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Formes géométriques

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Art Projects for Kids Using Shapes. Le bonhomme de pain d'épice : les formes géométriques en maternelle. Je vais étudier Le bonhomme de pain d'épice avec mes 2 élèves de petite section, et j'ai donc créé un petit jeu sur ce thème pour leur faire découvrir les formes géométriques de base: cercle, carré, rectangle et triangle.

Le bonhomme de pain d'épice : les formes géométriques en maternelle

En parallèle, je leur propose mon memory des formes géométriques en ateliers libres. Le but du jeu est d'être le premier à reconstituer son bonhomme de pain d'épice avec les formes géométriques. Chacun leur tour, les élèves piochent une jeton dans le sachet en tissu. Ils prennent la forme géométrique correspondant au jeton. Le jeton "chance / trèfle à 4 feuilles" permet de prendre la forme que l'on veut, celle qui nous manque. Tous les éléments sont plastifiés, et tiennent grâce à de petits scratchs (oui, encore des scratchs! Le fichier avec les bonshommes, les éléments géométriques et les jetons à plastifier : Circle Print Art - Craft Ideas for Kids. Who knew that such magic could be made from old bottle tops and toilet rolls?

Circle Print Art - Craft Ideas for Kids

The perfect preschool craft to explore shape, colour and texture, creating a spectacular piece of art in the process! It all started with a piece of lego. Olivia noticed the circles on top, held it up and said “lets paint with this mum!”. Following Olivia’s lead, a mini scavenger hunt around the house ensued looking for “circles”. Circle Print Art Essentials Our “circle” objects included: Toilet rolls Bottle Tops A Potato Masher A Pom-Pom More Lego Bubble Wrap Rolling Pin Cotton Wool Scrunched up Netting We had so much fun looking for circles and I loved how Olivia seemed to look at items with new eyes; weighing up their printing potential and thinking ‘outside the box’. We soon set to work combining our circles with neon paint and black card. Olivia completely immersed herself into printing; exploring the range of tools, variety in textures and shapes, carefully layering the prints and colours. Sans titre. Abstract Coloring Pages {Free Kids Printable}

Hidden Shapes in the Salt TrayLearning 4 Kids. What shapes can you find in the salt tray?

Hidden Shapes in the Salt TrayLearning 4 Kids

They are hidden under the salt; use your paint brush to sift through the salt to see if you can find them…. Hiding black paper shapes in our homemade Rainbow Salt Tray and searching for them is a fun, engaging and motivating activity for kids to learn about their shapes. What you will need? For this activity we have re-used our Rainbow Salt Tray from a previous activity and added black paper cut out shapes.

Firstly I removed all the salt from the tray and sticky taped 6 main shapes we have been learning onto the rainbow paper. Let’s Read Before starting this activity Miss 2 and I read the book Play Shapes by Begin Smart Books, which is a board/foam book that has removable shapes much like puzzle pieces that are used to match the shapes on different pages. Let’s Play This was such an exciting play opportunity to learn about shapes for Miss 2 as she sifted with the paint brush through the salt to find the hidden shapes.

Let’s Learn. Geometric shape stamping – an invitation to create. Making patterns and pictures from shapes is fun for kids and a great way for them to be creative.

Geometric shape stamping – an invitation to create

Here is an invitation to create with shapes cut out of kitchen sponges, dipped in coloured paint. You could probably set this up in next to no time without needing to buy anything new. To make the set up I cut up some kitchen sponges we had in the cleaning cupboard into simple geometric shapes. Our set consisted of: • Two circles, one large and one small • One square • Two rectangles, one long and one short • One diamond • Two different triangles Put the stamps in some coloured paint, trying to use a different colour for each. I couldn’t resist making a picture myself. (it’s supposed to be a village, haha) Tip: for messy fingers keep a tub of baby wipes (or a wet wash cloth to be more environmentally friendly) ready to go on the table. Sometimes the simplest activities are the best, right?

For tons more creative ideas for kids visit my Art Ideas board on Pinterest.