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Clothing Refashion How-To's. Recycling Clothing Using Your Sewing Skills. 1787 Neil Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43210-1295 Barbara H.

Recycling Clothing Using Your Sewing Skills

Drake If you have sewing skills and have the use of a sewing machine, you can turn little- or never-used textile items into usable additions to your family's wardrobe or home. Some basic sewing skills are needed for repairing, changing or customizing a garment. More advanced skills are needed to remodel a garment or re-cut it for use by another family member. Is the fabric in good condition? Changing or Restyling Trims and buttons embellish many expensive fashion items today. Saved buttons can also be used to replace buttons on a garment. Hand stitch satin ribbon over the outside seams of slacks for a tuxedo pant look. Utilize cotton ribbing, purchased in fabric stores, to give an active sportswear look to pant legs or jacket sleeves that are too short. Remove a worn convertible collar from a blouse by ripping out the stitching at the top of the collar band. Full slips can be made into camisoles and mini slips.

DIY Clothes. 10 Runway-Inspired DIYs That Cost Way Less Than The Real Thing. 20 Easy Tricks For Improving Vintage Clothes. 20-Minute Spring Sweater Redo. <div class="greet_block wpgb_cornered wpgb_shadowed"><div class="greet_text"><div class="greet_image"><img class="enable-pib-img-under" src=" alt="WP Greet Box icon" data-recalc-dims="1"/></div>Thanks for coming by!

20-Minute Spring Sweater Redo

Refashionista - Delia from Delia Creates. Welcome to Day 3 of Refashionista.

Refashionista - Delia from Delia Creates

Today our guest is Delia of Delia Creates. I adore Delia. Her blog feels like entering a comfortable, warm home. It's full of beautiful ideas, gorgeous pictures, and she has two adorable boys! (She's also got a little girl on the way.) Peplum T-shirt DIY Fashion. Seen with Kooba “Sabrina” bag, Guy & Eva necklace, Forever 21 Sunglasses and Rich & Skinny jeans ~ via flickr I have been DYING to make a cute peplum t-shirt for a few months now but just haven’t had a chance to.

Peplum T-shirt DIY Fashion

When I have an idea, if I don’t do it right away, it literally keeps bugging me until I do!! And I’ve had this idea since well before my floral print jeans DIY AND even before the Jeans & T outfit challenge. I actually wanted to be able to include it into the challenge, but alas, I just couldn’t fit it in. However, since this was my first weekend off since December {YAY!} There are a number of ways to create this cute little peplum tee… which is basically just one large ruffle at the waist of the shirt. What You’ll Need… * Two white t-shirts: one fitted and one large or extra large* Sewing machine or Serger* Pins/thread/scissors, etc. Steps… * Try on your fitted t-shirt and pin or mark where you want your peplum to begin. * Lying flat, cut your larger, men’s t-shirt.

Voila! Ruffle Flower Scarf. I took a couple of my favorite projects and combined them into something for me.

Ruffle Flower Scarf

After all that creating over Christmas for other people, it was fun to make something for myself. Not that I don't enjoy creating for others, of course. I'm sure you know what I mean. I sewed two long strips of white knit fabric together, one on top of the other, using the method from my tiered ruffle skirt tutorial. Rae’s Angel Top. {did you spot Curious George?}

Rae’s Angel Top

A couple weeks ago I went over to Field’s to pick up some stretch lace. I originally had something very, very simple in mind. Something like this top: The problem was that although that wide-necked baggy style is tre chic right now, the simple fact is that it does not look good on me. It’s really not the most flattering unless you possess waifish qualities. Just in case you wanted to make one too, I have created some hand-sketched instructions that are nowhere near the standard of quality you may be used to with my other patterns or tutorials. So I think this will be my last spring top for this week…there are others, abandoned on a heap in my sewing room that will probably have to wait to see the light of blog. Men’s top to peplum top tutorial.

I guess I can’t get over the peplum fever.

Men’s top to peplum top tutorial

I mean…another one!? Well, I decided to make it a refashion this time so for those of you who like to refashion, upcycle, restyle or what have you…this is for you, and did I mention it is an easy tutorial to boot? Took me all of 45 minutes to do. Our poor men’s closets are in danger. Supplies: Big tee Pins Scissors Thread Sewing machine Instructions: 1. 2. 3.

DIY: Recycled T-Shirt Tote Bag. Recyc'd/upcyc'd CLOTHING & FABRIC. Dye stain, color fabric and yarn fiber. Crafted clothing DIY.