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Writing gallery texts and wall panels: common mistakes to avoid. I’m a professional writer.

Writing gallery texts and wall panels: common mistakes to avoid

I write about arts and culture for UK national broadsheets, magazines and websites. I undertake research projects that focus on aspects of the arts infrastructure and I’ve worked in the sector for 20 years. It’s fair to say that I know about the arts – and about writing. Over this time, I’ve read huge numbers of gallery labels and panels, and it seems to me there are some obvious recurring problems. My view is that writing technique matters (really matters) and that regardless of professional and academic debates, many gallery texts could be improved by avoiding some very common mistakes. Here are two examples of interpretative writing from two different exhibitions in the UK: Example one All the works in this section have one core formal concern in common: the idea of ‘time’ (and space).

Example two There has been much debate about what exactly is Englishness. What do you think of these? Even so, I had to read it twice and think about what it meant. 1. 2. Museum and gallery wayfinding: tips for signage, maps and apps. Wayfinding is something that’s often taken for granted.

Museum and gallery wayfinding: tips for signage, maps and apps

At its best, you barely notice it, but at its worst, it becomes frustratingly obvious. This is especially true for museums and galleries, where visitor experience and visitor satisfaction ratings are often directly affected by the ability to navigate successfully around the space. For some, part of the appeal of visiting a gallery is in getting lost among the art and ephemera, but for others it can be intimidating and confusing.

On a recent trip to the Louvre in Paris, France, my initial enthusiasm quickly turned to tension as I joined thousands of tourists being herded through this vast gallery. I shamefully skipped masterpiece after masterpiece, following a somewhat clumsy signage system that directed me almost straight to the Mona Lisa. SPL Signs: Level 3. Save a Zillion Dollars. TSLAC Staff Connects with Texas Library Association at Annual Conference 4.24-27.13. University of Portsmouth Library - Glossary of Library Jargon. Every branch of knowledge has its own special vocabulary or jargon and in the Library you may come across some words from the subjects of librarianship and publishing that are unfamiliar to you.

University of Portsmouth Library - Glossary of Library Jargon

In addition there are names for individual service points and other locations in the library that may not mean much to you at first. These names change over time but staff may occasionally use the old name. Here is a short guide to some of those "library" words and names that may be new to you.Note: terms underlined in bold link to their own entry in the guide. Abstract A short summary that gives all the major points of a book or article. This is short for the American Psychological Association which developed a style of bibliographic referencing widely used at the University.

Athens account Athens Accounts used to be used to login to resources. Bibliographic databases See database Bibliographic reference (also sometimes known as a bibliographic citation ) Bibliography Boolean operators Database Field. Glossary of library terms - Library and IT - University of Westminster, London. Confused by some of the terms you encounter when using the library?

Glossary of library terms - Library and IT - University of Westminster, London

Here’s a short A-Z guide to some of the library language you may come across at Westminster. Academic Liaison Librarian The dedicated librarian for your course. Find out about the Academic Liaison Librarian for your faculty here. Ask-a-librarian Our online enquiry service, find out how to use it on our contact page. Barcode Every item in the library has a unique barcode. Block When you borrow a book, you will receive a receipt showing the date it is due back. Database. Library terms and phrases - Library terms and phrases Abstract A summary of a journal article covering the main points included in it.

Library terms and phrases -

Often found at the beginning of an academic journal article, or alternatively when full text is not available on a database. Library glossary. Sarah's notebook. Deakin University Library Wayfinding 1 - Simen Wahlqvist. Google Image Result for. INTO University of East Anglia way-finding signage on Behance. University of Pittsburgh Hillman Library. Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Wayfinding & Graphic Design Consultancy. Library and Academic Building wayfinding. The wayfinding scheme for the new University of Greenwich Library and Academic Building, by the award-winning architects Heneghan Peng.

Library and Academic Building wayfinding

Our design concept was inspired by the colour palettes of Le Corbusier and creating 3D forms with a 2D construct. Each bespoke element of the design responds directly to the architectural features of that specific space within this fantastic new facility. Bronze IIID Award for Wayshowing Bronze European Design Award Film by Stephenson Bishop. Deakin University Library // Wayfinding - CurlyfiedCurlyfied. University Library Wayfinding and Signage. New building, opened December 2009.… #uklibchat - 3rd June 2014 - Library Design (with images, tweets) · uklibchat. Uni of York Library sur Twitter : "@amycrossmenzies @RosieHLib @uklibchat Are these the signs you mean? They denote our different study zones. Shhhhush! #Igersmelbourne #instameet #iphonography #iphone… Explore Opening the Book's photos on F… Churmside Library, Brisbane, QLD - 057.