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Digital Storytelling. MyStorybook - A Good Platform for Creating Picture Books. MyStorybook is a nice online tool for creating short storybooks. MyStorybook provides blank pages on which you can type, draw, and place clipart. Your storybook pages can also include pictures that you upload. To get started on MyStorybook you do need to create an account (you can test it without an account, but your work won't be saved). After signing into your account you can start creating your first book. Click on the text fields to edit any existing text in the title and author fields. You can add more text by clicking "text" in the editing menu. When you have completed your MyStorybook story, click the publish button. Applications for Education One way that teachers might use MyStorybook is by creating a story template and publishing it for their students to follow in the construction of their own stories. There are a couple of drawbacks to MyStorybook. Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing MyStorybook last week.

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