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Facebook. ICI Nager avec Godzilla. Mystère préhistorique : une grande histoire rigolote à jouer pour les 4/8 ans. Dans Mystère préhistorique, Slimcricket, éditeur d’histoires à jouer, s’aventure dans un nouvel univers.

Mystère préhistorique : une grande histoire rigolote à jouer pour les 4/8 ans

Repéré pour sa saga de sorcière – la sorcière sans nom, la petite sorcière à l’école, la sorcière amoureuse et Pipo et l’histoire inachevée – il prend cette fois comme terrain de jeu la Préhistoire. L’héroïne se prénommme … Lucy, une petite fille préhistorique qui va mener l’enquête avec l’aide de son dodo, Darwin, et sur les conseils de son oncle l’Ermite. Les différentes tribus de l’histoire ne s’entendent en rien.

Elles pensent chacune avoir découvert la chose la plus importante et utile au monde – l’art rupestre chez les Lascauxbobo, la pierre qui roule pour les Amasspasmousse, le feu pour les Toufeutouflammes et l’élevage du mammouth chez les Toupoilu. Ils vont devoir faire face à des vols à répétition de ce que chacun considère comme son plus précieux trésor. Lucy va ainsi, de tribu en tribu, demêler les indices et finir par mettre la main sur le voleur. Paper pterodactyl dinosaur puppets. Facebook. Dinosaur Tails. **Please be respectful of my designs and only use this tutorial for personal use.

Dinosaur Tails

Not intended for commercial sale or manufacture, even on a home based scale. Make them for yourself, to give as gifts, but I'd appreciate not using it for profit. Thanks.DINO TAIL TUTORIAL Today I'll be showing you how to make dinosaur (or dragon) tails! This is a simple, fun, toy for kids. These have been fun during these long winter months when we have to play inside. 1/2 to 3/4 yard main fabric-- pretty much any fabric that's not stretchy (this yellow is polyester lining) 1/4 yard spike fabric 5" velcro Polyfil batting (small bag) MAIN FABRIC: tail: (cut 2): 22" x 11" waist straps: (cut 4): 12" x 3" circle: 7" in diameter (*I cut a 7" square, fold it in fourths, then cut the curve from fold to fold) CONTRASTING FABRIC: spikes (cut 2): 22" x 3.5" INSTRUCTIONS:1.

Story Book Summer - Edwina the dinosaur that didn't know she was extinct. By on Thursday, 7th of August 2014 at 02:39:20 PM Our last day of the Dinosaur week as part of Story Book Summer and today I welcome Emma from P is for Preschool to share a craft based on the book Edwina the dinosaur that didn’t know she was extinct by Mo Willems one of our favourite dinosaur books.

Story Book Summer - Edwina the dinosaur that didn't know she was extinct

My 5-year-old daughter Kay and I read Edwina, the Dinosaur That Didn’t Know She Was Extinct, a book that recommends itself simply by being from the wonderfully creative Mo Willems. Poor kind Edwina, wondering around, helping the humans whenever she can and beloved by all…except Reginald Von Hoobie Doobie, who is on a mission to prove that Edwina is, in fact, extinct. The silliness and laugh-out-loud parts that are Willems’s specialty are all on display here too. After reading, I made tissue box dinosaur feet. I took 2 empty tissue boxes and wrapped them in green construction paper. That’s all there is to it. Dinosaur Activity for Kids - Ice Eggs Excavation. Frozen Gelatin Fossil Excavation and Frozen Gelatin Sensory Play.

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Frozen Gelatin Fossil Excavation and Frozen Gelatin Sensory Play

I've seen so many awesome posts on ice excavation lately, and I was wondering if I could come up with a twist on that when I thought of gelatin. We had so much fun with our Gelatin Play and our Fizzing Gelatin that I thought it would be worth a shot at freezing gelatin to see what it would do. We made the gelatin as normal, with one fabulous new step - oiling the cups we were using before pouring the gelatin in.

One of my awesome readers, Med, replicated our Gelatin Play here and solved my the-gelatin-sticks-to-the-cups problem by using cooking spray on the cups. We used regular cooking oil and it's genius (thank you, Med!)! It might have worked to move them immediately to the freezer, but I figured I'd hedge my bets by letting them set in the regular fashion first. And here's another shot of two "fossils" we excavated the following day. S would break chunks off with her hands and squish them around a bit. Marionnette de dinosaure. Remember the royal toilet paper roll puppets I shared over at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.

marionnette de dinosaure

To go with them, I put together this egg carton dragon puppet! You start with 2 egg cartons. Paint the bumpy part white. Then I painted the area between what would become the teeth red for gums, but you could easily leave it white too. If your egg carton has holes in the top you can just hot glue a piece of cardboard over them and then paint the rest green. Cut off the last two bumps on both egg cartons.

One of the sections you cut off becomes the dragons eyes with a little black paint and hot glue. Then you should have something that looks a bit like this. The next step is to make a neck to hide your arm. All you have to do now is insert your hand and put on a show (or eat the other puppets)! The girls really enjoy their dragon, but he is a bit big for their little hands. Bricolage dinosaure. This is a guest post for Learn with Play at Home written by the lovely Kate from The Craft Train.

Bricolage dinosaure

For more of their awesome ideas, be sure to check out their site. Enjoy, Debs :)