, made of pipe cleaners and beads, and get ready for a flurry of compliments.

Sparkling Ice Crystals

For a cool twist, use silver pipe cleaners and pom-poms too. What you'll need 12-inch white iridescent pipe cleaners Clear tri or sunburst beads Needle and fishing line White iridescent pom-poms How to make it Cut 6 pipe cleaners in half to create 12 pieces. Glowing Ice Egg Excavation. We had so much fun with our Rainbow Ice Tower that I wanted to think of another way to play with ice. It's no secret that we love playing with things that glow - so my mind immediately went there.

My first attempt at glowing ice wasn't great (our Safe Glow Water does not glow brightly when frozen). But then I hit gold. The coolest thing about these glowing ice eggs is that you literally can't tell what is inside until you melt enough of the egg that a part is revealed. Épinglé par Susie Lépine sur bricolage. Épinglé par isabelle chenot-tinant sur Noël et hiver. Kids Get Crafty: Ice Ornaments. As the UK experiences what some would say is a “proper winter”, let’s embrace the snow and ice and use it to make some beautiful decorations.

How I wish this was my idea.. but of course it wasn’t! I saw it as part of a discussion over at Mumsnet – Winter Ice Decorations. They are simple and OH SO CUT: Ice Decorations. A fab, fun, easy, quick craft, that also teaches a tiny bit of science (the whole bit about water freezing). This is a (German) book about enjoying winter and “shooing away Spring” when it tries to come too early. Shana Patry - Photos from Shana Patry's post in Projets... Lucie Clément - Photos from Lucie Clément's post. 25 Snowman Crafts, Activities and Treats. Snowman season is almost here, and to ring it in, I’ve rounded up a bunch of unbelievably cute snowman crafts, activities and recipes for you and your kids to try this winter! In this collection, you’ll find 25 easy and adorable snowman crafts, oh-so-cute holiday treats, and unique snowman activities to keep the kids busy when the snow starts flying. Enjoy! 25 Snowman Crafts, Activities & Treats for All Ages Dig out the button collection and make a set of snowman Christmas cards. – Scrappin’ with Dee Dee.

These “melting snowman” ornaments are really easy to make, and so darn cute! Make an adorable button snowman with buttons, ribbon and twine. – funEZcrafts. Le bonhomme de neige sous une cloche! Les enfants pourraient bricoler ce superbe projet et l’offrir en cadeau!