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CuriousRubik is a leading Netsuite Global partners We are your global business consulting partner with a presence in 8 strategic locations across the world. Curious Rubik has emerged as a team of problem lovers because we strive to provide the best solution for a unique problem. Complexities prepare us for challenges and technology drives us to set higher targets. For us a Rubik is not a problem, it is a solution.

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Netsuite Cloud ERP & CRM Solution Provider In Singapore and NewYork. NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution provider. Complex mind maps need a detailed approach and integration of several factors.

NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution provider

We evaluate alternatives and bring out the best combination of elements to deliver enterprise and customer solutions. Design brings further definition to the flow within the system. This step integrates usability with the look and feel of the product. We define the need, prepare the theme, create the layout, map it to response and build the design. This step focuses on the details to avoid loose ends in the output. While the foundation is set in the preceding steps, this level handles implementation of structure and processes for the solution to function smoothly. Implementation sounds easy and we truly make it easy for our customers as we extend implementation at the customer- end as a part of our service. After implementation, to maintain the solution on a sustained mode, we extend continuous support.

NetSuite Cloud CRM, Netsuite Cloud Partners, NetSuite CRM. NetSuite Cloud ERP, NetSuite ERP partner, NetSuite ERP Solution Provide. NetSuite Blog - Latest News, Articles and Knowledgebase. NetSuite Partner. NetSuite Singapore. NetSuite New York. NetSuite Implementations. NetSuite ERP. NetSuite CRM. About CuriousRubik - Global NetSuite Partner & Solution Provider. NetSuite Blogs, NetSuite Latest Articles, NetSuite Latest News updates. NetSuite Singapore. NetSuite partners, global Netsuite Partners. NetSuite Partner, NetSuite ERP Partner, NetSuite Cloud CRM Partner in Singapore, New York, Sydney. NetSuite partner, Netsuite Solution provider, NetSuite Implementation. A Powerpacked NetSuite Solution Provider For your Business. Retail Trends in 2017: The Year of Evolution. The coming year once again promises challenges and change across the retail sector.

Retail Trends in 2017: The Year of Evolution

Yet, where those previous challenges were often met with technological advances or new approaches to consumer interactions, the best way for retailers to confront the trends of 2017 is with a close evaluation of their foundation. This involves consolidating their core systems and initiating a one-system approach. With a one-system approach, back-end enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and order and inventory management systems will reside on one platform. Retailers can then get a single source of the truth for customer, order and inventory data in real-time, making that data available to all existing and future front-end, customer-facing systems. Only with a clear understanding of what their existing systems are capable of and where they need to go, can retailers then begin to address the most important trends in 2017. The Enabled Store Instant Gratification. NetSuite Blog - NetSuite Partner. NetSuite Singapore. NetSuite New York. NetSuite Implementations. NetSuite ERP. NetSuite CRM.

Netsuite Rostering & Appointments App. True Brands Raises a Glass to NetSuite Intelligent Order Management. NetSuite’s release of its new Intelligent Order Management solution at its annual SuiteWorld conference in San Jose, was particularly timely for one customer.

True Brands Raises a Glass to NetSuite Intelligent Order Management

True Brands, a multi-brand global designer and supplier of beverage lifestyle accessories, has already adopted a key aspect of NetSuite Intelligent Order Management. An integrated combination of management and automation intelligence technologies, Intelligent Order Management delivers enhanced functionality to streamline the complexities of omnichannel order orchestration. Eliminating data silos The Seattle-based merchant has experienced 30 percent, year-over-year growth but its disparate systems and manual processes required increasing support, which eroded profits. The Three Challenges Outdoor Retail Brands are Turning into Opportunities with Cloud ERP. Like the outdoor enthusiasts who use their products, outdoor retail brands dislike the comfort zone, and thrive on pushing themselves to innovate and deliver new experiences for their partners and consumers.

The Three Challenges Outdoor Retail Brands are Turning into Opportunities with Cloud ERP

For today’s outdoor retail distributors, this genetic makeup is a perfect fit for the current business environment. As the barriers between distributors, their retailer partners and the end customers erode, distributors are escaping traditional B2B distribution models and gaining more control over the entire manufacture, sales and distribution process to blaze paths to new sales channels and revenue sources. From my many conversations with retail brands, I know this is an opportunity fraught with challenges. Distributors are being asked by retail partners to optimize inventory management and provide B2C-like, self-service ecommerce to automate accounts.

Dowi Hosiery Mills Modernizes its Business with Cloud ERP. Dowi Hosiery Mills produces socks and other specialty garments at a large manufacturing plant spanning an entire hectare in Valenzuela City, Philippines.

Dowi Hosiery Mills Modernizes its Business with Cloud ERP

Until recently, however, the software running the business was aging and out of date. Dowi operated for years on homegrown, custom software and databases. Like many such custom projects, the software was inflexible and provided for a poor user experience. Chocolate Maker Theo & Philo Sweetens Its Business with As one of the world’s tropical equatorial nations that produce the raw material for chocolate, the Philippines is experiencing growth as an exporter of chocolate.

Chocolate Maker Theo & Philo Sweetens Its Business with

Not coincidentally, Theo & Philo is growing in the Philippines as well. A maker of premium artisanal chocolates, Theo & Philo is the brainchild of Philo Chua, who developed a love of cooking with chocolate while working as an IT programmer in Pittsburgh, PA. While there, he also learned that cocoa beans grow only in equatorial regions, inspiring him to launch Theo & Philo after returning to the Philippines in 2007. Based in Metro Manila, Theo & Philo produces more than a dozen varieties of “bean to bar,” single-origin chocolates, locally sourced and produced in the Philippines.

Since its founding in 2010, the social enterprise has increased production by 700 percent to about 14,000 bars a month. NetSuite Deepens Vertical Industry Commitment with Software for Apparel, Footwear and Accessory Retailers, Advertising Agencies and Campus Bookstores. Given the recent acquisition by Oracle, the NetSuite Global Business Unit now has an even greater breadth of resources and greater depth of domain knowledge about the demands of vertical industries and the segments within them.

NetSuite Deepens Vertical Industry Commitment with Software for Apparel, Footwear and Accessory Retailers, Advertising Agencies and Campus Bookstores

Combining these resources with NetSuite’s 18 years of experience in building a system to run a business from the cloud gives us the opportunity to move quickly to address new industry segments. NetSuite is taking its knowledge of this to pull together leading practices and functionality to address three new industry segments: apparel, footwear and accessory retailers, advertising agencies and college bookstores. Finding the Right Fit for Fashion, Footwear and Accessory Retailers A New Platform for a New Age of Advertising We’re also bringing the same commitment to customer success and years of experience deploying systems to advertising agencies. Campus Bookstores Graduating from Textbook Warehouses. Sourcingpartner Implements NetSuite in 95 Days, Ensures Successful Back-to-School Season. Take a second to consider what’s more difficult – managing 32,000 parts in a 75,000-square-foot warehouse with legacy systems that frequently requires workers to track quantities by hand; or implementing a new warehouse management system in just three months to automate those processes and create efficiencies in time for the company’s busiest part of the year.

Sourcingpartner Implements NetSuite in 95 Days, Ensures Successful Back-to-School Season

Most IT veterans would say the latter – remembering months or years-long projects launching on-premise systems. Even those who had worked on cloud-based software projects would likely see that as an unattainable timetable to implement a system that would manage complex wholesale distribution processes for a business doing $7.5 million in revenue. But for Sourcingpartner, a Dallas-based wholesale distributor who partners with some of the largest office supply businesses in the world, the combination of NetSuite and the SuiteSuccess implementation metholodology allowed it to buck conventional wisdom.

Scalability for B2B ecommerce. Key Considerations for Simplifying the Complexity of the new Revenue Recognition Rules. Anyone planning to try and account for revenue recognition (RevRec) under the new accounting standards ASC 605 and ASC 606/IFRS 15 using a spreadsheet, needs to be aware that this is going to introduce more complexity not less.

Key Considerations for Simplifying the Complexity of the new Revenue Recognition Rules

It’s a significant consideration. As finance contends with the new rules, interpretation of the regulatory landscape can be tricky and misstatements can have devastating consequences. But there is hope. New software business applications and enhancements to existing solutions are offering ways to simplify the complexities associated with the coming RevRec mandates and in some cases making it almost as easy as accounting for fixed assets. To achieve systematic compliance with the coming standards for RevRec, the CFO needs to be the one to lead the way in establishing the proper controls and selecting the appropriate application. Requirements under the new rules generally fall under four categories with specific functionality that can meet those needs: Resource Management is a Fluid Process – Make Sure Your PSA is as Well. I’ve run at least a hundred or more discoveries over the past few years at NetSuite and learned that the need to gain better visibility into their resources is one of the most common themes for services firms.

Resource Management is a Fluid Process – Make Sure Your PSA is as Well

From utilization tracking, to capacity planning, to finding the right skills for a project, relying on spreadsheets or, even worse, tribal knowledge at weekly meetings can make the process very inefficient. It can also be a serious source of revenue leakage due to idle resources or staffing overqualified resources on projects.

If you could have staffed them to a more profitable or strategic project that means potential for lost revenue. Getting Started with the Industrial Internet of Things. Manufacturing is no longer about producing goods as cheaply as possible to meet the demands and price points of retailers. Today’s manufacturers are becoming far more reliant on a new raw material – data. As manufacturers become increasingly dependent on data and telematics to control and manage machinery, there is a need to gather and interpret data. Much of that data comes from sensors, something that manufacturers are all too familiar with.

They already use sensors to gather key data from machinery, to manage manufacturing environments and to manage its costs. Over the last few years there has been a surge in the number of new sensors being deployed. IIoT delivers a tsunami of new data and better control Early generations of sensors delivered limited data back to the manufacturing systems. For instance, some manufacturers are using this sensor data to cut costs and increase productivity. Scalability a key to coping with demand fluctuation. Breaking Tradition: 5 Trends Impacting the Financial Services Industry. Today, nearly every financial activity is being reimagined in some way, from banking, to lending, to wealth management. Tasks and transactions that once involved human interaction and paper money have overwhelmingly moved into the digital world, and new players are emerging to disrupt the traditionally staid industry.

The coming year promises only more of the same. In order to compete in this changing landscape, financial services firms are under increased pressure to adapt to these shifts in the industry. Here are the five most important trends facing the financial services industry in 2017. The Rise of Fintech Innovators While the financial services industry used to be difficult to penetrate, recent fin tech innovators have had no trouble moving in and turning the market on its head. Meeting the Needs of the Modern Consumer The widespread success of fin tech companies can be linked to the wiring of the modern consumer. 5 Trends Distributors Must Account for in 2017. Distribution may appear to the untrained eye to be a fairly straightforward industry, but in all reality it is evolving more rapidly than ever before. From increased competition and changing business models to a barrage of new, innovative technologies, the way distributors do business is starkly and fundamentally different than it was even five years ago.

In an age with such pronounced structural change and competitive pressures to risk not changing is to risk failing. Here are the five most important trends we see for wholesale distributors in 2017. Your Target Market is Online, and You Should be Too The modern consumer across all parts of the supply chain turns to the internet as the ultimate source of knowledge for purchase decisions - thus, a strong online presence is crucial for continued business success, whether in the world of B2B or B2C commerce.

NetSuite Opens Nordic Operations, Expands in Benelux, UK and Ireland. One key benefit of Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite is the resources Oracle brings to help NetSuite expand its global capability and reach. Today we’re happy to announce early progress toward that goal. In the EMEA region, the overall focus will be on increasing investments and resources for customer success and market expansion in three key areas. Launching New Nordic Operations Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit will establish a physical presence in the Nordic region, with an office in Stockholm, which will initially cover the whole region to serve and expand upon the success of our existing footprint.

We already have a strong partner presence in the region and our customer numbers continue to grow. Increasing Investments in the UK and Ireland Since NetSuite opened its first office in London in 2002, we have shown an unrelenting commitment to bring the power of cloud business management software suites to businesses in the UK, Ireland and Europe as a whole. NetSuite Opens Nordic Operations, Expands in Benelux, UK and Ireland.

NetSuite Singapore, Singapore Netsuite, Netsuite in Singapore, Singapote Netsuite Partners. NetSuite Blog - Netsuite Latest News, Articles and Knowledgebase. NetSuite Partner. NetSuite Singapore. NetSuite New York. NetSuite Implementations. NetSuite ERP. NetSuite CRM. NetSuite Singapore, Netsuite in Singapore, Singapore Netsuite Partners - CuriousRubik. NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution provider. Netsuite Solution providers Singapore. Leading NetSuite cloud ERP Partners in Singapore, NewYork and Sydney . CuriousRubik-Netsuite ERP Solution Provider partners in Singapore. Netsuite Cloud ERP,CRM Solution provider Partners in Singapore,Newyork,Sydney. Netsuite Cloud ERP CRM provider in Singapore,Newyork,Sydney.

CuriousRubik Netsuite Cloud CRM System. CuriousRubik Netsuite Cloud ERP Partners Singapore. Curiousrubik Netsuite blog-Best Practices When Evaluating a New Ecommerce Solution. Most businesses, no matter how big or small, have some type of online presence in today’s digital world. But as the ecommerce landscape continues to change, many companies are realizing their systems running their business have become outdated, and can no longer effectively support their business or customer expectations for consistent and relevant experiences across touchpoints. To deliver these seamless, omnichannel experiences, front-end and back-end systems need to be on a single, unified commerce platform. This unified platform will create a central repository for order, customer and inventory data from all channels. This data can then be supplied to front-end customer facing systems, such as ecommerce, POS and call centers, ensuring accurate and relevant information across all customer touchpoints.

This will result in improved business efficiencies and customer experience. Design flexibility and tools for experience management Leverage a pre-built, starting-point store Must be mobile. CuriousRubik Netsuite Blog-Retail Trends in 2017: The Year of Evolution. Curious Rubik Netsuite partners singapore, Cloud ERP and CRM Solution Provider in singapore. NetSuite Singapore - Run Your Business On One Single System. Singapore Payroll - Cloud Payroll. Singapore HR Leave Management System. NetSuite. Rostering & Appointments App - Built on NetSuite. Cloud Commerce - Responsive Design. Cloud CRM. Cloud ERP. Singapore Payroll - Cloud Payroll. Company - Curiousity starts with viewing the world differently. Hello.. ! Creativity starts with Curiousity, Curiousity starts with viewing the World differently. “ Simply, CuriousRubik is dedicated to uncovering ideas through creativity and curiosity—in both thinking and implementation.

Rubik add a dimensions to our multi thinking attitude. Hence CuriousRubik. CuriousRubik - Leading NetSuite Partner, Cloud ERP & CRM.