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Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes. Crafts Science SpringPreschoolersGrade SchoolCollage Nature Window100 Comments These are stunning suncatcher wind chimes the kids made that was inspired by our fun tin can wind chimes, mixed with our nature suncatchers.

Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Yep! These double as gorgeous suncatchers. too! This activity starts out with getting the kids really involved and moving because the kids get to explore in the backyard. We just went around the yard finding pretty colors of flowers and interesting leaves. You could definitely make this part an entire activity in itself and do a scavenger hunt for certain colors, textures, or shapes. Once we collected our nature goodies (you don’t need a lot, they go a long way!) To make your found nature into wind chime suncatchers, you’ll also need: Contact paperScissorsMarker or penRings from Mason jar lidsString (we used hemp cord – affiliate link – but yarn works too)A sturdy stick Then peel the backing off the contact paper and tap onto the surface, sticky side up.

Then we cut them out. Hyper Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers! Lately I've been enamored with paper plate crafts.

Hyper Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers!

We always have a ton of cheap, white paper plates lying around and they're the perfect canvas. These painted egg carton flowers would... - The Imagination Tree. Sugar Aunts: Flower Scissor Skills Craft. Spring is around the corner, and flower crafts are the sign that real flowers are about to pop up everywhere!

Sugar Aunts: Flower Scissor Skills Craft

We made this flower craft using cupcake liners while practicing scissor skills one afternoon. It's an easy and quick craft that will brighten any room! Spring Flower Craft This post contains affiliate links. - Photos du journal. 1000 egg carton flowers #spring #instalation. Photos de la publication de Geneviève Bédard - Geneviève Bédard. Spring Party for Preschoolers with Little Tikes. We love to celebrate the arrival of Spring each year by hosting a party with friends!

Spring Party for Preschoolers with Little Tikes

We love to do flower themed crafts and activities and use our imaginations! This year we are excited to partner with Little Tikes to share how we are getting our imaginations in motion this Spring! Don't miss out on the awesome giveaway we are sharing today too. Scroll down for more details. While our Little Tikes Jump 'N Slide Inflatable Bouncer was blowing up we started off the party by getting our imaginations and fingers moving making a muffin tin liner garden craft! How to make a muffin tin liner garden craft: Materials needed: white glue, muffin tin liners (in a variety of colors and sizes), sequins, buttons, beads, cardstock, markers, and any other embellishments. Planting and growing beans in our preschool window. With all the bean measuring and play going on, we also took the time to explore how beans grow… This was a simple way to plant a bean.

Planting and growing beans in our preschool window

We started with cotton balls, water, plastic baggies, and a bowl of water… Each child dipped their cotton balls into water and placed them in their baggie. They used enough cotton balls to fill all the way across the bottom of the baggie… Next each child added some lima beans to their baggie. Before introducing this activity to the children, I had previously soaked the lima beans overnight to speed up the growing process a bit…

Egg Carton Flowers - I Heart Arts n Crafts. Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots. D.I.Y. Swirly Paper Flowers. Pom-Flower-Bouquet-020. Paper Flower Craft - How to Add Color to Your Home! Make Dandelions Using a Fork (Kids Craft) Dish Brush Dandelions Craft for Kids - Sassy Dealz. I always loved dandelions as a child so I thought it’d be fun to try making dandelions by stamping a dish brush with paint on it!

Dish Brush Dandelions Craft for Kids - Sassy Dealz

I feel like the older the dish brush is, the better because the bristles are more flexible to make the wispy parts around the edges. Have fun Your paper can be vertical or horizontal. You will need a dish brush, black paper, paint, and a small paintbrush. Have your kids dip their dish brush into white paint but press it on another sheet to get the excess off. After stamping on the black paper, take your small paintbrush and paint on some green stems. This post may contain affiliate links, read our Disclosure Policy. Peinture fleur. Pink blossoms will soon appear on trees, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival starts on March 20.

Peinture fleur

In 1912 the city of Tokyo, Japan, gave Washington, D.C., a beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees. This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of that gift. Make cherry blossom artwork with a recycled 2-liter soda bottle as a stamp! Here are the detailed instructions. Bricolage fleur. Well, my Spring Break is officially over as of tomorrow, and to ease the pain, I decided to come up with an art project to break up to tedious task of test prep...

Bricolage fleur

Here are the materials I used: Bricolage fleur. Bricolage fleur. It’s hard to believe what you can make with coffee filters!

Bricolage fleur

This is a very fun and easy project with beautiful, fail-proof results. Make this eye-popping Merimekko inspired pattern and frame it for your wall. Kids and grownups both will love painting on coffee filters. Serisously, it is mesmerizing. The paint gets soaked up and it’s just so cool to watch the colors blend. Supplies: ~ Coffee filters – 8″ . ~ Liquid watercolors, brushes, glass of water, damp sponge. ~ Printout of poppy photographs to observe while painting. ~ Paper towel. . ~ A large piece of paper or poster board. . ~ Rubber cement. Bricolage fleur. Bricolage fleur. Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age Daffodils are a sure sign of spring and Easter!

Bricolage fleur

Kids can make their own lovely daffodils from paper plates and a foam cups. by Amanda Formaro. Alisaburke.