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6 Free Online Collaborative Interactive White Boards – 2012 Update. The original April 2010 article, “6 Free Online Interactive White Boards” and the more recent “Using The iPad As A Digital Whiteboard (Plus 4 Cool Free Apps To Try It Out)” have been consistent top 10 pages for viewership here on EmergingEdTech since they were published. Between them, they’ve had over 55,000 views to date. There is obviously a good deal of interest in free Interactive White Board apps. Unfortunately, several of the tools cited in the first post are no longer online, but there are some other great free digital IWBs that readers provided information about, so it’s time for an updated post. I spent some time with each of the remaining functional tools from the April Post. My two favorites from that review, Dabbleboard and ImaginationCubed, as well as, have all been taken off line. The good news is that I checked out the applications suggested by readers who commented on the original post and four of them have plenty to offer.

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