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Facebook. Stargazing With Kids - Free Fun Constellation Sewing Cards. Kids will have fun learning about their favorite stars and constellations with these fun sewing cards, also called lacing cards or lace-up cards.

Stargazing With Kids - Free Fun Constellation Sewing Cards

Invite your kids to have fun navigating their way around the star paths while honing their hand-eye coordination skills. A quick download, paper punch, thread and a kid-safe needle is all it takes for elemental age children to enjoy this fun activity. Tip: For younger kids make the holes a little bigger and you can capture some wool inside a small piece of pipe cleaner and bend it to form a “needle.” Super safe! Sewing Card Set One Andromeda and The Little DipperSewing Card Set Two: The Big Dipper and Canis MajorSewing Card Set Three: Orion, Cassiopeia Continue The Star Gazing Fun With OurPaper Tube Telescope Craft and Printable Constellation Viewing Cards Kids will have fun making star maps, which can be used throughout the year to locate your favorite stars and constellations – See more at: Constellations for Kids - Connecting DIY Star Magnets - LalyMom. DIY Constellation Flashlight.

Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, we’re looking for more ways to keep our little guy occupied after the sun goes down.

DIY Constellation Flashlight

Enter, the flashlight! We love making shadow puppets, but I was hoping to branch out from that. Since my son has been showing lots of interest in space lately, I thought some constellations would be perfect! What You Need Black paper or card stockScissorsFlashlightAwl or needlePencilBlack spray paint (optional) Step 1 First off, to make sure the discs work you’ll need to remove or paint over (with the spray paint) the silver shiny part on the inside of the flashlight. Step 2 While you are waiting for the paint to dry, if you painted it that is, take the top part of the flashlight and trace the part you want the discs to fit on top of onto the black card stock. Lance%20le%20d%C3%A9%20et%20dessine%21. Paper Mache Spaceship - Craft Ideas for Kids. What you need to make the Paper Mache Spaceship: An old plastic bottle An egg carton Paint Foam, Card or Paper Stickers/Sequins to decorate News paper Flour and Water Glue Scissors Paper Mache Recipe: Flour and Water Glue Boil 5 cups of water in a saucepan In a bowl, mix ¼ cup of sieved flour with a cup of cold water.

Paper Mache Spaceship - Craft Ideas for Kids

Mix to a smooth consistency. When completely free of lumps, add the mixture to the water in the saucepan. Gently boil, stirring constantly for two or three minutes until the mixture thickens. Olivia LOVES the idea of space travel, often imagining trips to Saturn; where she could go roller skating on its rings. This is a lovely craft to spread over a few days, turning it into a mini project. Starting with the paper mache; shred the paper and begin sticking it onto the bottle, applying generous amounts of glue. Continue until the bottle is covered and add a further two or three layers. Give the bottle at least 24 hours to dry or until the paper feels firm. Susie Lépine - Susie Lépine a partagé une photo de FamilyFun. Stargazing With Kids - Free Fun Constellation Sewing Cards. Night Sky Activities for Preschool: Galaxy Slime - Twodaloo. Last updated Sunday, June 22, 2014 We are really digging this night sky theme!

Night Sky Activities for Preschool: Galaxy Slime - Twodaloo

My kiddos and their classmates are really into sensory exploration right now, and the starry night sky lends itself to so many amazing sensory activities. Today we delved into the world of slime and gak for the first time, and I’m SO glad we did- the kids played with this for hours, and Daddy even joined in the fun! I can’t wait to take this to school with us to see how the kids’ classmates react- I’m betting they’ll love it just as much as we do! Since we’ve been studying the night sky at our cooperative preschool, the twins have been talking about it quite a bit at home.

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Making the slime was pretty easy after I figured out the nuances. ANYWAY, to make our cosmic slime we built upon the tried and true recipe of equal parts Sta-Flo Liquid Starch and Elmer’s Clear School Glue . Craft Painting - Out of this World Solar System. Bricolage espace. Мы летим в космос.

Bricolage espace

И готовимся к этому событию тщательно - все по настоящему. Первым делом нужно построить что? Космический аппарат, то есть ракету - куда же без нее? У нас есть пара игрушечных космонавтов, так что мы их в космос и запустим. Ну и сами с ними, конечно попутешествуем. Все предельно просто. Рулончики от туалетной бумаги - универсальная вещь. Из 4-го сделала нос, тоже надрезав в длину и скрутив конусом. Добавила ножки-держатели из картона, и наш первый пилот уже стал проходить проверку. А главный помощник наконец-то дождался своей очереди. Дело нешуточное - покраска, просушка. Ну вот, вроде все готово. Мы только начинаем - впереди нас ждет освоение неведомых планет, строительство космических станций, изучение ресурсов, а если повезет, даже флоры и фауны...

С любовью, Лиза Арье. P.S.