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Surf Strength Coach

I'm Surf Coach my goal is to help you Improve. Movement, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Training, Endurance Pain Relief, and your Time in the Water.

Surf Strength Coach. Foundations For Athletes, Humans, Surfers. Stretches for Surfers – Upper Body. Surf Training Foundations Bundle. Free Surf Training Program. How to Improve Your Pop Up. Strong Legs Strong Core Strong Surfing. Boost Flexibility and Eliminate Pain - SurfStrengthCoach. Top Exercises to Improve Surfing Athleticism and Performance. “Top” lists are always a small act of futility.

Top Exercises to Improve Surfing Athleticism and Performance

There is so much variability in the human body, and a countless variety of surfing exercises, it is grossly difficult to pull out some singular exercises and call them the best. The key with smart training is tailoring exercises to the individual, their goals, and their capabilities. This list of drills and exercises to improve your surfing, all hit dynamic aspects of the movement. Strength, mobility, complexity, coordination, and control. That’s a list of goodness right there if you can get your body capable of all that, and apply it to your water time.

Surfing is a highly athletic endeavor. Keeping your body in a physical state so you can get into the ocean and do what you love to do, that is what lies at the center of this whole “surf -fitness” shift. Improving towards a more capable physical state, which is “athletic capacity”, is what legitimate training is about.

The squat pattern is crucial to surfing. Dynamic Surfer Stretches - a Full Warmup. A Full Sequence of Mobility Dills & Dynamic Surfer Stretches.

Dynamic Surfer Stretches - a Full Warmup

It’ll Help You Move Fluidly. Movement: Dynamic flexibility, the capacity to be mobile through joints, and to move with ease, control, and strength. It’s pretty relevant to this whole surfing thing we take part in. It’s not going to suddenly make you rip, but it’s a big piece to the puzzle of staying in the water! Do you move well? Take part in a bit of brief yet honest self assessment. I’ve been in Indonesia the last few weeks, and not to call anyone out, but there’s a lot of fellas in the 30+ category with the slowest popups, turtle posture while paddling, and just really self-limiting their surfing because of bodily limitation, and missing a lot of waves too.

The key to longevity in the surf, and in life really, is to make sure you’re a movement capable human being. This article and video will give you some of the tools to start implementing stretching and mobility work. Back to the 30+ yr. old fellas. How To Overcome Surf Fear. Fear, Surfing, and Skill Expansion How To Overcome Surf Fear Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness.

How To Overcome Surf Fear

Susan Jeffers Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. The Secrets of the Perfect Pop Up. Surf Better - Movement Practice. This is absolutely not a list of the 3 exercises that will boost your surfing, or the 1 thing you need to do to boost your health, or any of that pervasive fitness clickbait.

Surf Better - Movement Practice

I’m going to do the opposite of that. Surf Skate Tutorial – Actually Improve Your Surfing. Skate or Die!

Surf Skate Tutorial – Actually Improve Your Surfing

Or are you more along the lines of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater era? I was a bit of both. Born in 82’, I grew up with some Nash skateboards, moved on towards Thrasher magazines, was a full skate-rat through highschool (and played soccer), and was just the right age for some Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the original Playstation while in College. I grew up skating, more so than surfing in fact. With that background of familiarity with a board on 4 wheels, it’s pretty rad to see how they can now be used to develop skill in the Surf. With that intro out of the way, let’s get into the SurfSkate Tutorial. I’m going to break down a few of the biggest flaws I see with SurfSkate training, and more importantly, I’m going to show you exactly what you need to start working on so it directly improves your surfing.

Consider SST (surfskate training) to be your driving range if you were a golfer. The old saying, practice makes perfect….. Surf Strength Coach. Obliteration.

Surf Strength Coach

Carnage. Aquatic car accidents. How To Surf Better: Improve Your Surfing Skill. There’s something special about surfing.

How To Surf Better: Improve Your Surfing Skill

Not only is it damn fun, but there’s an inherent, nearly spiritual attraction to it. It’s an important and integral part of my life, and I’m sure the same applies to you. Something that I personally feel is a deeply driven want, a need to improve. I want to surf as well as I can, and have as much fun as possible in the process. I also want to do it for as long as I possibly can in this wild thing we call life. Since you’re here reading this blog, I’d be fairly certain you feel that drive as well.

Let’s get better at surfing. Home Surf Training – Corona Lockdown. Does Corona have you on lockdown?

Home Surf Training – Corona Lockdown

If so, here’s a bunch of workouts you can do from home. Yeah, a Netflix binge is good here and there (Tiger King is mental!)