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Bra Making/Lingerie

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How to Sew Lingerie - Instructions - Make Bra — Make Bra. General instructions for sewing lingerie Sewing lingerie can be very well done with your home sewing machine.

How to Sew Lingerie - Instructions - Make Bra — Make Bra

You will only need two basic stitches: straight stitch and zigzag stitch. When sewing other underwear, an over-locker will come in very handy, unless you own a sewing machine that has a good stretch stitch and an even feed. Before you start sewing, it is good to check the thread tension of the sewing machine (the upper thread can be a bit looser than normally). Test the stitches on the materials you are working with. It is important that the needle of the sewing machine is sharp, so that it pierces the fabric and elastic without effort. You will need at least following stitches:Straight stitch, length of the stitch about 3mm (sewing pieces together) Zigzag stitch, length of the stitch about 2.5mm and width about 5.5mm (attaching the elastics)Zigzag stitch, length of the stitch about 1.5mm and width about 3.5mm (attaching the straps and closure) Materials Cut. How to Choose the Best Bra for Your Breasts. Just as the right clothes help you look and feel your best, the right bra could be the missing puzzle piece to perfecting your outfit.

How to Choose the Best Bra for Your Breasts

That’s why when online lingerie outlet HerRoom released the infographic below—the best bras for your breast type (!) —we were hooked. Especially because, according to Tomima Edmark, HerRoom’s founder and a bra-fitting expert, women aren’t as great at finding bras that fit their breasts as they are at choosing clothes that fit their bodies. “The most common mistake women make is buying a bra where the band is too large and the cups are too small,” Tomima says. 70 Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns : 70 Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns Posted on | November 12, 2009 | 12 Comments.

70 Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns :

How to Measure Your Bra Size - Linda's Bra Size Calculator. Lace Heaven - Bra/Bra Notions. 29 Common Types Of Bra Designs And Their Functions. Developed late in the nineteenth century, the feminine icon has since been views as a symbol of a girl’s coming of age.

29 Common Types Of Bra Designs And Their Functions

The bra does not only covers, supports and elevates the breasts, but also shapes the wearer’s figure. The degree of which the bra frames the breasts varies between style, functionality, fashion and fabric. Most of the bras today fall into more than 1 category mentioned below. It is important to know the types of bras available so that you can pick the right one for the right time so as to protect the general health of your breasts. How to Choose the Best Bra for Your Breasts. Fehr Trade: Free online lingerie sewing resources. Free online lingerie sewing resources 11 February 2013, 14:26 So, how much fun was Lingerie Week last week, eh??

Fehr Trade: Free online lingerie sewing resources

It may be Monday, but I thought I’d finish with a big list of free online patterns and tutorials for lingerie sewing, so you can carry on and make a bunch of pretty matching sets for yourself without breaking the bank! Did I miss any? Tell me your favourites in the comments! DIY Lingerie, Underwear & Swimwear. Bra bok, utifrån lgr11. Fit pants making. Hanty Panty > Fit pants Hiphugger pants of stretch fabric and lace.

Fit pants making

Sponsored links Materials Stretch cloth Elastic Stretch lace tape Ribbon. Corset Forum and Chat: How To make a Bra Pattern. This has been posted to the corset section for those of you who want to make a bra to match/co-ordinate with an underbust corset: Materials.

Corset Forum and Chat: How To make a Bra Pattern

Underwear :. #5256 Panties. Difficulty: * Recommended fabrics: fabrics with elastic fibers or knits.

Underwear :. #5256 Panties

You will need: cotton knit, another color (contrasting) cotton knit for trim. Attention! Fabric consumption varies depending on the size of garment. Panty Tutorial: How to Sew Underwear « This tutorial will take you, step by step, through the process of making underwear that fit you perfectly and look great too.

Panty Tutorial: How to Sew Underwear «

You can click on any of the photos in each step to enlarge them (which will make reading the text on some of them much easier). Please use this pattern for personal use only, and feel free to link back to this post. As always, I encourage you to Contact Me if you have any questions throughout the process, I love to hear from you!! Supplies: 1/2 yard of jersey fabric (up to 1 yard for larger sizes) – It is really hard to find cute jersey, so feel free to repurpose old t-shirts, pajamas or whatever jersey you can find! Create the Pattern: Start with your favorite pair of underwear that have seen better days, these will be referred to as the “pattern underwear”: 1. 2. 3.

Inspirational Beading: About. Welcome to Inspirational Beading!

Inspirational Beading: About

This blog is a resource for anyone who adores beads, jewelry or handmade crafts. With each post, I hope to inspire new ideas for using beads, colors, and techniques. I often try to put a bit of a green spin on things, while also appealing to every type of beader. I also hope to create discussion and debate, so comments are always welcome, no matter how old a post is. Make Bra News. Today I’m experimenting how a georgette fabric works as a bra and brief material.

A primary reason why I picked up this particular fabric from the fabric store were these beautiful roses. A lot of them in different sizes and shapes, bringing a real challenge to the design. Freedom to choose the most beautiful ones. I love this part of the process. And, roses. The Georgette Fabric Let’s examine the fabric a little more detail. Preparing the Cup Cover Georgette fabric is easily fraying and therefore it is wise to minimize the amount/length of seams if possible. Decorating the Briefs. Sewing Bras - Construction and Fit. New Year – new resolutions. Do you have any sewing resolutions for this year? I have two – I want to learn how to use my new serger and I want to learn how to sew bras, and make one that actually fits and that I would want to wear (and be seen in!) Now let’s be honest about my sewing – an accurate fit has never been super important to me. Free Lingerie patterns, plus swimsuits and nightwear.

Foundations Revealed. Written by Mark Garbarczyk In this second part of this bra pattern drafting and making series we will be drafting (drawing) the blocks/patterns for the cups, cradle and wings of a simple under wired “Darted Cup” Bra. Think of this bra as your first test into the world of bra pattern drafting and making. It may not offer the best support for the fuller bust, but it will allow you to check your measurements and fit, particularly cup volume / shape and wing tension. In this part, I will be screaming, “ACCURACY” ...

Make Your Own Lingerie: Where To Start? Most of us addicts work on a budget and even though we’d love to devote entire pay checks to our lingerie collections, spending that much money is not a practical decision. So how can you help cut that cost while still adding beautiful and unique pieces to your wardrobe? Make your own! Not only will you be saving money by avoiding overhead costs that are factored in for retail sales, your garments will have a customized fit. In this monthly column, we will go over an array of topics that will help spice up your wardrobe.

These articles will include making lingerie from store bought patterns, altering patterns, drafting patterns, revamping old lingerie and proper lingerie sewing techniques. 29 Common Types Of Bra Designs And Their Functions. Nine Panties Styles for Women. Ultimate Bra Guide. Learn about different styles of bras: demi cup, plunge, push-up, sports bras and more. Get advice to make it easier to choose the right styles for you.

A balconette bra is a type of demi cup bra, which basically means the cups are low to allow you to wear fairly low cut clothing. A balconette bra usually has a more of a horizontal line along the top… Read more A bandeau bra is shaped like a strip over your breasts, sometimes with ruching in the middle. Custom-Fit Bras, Course Description. This class takes you through the process of first creating a bra sloper that shows the shape of a woman's body from above the bust to the rib cage. Make Bra News. 26 Free Lingerie Patterns. Free lingerie, nightgown, camisole, bra and pajamas sewing patterns. Sew Your Own Bra in Craftsy's Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit.

Make the most supportive, comfortable bras you've ever owned. Get step-by-step guidance for sewing bras with a flawless fit. Create custom-fit bras with your home sewing machine alongside expert instructor Beverly Johnson. Choose the perfect fabric, pattern and size. Use stretch to your advantage as you cut out your pattern pieces. Then, create the cups, add the straps, sew the side seams and attach the cups to the bra’s frame. Lesson plan Lesson 1. Free Lingerie patterns, plus swimsuits and nightwear. Resources for Making Your Own Lingerie.