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Surya Varsani Academmy

Surya Varsini Academy is an IGCSE affiliated Cambridge International School in Kutch, Gujrat. It delivers quality knowledge to its students in every possible manner. To know more visit -

7 Reasons for Parents to Choose Best Schools for Kids. Useful Info for Parents about Cambridge International School. 5 Best Higher Secondary Schools in Bhuj by Vaibhav Tripathi. By Vaibhav Tripathi Education Consultant Finding the right school for your child is no easy game.

5 Best Higher Secondary Schools in Bhuj by Vaibhav Tripathi

How IGCSE Education Can Help Your Child? Parents are interested to give the best education to their child and for that, they do not want to take any chances.

How IGCSE Education Can Help Your Child?

Education in India is considered a priority and parents want to send their child to the best school possible. There are also different schools affiliated to assorted boards and following the various curriculum. At present parents are also keen to send their ward to the international board as well for global education. Among all the most sought after being IGCSE. The International Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a well renowned global certification that is taken in class 10th. In India, one can find several educational institutes that follow the IGCSE curriculum.

Quality Education in Schools during COVID-19 - Vaibhav Tripathi - Medium. Covid-19 has compelled schools across India to postpone the physical classrooms and to move to digital solutions.

Quality Education in Schools during COVID-19 - Vaibhav Tripathi - Medium

In India, we can most of the schools are offering online classes to their students to make sure their study is not impacted during the pandemic situation. And this is indeed a new kind of experience for the students as well as for the teachers. Schools in India are coordinating with the parents to develop an inclusive online structure to ensure quality education to the students without any hindrances. One such school is The Surya Varsani Academy (SVA), one of the best schools in Kutch, which is offering all new infrastructure to the students to help them keep on studying with their classroom experiences Below are some important measures the best schools in India are adopting during Covid-19: Online Learning Programme: In the wake of the pandemic condition worldwide, several public services have been postponed or deferred until the situation seems to be easy to deal with. 6 Approaches to Physical Activity in Schools by Vaibhav Tripathi.

By Vaibhav Tripathi Education Consultant Schools are the best place for students to engage with physical activities.

6 Approaches to Physical Activity in Schools by Vaibhav Tripathi

The experienced instructors guide them with essential equipment. Many schools come up with the programs in their curriculum to inculcate the habits of physical activities. And they develop the best infrastructure on campus to help their students engage with a wide array of activities. Here in this write-up, we will study 6 approaches to how modern schools are encouraging physical activities on their campuses. School – Infrastructure, Policy, and Program: Top 10 IGCSE Schools in Gujarat 2020.

The Benefits of Studying at an International School. Status of Secondary Education in India - Vaibhav Tripathi - Medium. Secondary education occupies a very strategic position in the educational pattern of the country.

Status of Secondary Education in India - Vaibhav Tripathi - Medium

Secondary Education in India serves as a bridge between primary and higher education. Primary education is intended to provide minimum requirements for survival whereas secondary education enables an individual to become a full member of the complicated society. It is mainly aimed at preparing young students between the ages group 14–18 for the world of work and entry into higher education. Get To Know the Difference between CBSE and IGCSE - Education India.

Higher Secondary School Education in Gujarat by educationconsultant. A uniform structure of school education, the 10+2 system has been adopted by all the States and Union Territories of India.

Higher Secondary School Education in Gujarat by educationconsultant

Gujarat ranks 9th on the Education Development Index (EDI). The main aim of the education system of Gujarat is to educate each and every inhabitant of Gujarat. The education system, in Gujarat, with respect to schooling, is divided into four distinct stages viz. Primary (Class I to IV), Upper Primary (Class V to VII), Secondary (Class VIII to X) and Higher Secondary (Class XI and XII). The private schools are chiefly affiliated by CBSE and CISCE. Secondary education in India begins after eight years of elementary education and is divided into two years of higher secondary education, i.e.classes IX and X and two years of senior secondary education i.e. classes XI and XII.

6 Myths about Cambridge International Schools. Best higher secondary school in Bhuj. Residential School in Kutch Gujarat. A Day boarding school is a good solution to parents who cannot devote adequate time to the child or are living in an area that is not good enough to bring up a child.

Residential School in Kutch Gujarat

In a day boarding school, all children get equal attention and all get the same benefits and follow the same lifestyle. Residential or day boarding schools give maximum attention to the overall development of a student which starts with inculcating discipline to follow daily routine and rules. Many Residential and Day Boarding School in Kutch, Gujarat, kept adequately occupied the students through a well-balanced daily routine in academics, sports, and other co-curricular activities. Cambridge International School in Bhuj. Best school in bhuj. By Vaibhav Tripathi Education Consultant In a nation, full of different educational institutions to consider, the choice made by parents while selecting a school that which one is the best for their child, is extremely important as this choice will determine major aspects of a child’s future.

best school in bhuj

Gujarat state provides a good platform for education. Here, the education system is quite impressive and wonderful. Many options are there in Bhuj, Kutch. Given below is the list of some best schools in Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, affiliated by various school boards in India and abroad like State Boards of India, International Baccalaureate, CISCE, Cambridge and CBSE. Surya Varsani Academy (SVA) Best Kindergarten School in Bhuj. Best Higher Secondary School in Bhuj. GRADES 11 & 12 The Acedmy’s Sixth Form will provide students who have been successful at IGCSE level (or equivalent) the opportunity to study at +2/Advanced Level.A levels are recognised globally for university admission.The selection of the four subjects for A level study will be based on the following criteria:Does the student NEED to gain a particular subject at A level?

Best Higher Secondary School in Bhuj

(for example Chemistry for a student intending to become a doctor)Will the student be ABLE to cope with the demands of a particular subject at A level? Has the student QUALIFIED to study a particular subject at A level by obtaining at least a B grade in that subject at IGCSE level (or equivalent)? Is the student ENTHUSIASTIC about the subject? The A level programme is divided into TWO parts.

The first year of study leads to assessment at AS level, with the second year adding A2. The following subjects will be available for A level study: ENGLISH LANGUAGE. AS grades are awarded at the following grade levels: A B C D E. SVA- Best Primary School in Bhuj. Grades 1 and 2 consolidate and extend the academic and social development made at Preschool level.

SVA- Best Primary School in Bhuj

The Lower Primary curriculum is modelled upon the best content from UK International Primary programmes and the National Curriculum for England and Wales. It is designed to prepare children for success within an International curriculum framework later in their studies. A broad range of subjects are studied in Grades 1 and 2; ENGLISH language and literature HINDI GUJARATI MATHEMATICS GENERAL SCIENCE (which includes aspects of Biology, Chemistry, Environment Studies and Physics) SOCIAL SCIENCE (which includes aspects of History and Geography) ARTS (which includes aspects of Art & Design, Dance, Drama and Music) PHYSICAL EDUCATION COMPUTER SCIENCE THINKING SKILLS & RESEARCH SKILLS This means that we capitalise on the common ground which exists across ‘separate’ subject areas.

Grades 1 and 2 consolidate and extend the academic and social development made at Preschool level.