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Creative Research Systems

Creative Research Systems provides software for market researchers, political pollsters, human resource professionals, social scientists, and others who use questionnaires. We offer Survey Questionnaire Software, Mobile Survey Software, online Survey Tools, Survey Design Software, Market Research Software, Customer Survey Software etc.

Market Research Software With Best Features. Get Online Survey Tools & Enhance Your Survey Research. Market Research Software: Collect Data With Various Formats Of Rating Scales. Rating scales of various kinds are common in market research.

Market Research Software: Collect Data With Various Formats Of Rating Scales

Scales can be purely numeric, such as “On a scale of 1 to 5, with one being the worst and five being the best, how would you rate your experience with Acme widgets?” Or they can use labels for each point in the scale, such as “How would you rate your experience with Acme widgets? Do you find them excellent, good, fair or poor?” For In-person Interviews Use Our Survey Software. Web surveys are often the least expensive way to reach a large number of people.

For In-person Interviews Use Our Survey Software

Telephone surveys remain the gold standard in many fields, though declining response rates may prove problematic, and telephone surveys are expensive. Mail surveys are slow, but often cost less than telephone surveys and can show images. One aspect that all of these methods share are that you must know whom you’re going to interview in advance and have their email address, phone number or mail address. Voice Capture Software by The Survey System. Standard capture of comments and similar answers require a painstaking manual transcription process that is subject to errors and misinterpretations.

Voice Capture Software by The Survey System

For example, did your respondent say in response to a question about a TV news announcer ... THAT’s an anchor man!!! Or did he say ... That’s an anchor man?” Use Sample Size Calculator- A Survey Software By The Survey Systems. This Sample Size Calculator is presented as a public service of Creative Research Systems survey software.

Use Sample Size Calculator- A Survey Software By The Survey Systems

You can use it to determine how many people you need to interview in order to get results that reflect the target population as precisely as needed. You can also find the level of precision you have in an existing sample. Before using the sample size calculator, there are two terms that you need to know. Market Research Software Provides Correlation for Quantifiable Data. Correlation is a statistical technique that can show whether and how strongly pairs of variables are related.

Market Research Software Provides Correlation for Quantifiable Data

For example, height and weight are related; taller people tend to be heavier than shorter people. The relationship isn't perfect. People of the same height vary in weight, and you can easily think of two people you know where the shorter one is heavier than the taller one. Nonetheless, the average weight of people 5'5'' is less than the average weight of people 5'6'', and their average weight is less than that of people 5'7'', etc. Statistical Significance By The Survey System.

"Significance level" is a misleading term that many researchers do not fully understand.

Statistical Significance By The Survey System

This article may help you understand the concept of statistical significance and the meaning of the numbers produced by The Survey System. This article is presented in two parts. The first part simplifies the concept of statistical significance as much as possible; so that non-technical readers can use the concept to help make decisions based on their data. The second part provides more technical readers with a fuller discussion of the exact meaning of statistical significance numbers. Get sample surveys from our online tools and save time. Set your reports with survey questionnaire software. Creative Research Systems offers complete data processing services.

Set your reports with survey questionnaire software

We provide presentation-quality tables, text reports and graphics. In addition to or instead of paper copies, we can provide the tables, reports and graphics on disk, ready for you to incorporate into a document or research presentation. We can enter data from paper questionnaires or use a data file you provide. Web Survey Software: Produce attractive tables and charts with us. The Survey System is a user-friendly product that requires very little training.

Web Survey Software: Produce attractive tables and charts with us

Our users spontaneously mentioned "Ease of Use" when asked what they liked most about The Survey System in our most recent survey. The average user can produce attractive tables and charts within a couple of hours of installation. However, some of our clients find individualized training to be the fastest way to become a power user and get full value from the wide variety of features in The Survey System. Starting in 1987, The Survey System held a successful series of training seminars around the USA and overseas in Denmark, South Africa and Australia. These enabled many owners to quickly become power users and to learn some tips and tricks that save them time.

Technology has moved on, and the development of webinars now allows us to offer individualized training in your own office through the Internet. Know the distributors of Online Survey Tools. Africa Bateleur Brand Planning (Pty) Ltd PO BOX 3521 Dainfern, 2055 SOUTH AFRICAPhone: +27 83 212 2739 E-mail: Gordon(at) Australia / New Zealand Hearne Scientific Software Suite 3, 200 Toorak Road South Yarra, Melbourne 3141Phone: 03-9020-5730 • Fax: 03-9020-5747Contact: Inquiry Page Website: Europe (excluding United Kingdom, Spain) Aspekt R&D Nørre Boulevard 19, DK 4600 Køge Phone: (+45) 56 64 38 38 • Fax: (+45) 56 64 38 39 E-mail: info@aspekt.dkWebsite:

Know the distributors of Online Survey Tools

Get Customer Survey Software To Know How Your Product Is Performing. Get survey questionnaire software for your research. Survey Questionnaire Software: More Ways to Get High Quality Data. An earlier blog post cited some ways in which high quality survey questionnaire software can help ensure that you get high quality data.

Survey Questionnaire Software: More Ways to Get High Quality Data

These included randomizing question and answer choice order, limiting answer choices based on prior answers and designating particular answers, such as “none of the above,” as exclusive. This post describes some additional ways a program can help ensure that you get quality data. One of the most important is the ability to automatically skip over questions that don’t apply. For example, a health survey should not ask men about their pregnancies. Most survey solutions provide a basic form of skipping or branching, in which the answer to the current question can determine which questions is shown next. Know the fine edges of Online Survey Tools. Web survey software for researchers. Survey Design Software: Best among online survey tools.

Good survey design software can help your research project succeed by giving you the tools you need to encourage survey participation and collect unbiased data. A majority of surveys today ask respondents to fill out their own answers on a Web page. Telephone surveys are probably the next most common. These two methods of data collection share many similarities. In both cases good design means keeping surveys as short as possible, considering the data you need, and only asking people questions to which they can provide useful answers.

The same design features help meet both these goals. Reserve your customers with web survey software. Most businesses can profit by learning more about their customers. The easiest way to do that in 2015 is to use web survey software to ask customer opinions about your products and services. You can use their answers to improve both. You can ask customers to rate different aspects of your products or services and why they chose yours over competing ones. Online Survey Tools: Checkout the Price and Ordering. We believe you should only have to pay for what you need. For this reason, The Survey System is sold in three editions and a series of optional modules. See the product information pages for detailed descriptions. All editions of The Survey System include: Hard-copy easy-start tutorial.

Interview style data entry. Evaluation Edition - Contains full Professional Edition with all extra modules. Professional Edition - The professional researcher's toolkit. Enterprise Edition - Same as Professional Edition, but for 2 or more analysts. All prices are one-time license fees in US $. Interview Stations. Utilize web survey software to deliver quality results. Stratton Publishing & Marketing, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is a leader in print and electronic communications for associations, universities, and corporate clients. Using a practical, experienced-based approach, Stratton provides workable solutions to organizations' publishing and communications challenges through collaborative consultation, comprehensive publications and market research, and custom publishing solutions.

The company’s research arm, Stratton Research, utilizes The Survey System platform to conduct comprehensive, in-depth studies for its clients, including research on reader feedback, advertiser perception, information needs, member engagement, buying power, and more. One of those clients includes the American Institute of Architects, Washington, D.C. The organization wanted to ensure its communications were aligned with members’ needs and improve member engagement. Stratton conducted a comprehensive Communication Audit of the 77,000-member AIA. Engage yourself with testimonials for web survey software. Here are highlights from reviews and several user comments on The Survey System, Voice Capture, Creative Research Systems, and more: Bloomin' Brands named Creative Research Systems "The Purveyor of the Year. " "The Purveyor of the Year Award for Bloomin' Brands is highly competitive, and many outstanding organizations are nominated. Since Bloomin' Brands is comprised of five domestic restaurant brands-Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, and Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar-as well as an International Division, one can only imagine the thousands of purveyors that provide services to our organization.

Thus, for Creative Research Systems to win this award is a testimony to their outstanding service to us over the years. " George Gaines Director, Consumer Intelligence Bloomin' Brands User of the Survey System for over 20 years I have used Confirmit. Get the highlights of reviews and comments for Survey Software. Survey Software for Customers: Blogs. How Survey Tools helps to save your time? The two main ways survey tools can save you time are by being easy to use and by saving your work for easy reuse.

Note that being easy to learn is not the same thing as being easy to use, though reviews sometimes conflate the two. For example, a program that requires you to go through many clear, easy-to-understand screens to accomplish a task can be easy to learn, but time-consuming to use. A tool that is time-consuming to use, is not really easy to use. On the other hand, a program that may be a little harder to learn initially can be very easy and efficient to use once you know it. In the long run, ease-of-use counts much more than ease-of-learning. The main way a program saves you time is by saving you work. When you are creating a web questionnaire a good tool should give you many options as to how it looks and works.

When you want to create reports a good tool offers you many options for the content and appearance of each table. Customer Survey Software: Increase your ROI. Get Survey Software & Survey hosting. Web Surveys and Reports Module. Get survey software solution's evaluation edition for customers. Use of Survey Questionnaire Software. Get Survey Software Online. Creative Research Systems was founded in 1982 to provide software for market researchers, political pollsters, human resource professionals, social scientists, and others who use questionnaires. Survey Questionnaire Software: Get quality data at Survey System. How Survey Software helps in creating Questionnaire Design. Survey Tools at Affordable Price. Get Survey Tools for Online Backup. Creative Research Systems has partnered with Gilware to offer a secure, automatic remote backup system to keep your surveys and data safe.

Our backup solution also lets you back up other files and folders, if you wish, so it can be a total solution to your backup needs. With online backup you don't have to worry about the common reasons other backup strategies fail, like forgetfulness, storage device failures or local disasters. Get Customer Survey Software at Creative Research Systems. Ready to create your own survey with our software? Survey Questionnaire Software for you. Does your software supports web surveys? Android Survey Software: Pocket Survey Tool. Android survey software: An Ideal Solution For In-Person Interviews. Make Your Service More Professional With Custom Branded Survey System Software. Customer Survey Software For Effective Online & Offline Customers Survey. Choosing Mobile Survey Software. Types of Online Survey Software. Web Survey Software. The Survey System: World Class Survey Software Package. Android Survey Software.

Hear the Voice of the Customer Using Customer Survey Software. Survey Design Software: Design A Successful Survey System. Internet Web Survey Software: Request A Free Software Package Quote. Market Research Software for Web, Telephone, Mobile & Paper Survey. Customer Survey Software- Show Results Through Online Reports, Save Time. Online Survey Software Tools For Your Business. Home. Survey Design Software Question Types.

Scales in Survey Questionnaires. Android Survey Software for Smartphones, Tablets-Free Quote. Survey Questionnaire Software: Email/ Webpage Survey System. Mobile Survey Software: Offline/ Online Software Solution. Survey Software - Questionnaire Software - Electronic Survey Software - The Survey System.