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Susana Morillo

Macramé. One stroke. Jewelry Board Tutorial. Last summer I attempted to make a jewelry board to store all my accessories in one central location.

Jewelry Board Tutorial

I’m not the most handy/industrial lady but I smacked a few nails and doused the thing in glue and it held up pretty well. It wasn’t the prettiest or most practical jewelry holder but it was definitely functional. I knew I would want to attempt to make a newer, more improved, refined jewelry board but it ended up taking me me a year to find the motivation. I was asked to post a tutorial on the first one I made but to be honest I didn’t take any pictures of the process and I wasn’t sure it was really a good design with the spike nails and industrial staples poking out every where. I was actually a little worried one of my kids would poke an eye out or get scratched on it. This time around I kept track of my supply list and took pictures of the building process so I could share them with you.

Supplies used: 1. Step Five:One of the most important steps was attaching the frame. Free Beading Instructions. Free Beading Tutorials. Beading amulets. Free Beading Instructions. Free Beading Tutorials. Beading amulets. Macramé technique. Orquídeas pincel triangular - Condor. Neli Domingues pintando novamente! Orquídea pincel chanfrado - Condor. トールペイント「アトリエ・ラ・シルフィッド」【青いバラとリボン】 5 WAYS TO EASY ONE STROKE BUTTERFLY FOR NAIL ART - PRACTICE. Paint a Rose. Painting A Rose, Eine Rose Malen Mit Acrylfarben. ONE STROKE.

One Stroke Painted Vines and Daisys- By DJ Creations. ONE STROKE cours 2. One stroke cours N°3. トールペイント「アトリエ・ラ・シルフィッド」【青いバラとリボン】 Vidéo One Stroke. Technique du One stroke.

ONE STROKE. D.I.Y TUTO TRIPLE BRACELET SHAMBALLA 2013 FACILE ; EASY MAKE 3 ROW TRIPLE SHAMBALLA 2013. Shamballa Bracelet.Шамбала Браслет . How to make. Шамбала своими руками. Macrame Double Bracelet - Tutorial. Easy Macrame Bracelet with Beads and Button Clasp - Tutorial. DIY Easy Wave Bracelet with Satin Cord and Beads. Macrame bracelet with Flower / Makramee Armband / Макраме браслет.

DIY Macrame Bracelets - Waves with Beads. DIY-TUTO : BRACELETS BRESILIENS EPIS DE BLE / Fishtail bracelet friendship bracelet (english subs) Macrame bracelet with beads. Intertwining herringbone macrame bracelet. How to Make a Knotting Cord Macrame Bracelet. Tutoriel - DIY : comment faire des bracelets avec la technique de kumihimo. Color Trends + Palettes. Color schemes - Adobe Color CC. The Color Scheme Designer. Demi-clef double. Croix Knot. Nœuds Lanyard. Micro Macramé-Tout pour la création de vos bijoux selon la technique du Micro Macramé.

Macramé, tresses et noeuds. Macramé technique. DIY Bracelets perles empilables {} FACILE. Tutoriel - D.I.Y. : Comment faire un bracelet Decenarios. DIY Bunga Kusudama. Pernah dengar nama Bunga Kusudama?

DIY Bunga Kusudama

Saya rasa ramai jugak yang dah tahu pasal bunga ni kan exspecially para B2b lah kan. hehehe...Ok, berbalik pada tajuk, ikutkan perancangan asal, saya nak buat bunga Kusudama ni sebagai hand bouquet saya time nikah sebab dah suka sangat dengan bunga ni lepas tengok gambar hb ni Then, makin berkobar-kobar semangat tu lepas tengok majalah inspirasi Pengantin untuk bulan 7 ni.. Bunga Kusudama ni cuma gunakan kertas jer untuk buat dia. Mula2 tengok memang rasa susah. Tapi lepas belajar dekat Youtube, rupanya mudah je. Macam buat bunga origami. Kumihimo. What a Knit and Kumihimo too! Kumihimo Project Kits September 12, 2011 at 8:47 pm Karen’s Kumihimo Corkscrew Bracelet Springy, bouncy and lots of fun, Karen’s Kumihimo Corkscrew Bracelet is quick, fun and easy to make.

What a Knit and Kumihimo too!

The possibilities are endless. You will learn a quick tip for measuring circumference, how to start with an “interlaced” end and braid around a core. First Kumihimo Braid. I had a go at using this Kumihimo plate the other night and found that the instructional pictographs were a bit difficult to understand.

First Kumihimo Braid

As you can see they were a bit daunting. The Kumihimo package came with five strands of synthetic yarn to start you off, and this is the first braid I did. I must admit that I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I pulled 60” of gold ribbon, purple orlec and navy orlec to braid. The ribbon I used singly but the orlec was tripled to match the ribbons thickness. This is a close up of the braid. Accepting this award means following some rules:1. And pass the awards on to: First Kumihimo Braid. Kumihimo. Modeles. Macrame Ring with Beads (DIY) Noeuds coréens et autres noeuds. Noeuds coréens et autres noeuds. Printable Origami.

Click the Links to Download!

Printable Origami

Scroll down to find the links to all of the printable origami diagrams on this site, made into convenient pdf's for you! Just click to download, then enjoy! You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open the pdf file. You can get Adobe Reader here Show Off Your Origami!! If you liked these printable origami designs, you might like this... More Origami Links. Printable Origami. Six Amazing Pop-Up Paper Sculptures. Free Macrame Patterns. Quelle technique de noeud coulissant pour bracelet choisir? Quelle technique de noeud coulissant pour bracelet choisir? Les noeuds décoratifs.

Les noeuds décoratifs sont des noeuds qui n'ont pas d'utilité pratique.

les noeuds décoratifs

Par contre ils permettent d'effectuer de belles oeuvres comme des porte-clés ou l'élaboration de tresses ou de tapis. Vous pouvez également retrouver des explications supplémentaires sur les noeuds décoratifs dans nos articles. Télécharger rapidemment tous "les noeuds décoratifs" dans un seul fichier PDF de 97 pages en cliquant ici. Vous pourrez ensuite consulter tranquillement tous les schémas hors-connexion ou les imprimer. Macrame - The most central in macrame is of course the knots.

Macrame -

I will list some of the most common knots I know. The square knot The square knot is the most basic knot used in macrame. Chinese crown knot A decorative knot. Double half hitch. Vintage Embroidery Patterns from an antique catalog - The Graffical Muse. Here are some vintage embroidery patterns taken from a catalog from the 1800’s.

Vintage Embroidery Patterns from an antique catalog - The Graffical Muse

I removed the background and separated each pattern from the original image so you may make a transfer from the printable. Blitsy Crafts: Easy Updated Canisters. Blitsy This Blog Linked From Here The Web.

Blitsy Crafts: Easy Updated Canisters

Accessories / Accesorios. Jewelry / Joyería. Flower collar/ Cuello de flores Flower necklace #3/ Collar de flores #3 Beads’ necklace #3/ Collar de cuentas #3.

Jewelry / Joyería

DIY Project: Apple Stamp Table Runner. With fall in full swing, it seems that everyone is heading out to their local orchard and picking apples. The after effects of those trips are an abundance of indulgent desserts flooding my Instagram feed. Instead of using all of the apples to make pies and other yummy treats, I thought why not decorate my kitchen table? Using an apple stamp I made myself, I created a simple and chic table runner that’s perfect for fall. I stuck to a black and white color palette so the overall look steers clear of “elementary school art class” and stays firmly in my personal style. Whether you pick the apples from a tree or from the produce section, this is a great DIY project that will instantly add a bit of seasonal flair to your home.

Photographs above by Maxwell Tielman See the full how-to after the jump! DIY SWAROVSKI PULSERA COLLAR. Using Salt. DIY : comment faire des bracelets avec la technique de kumihimo / kumihimo patterns. Macrame Ring with Beads (DIY) Rosi Jo' Macrame Ring with Beads (DIY) Using Salt. DIY : comment faire des bracelets avec la technique de kumihimo / kumihimo patterns. Modeles. Comment faire un noeud coulissant avec un cordon / Breloque & Pendentif.

Vous l'attendiez toutes : le guide sur le noeud coulissant :-) Ça n'a pas été évident à mettre en oeuvre en photos, j'espère que ça sera suffisamment clair pour vous. S'il y a des parties qui ne le sont pas, n'hésitez pas à me poser des questions dans les commentaires, je vous répondrai le plus vite possible :-) Atelier Création Bijoux 6 : Bracelet Wrap style Chan Luu. The Top 100 Lampwork Bead Artists. Easy Macrame Bracelet with Beads and Button Clasp - Tutorial. DIY Seven layered Bracelet. DIY : bracelet coloré avec des perles ! C’est un peu mon truc de l’été : faire des bracelets. Devant une série (en ce moment je suis totalement accro à Modern Family, c’est juste à tomber par terre de rire !) Ou en lezardant au soleil, ça occupe les mains ! 550 Paracord Knots.

How to make a paracord survival necklace. Fils : Macramé & autres noeuds. Macramé technique. Docs-infos. TUTOS. DIY Friendship Bracelet. For several months now, we’ve been receiving emails requesting a friendship bracelet DIY. Well, friends, ask and you shall receive! Today, we’ll give you a step by step tutorial on the classic chevron pattern.

If you used to whip up friendship bracelets like a champ in grade school and have since forgotten how, consider this a refresher course. And if you can make these with your eyes closed and arms tied . . . umm, can we still be friends? You’ll need:embroidery threada safety pin or tapea pair of scissors. Bracelet Brésilien. Creation bijoux en perles. Quelle technique de noeud coulissant pour bracelet choisir? Fils : Macramé & autres noeuds. Macramé technique. Macramé et noeuds. Knots & Macrame.