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5 Best Kept Secrets to Planning a Frugal Vacation. How Are Travel Clubs Promoting Health and Wellness Tourism? Simply put, health and wellness tourism is a hot trend.

How Are Travel Clubs Promoting Health and Wellness Tourism?

The health niche is among the fastest growing in the travel market. Today the words ‘wellness’ and ‘travel’ are spoken in the same breath. Over the past decade, this trend has boomed and become increasingly diverse. According to a study presented at Global Wellness Summit, this niche is expanding 50% faster than entire tourism industry and is expected to hit $680 billion by the end of this year.

(Source) Not just that, travelers are taking over 586 million trips for this purpose each year. 8 Insider Secrets On Getting Cheap Car Rentals. If you are planning to hit the road this summer, then we suggest that you better start hunting for cheap car rental deals.

8 Insider Secrets On Getting Cheap Car Rentals

As the car-rental season begins, the prices are expected to escalate. The average cost of a rental car may increase by 50% as the travel season reaches its peak. However, you can still find better deals by putting these 8 secrets tips to work to save the most money. 1. Avoid big brands Avoid the big names in car rentals and go for less obvious brands. 2. The car rental companies based at airport charge higher than others. 3. 7 Emerging Travel Trends.

In 2017 we are seeing a big shift in travel towards experiences instead of material things “stuff”.

7 Emerging Travel Trends

The last couple of years, people have been looking forward to gaining insights about the world. They are forming travel circles that are able to head out for any adventure that comes their way. This is giving rise to new travel trends almost every year. If you are a traveler and keeping an eye on these emerging trends, here are the 2017 travel buzzwords! Bleisure Bleisure means mixing business with leisure travel, in simple words.

Road Trip Tip: How-to Guide on Vacation with Pets. There is nothing like bringing your pet on a vacation with you.

Road Trip Tip: How-to Guide on Vacation with Pets

Those tail-wagging, furry pets add a lot more fun to the road-trip adventure. But hitting the road with your canine best friend requires a little planning. By planning your vacation ahead of time ensures that you and your pet have an enjoyable trip. U.S. Airline Dress Codes To Know Before Travel. The recent dress code debacle, where two girls were denied to travel with United Airlines because they were wearing leggings, is making headlines everywhere.

U.S. Airline Dress Codes To Know Before Travel

The topic was the center of the social media storm and United Airlines received a lot of backlash for what they did. They barred two teenage girls from boarding a flight as their dress code didn’t match the policies of the airlines. There were two factors to their decision apparently – they wore leggings and they were non-revenue passengers. Later, United Airlines came up with an explanation on Twitter that the dress code of the girls didn’t follow their airline dress code policies. “To our regular customers, leggings are welcome”, they wrote.

American Airlines. Wonder-Breaks – Get a group package tailored for you. If you think that planning a group trip requires just a quick and easy point-and-click, then think again.

Wonder-Breaks – Get a group package tailored for you

Customizing a group vacation can be a tall order. Just like our shoes or suits, many travelers want their trip made-to-measure. This is why, Custom Travel Club has come up with an exclusive group package like no other – Wonder-Breaks. Wonder-Breaks, as the name suggests, is not just your regular vacation break but a carefully planned and customized vacation to ensure that all your preferences are met. Since the demand for customized vacations is rising sharply, the Wonder-Break groups are designed to fulfill that.

How Can You Start Your Own Travel Club? Can’t find a travel club that suits your needs?

How Can You Start Your Own Travel Club?

Create one. Starting your own travel business will give you the freedom to earn on your own terms and channel your adventure spirit rightly. Considering today’s economy, travel club is one of the most lucrative businesses for traveling enthusiasts. Everything to Expect on Your Cruise. With formal evenings, live shows, onboard spas and casinos, cruises are often viewed as luxurious, upscale vacations.

Everything to Expect on Your Cruise

This can lead to an expectation that cruises will be outside of most people’s price range but there are many great deals to be had so that upscale cruises can be found for the same cost as cheap cruises. If you take the plunge and decide to try cruising for yourself… Embarkation Day. Wonder-Breaks - Group Trips Like Never Before. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them and it will change you.” – Amy Poehler That’s the magic of being in the company of those who share same interests as you do.

Wonder-Breaks - Group Trips Like Never Before

Traveling alone is not for everyone. Are travel club memberships worth it? Membership clubs have their own privileges but the question is – are they worth the cost?

Are travel club memberships worth it?

A short answer to this question is a resounding yes! Travel Clubs have emerged out to fulfill the varying needs of all kinds of travelers. We come across certain ads or promotional emails about such clubs. The first question that pops up in our head is – What do they offer? 9 Genius Packing Hacks That Will Change Your Vacation Forever.

Whether you are going on a weekend beach vacation or a month-long Himalayan expedition, you will need to get your packing right. After all, a little extra space in your bag won’t hurt. Expert Tips For Finding Cheap Airfare. Finding cheap airfare can require endless and tiresome searching. With continuously fluctuating prices, this becomes a daunting task. The right approach to frugal fight booking not just involves browsing but smart browsing. With our expert tips, you can save lots of time and money on your next flight booking. So good luck finding the cheap airfare deal that you were dreaming of! Booking early isn’t everything Surprisingly, the key to getting cheap airfare deal is not about buying it early.

Top Hidden Dangers To Avoid While Travelling. The Biggest Travel Trends To Watch Out For In 2017. Make Sure These 7 Stunners Are On Your Travel Bucket List. 9 Money Saving Travel Tips. “Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.” I think we can all agree on these words of wisdom from Paulo Coelho. And now, all you need is the inside scoop and the art of playing your cards right to get traveling more, for less! Solo Travel- All You Need To Know Before Going By Yourself. 12 Tips To Improve Your Cruise Experience. Have you ever wondered why some people love to travel on a cruise and some do not? Generally, people who picked a great ship with an exciting itinerary for their first cruise had a wonderful experience. On the flip side, people who aren’t fans of cruises are those who neglected some important details before choosing the perfect one.

Before going on a cruise, it is extremely important to understand the potential pros and cons. 1. Choose the best cruise for you! Spend some time looking at the itineraries and the ship size, layout, entertainment and activates that you might be interested in. 2. 4 Steps to Writing Your Travel Bucket List – Insider Travel Club. How is the Rise of Millennials Linked to the Emergence of Travel Clubs. Millennials form a huge chunk of traveler aficionados in the present times. They are the young, energetic and internet-savvy travelers aged between 18 and 34; although age is just a number used by demographers to represent them.

Trip-Smart Technology. Travel Team Consulting and Amadeus Strategic Alliance. At Travel Team Consulting, we understand that the future of travel lies in innovation and continuous technology improvements. Millennial Travel: Modern Millennial Generations' travel habits. The term ‘Millennial’ is taking the rounds a lot nowadays. How to Create a Successful Travel Affiliate Program. Travel Mergers and Acquisitions with our Travel Consulting Team. Insider Travel Club Membership. Cheap Airfare, Cruises, Hotels, Car. How is Technology Shaping Holiday Travel? Custom Travel Club provide Multi Language Member Support. Maximize Your Revenue by Building Your Own Branded Travel Club. CHECK OUT A SAMPLE OF THE POPULAR MEMBER BENEFITS WE OFFER. 3 Family Friendly Ski Resorts For Those Who Love to Travel. Insider Travel Lingo That May Get You Discounts, Perks & Upgrades. 10 Funny But True Airline Travel Tips.

Travel and Hospitality Brands Miss the Connection with Travelers. Key Travel Trends Impacting the Digital Experience in 2016. Thrifty Travel Tips For Budget Travel. Save on Summer Travel to Italy, France, UK and More With Rail Europe. What is leisure travel and how to make the most of it? European Travel Commission: European Tourism Shows Modest Growth in 2016.

European tourism demand continues to grow and proves resilient to safety and security challenges and political turmoil. Overall growth, however, has slowed from the previous year (+5% in 2015) affected by those destinations required to rebuild market confidence following tragic events. The most visited region in the world welcomed 620 million international tourist arrivals in 2016, a 2% increase compared to the same period in 2015[1]. According to the European Travel Commission‘s latest report, “European Tourism – Trends & Prospects”, the majority of destinations reported healthy growth in the last months of 2016. Iceland remains the top growth destination (+40%) followed by the outstanding performance of Cyprus (+20%) and Slovakia (+19%) owing to improved air connectivity and off-season visitation. Bulgaria (+16%) also saw robust growth while other destinations such as Serbia and Portugal (both +13%) are increasingly becoming appealing for bargain hunters.

For more info, contact: The changing face of Loyalty Programs and their impact on travel. The new age traveler is conscious and tech savvy. To meet the demands of such travelers, the travel industry has come up with a new age trend – loyalty programs. New Survey: Millennial Attitudes Making America’s Vacation Problem Worse.