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Valentine Cold Process Soap. This advanced cold process recipe is for the patient soapmakers our there. But I promise your patience will be rewarded with a beautiful and detailed bar of handmade soap. This recipe is divided into 3 stages and is actually a combination of 3 separate recipes. So take a deep breath, grab your ingredients and let’s make some Valentine’s Day Soap! Helpful Notes The entire recipe fits two 2 lb. molds or one 4lb mold . Soap Puffed Marshmallows. As promised (on Facebook; what, you’re not reading our Facebook fan page obsessively?

Soap Puffed Marshmallows

Shame. Shame), my Hot Cocoa Soap recipe in all of its chocolaty goodness! I used an advanced technique called ’In the Pot Swirl’. Basically, you split up your batch into two different colors and pour 1 color into the second pot in various places. The soap batter naturally swirls the colors together when you pour the soap into the mold (I used the 5 lb Wooden Log Mold). I do have to admit that I made this recipe to test a new fragrance called Hot Cocoa that Bramble Berry is bringing in for the holidays.

Ingredients Electric Mixer Knife. Last Call: Advanced Oatmeal Stout CP. Difficulty:AdvancedTime:2 hoursYields:18 bars The tutorial and recipe you’ve all been waiting for … Oatmeal Stout scented cold process made with real Oatmeal Stout Beer.

Last Call: Advanced Oatmeal Stout CP

Can it be? Cold Process …. With a Twist! Difficulty:AdvancedTime:2 1/2 hoursYields:16 bars Add elaborate details to your Cold Process soap easily with fun melt & pour soap pieces.

Cold Process …. With a Twist!

In the bars above, I embedded a basic brown and black layered melt & pour loaf and some experimental marbliezed soap in green and white cold process soap. Tip: To ensure your melt and pour does not ‘sweat’ in the CP soap, let it sit out for 24 hours under a running fan before embedding into your CP soap recipe. What You’ll Need 32 oz. Apricot Kernel Oil 20 oz. 18 oz. Chai Latte Love (CP Soap Tutorial) Difficulty:IntermediateTime:1 1/2 hoursYields:5 bars/cups My name is Amanda Griffin and I am a soap maker living in Grand Prairie, TX.

Chai Latte Love (CP Soap Tutorial)

My passion is sharing, talking and teaching the craft of soap making in the classroom, on my blog ( and in my eZine, Lovin’ Soap. One of the best things about soap making is being a part of the soaping community. Whether it’s on a forum, at a meet-up, at a conference or at a local supply shop; soap makers are some of the most passionate, creative and caring people I have ever met.

I’m truly grateful to be a part of this amazing community of crafters. Loofah Cold Process Soap Tutorial. Difficulty:BeginnerTime:1 hourYields:9 bars Loofah soap can be super scrubby on the skin.

Loofah Cold Process Soap Tutorial

I designed this recipe with a mild scrub in mind. This recipe is great because it has a nice gentle scrub on one side of the soap and it’s silky smooth on the other. Plus the fragrance combination of Pomegranate and Mint is positively swoon-worthy. Luck of the Green Beer (CP tutorial) Difficulty:IntermediateTime:1 hourYields:About 14 What You’ll Need: 2 Cups of Light Beer (we used Coors Light) 14 small plastic cups (5 fl. oz. each) Plastic Cups (5 fl. oz.)

Luck of the Green Beer (CP tutorial)

Buy everything you need with the click of a button! (Remember you can always remove items from your cart before you check out) Let it Bleed: Cold Process Soap Color Gradation Tutorial. Difficulty:AdvancedTime:2 hoursYields:about 16 bars I’ve long been fascinated with how to make Labcolor’s inherent bleeding qualities work in a bar of soap.

Let it Bleed: Cold Process Soap Color Gradation Tutorial

It does a great tie-dye look and the swirls are romantic and ephemeral. But, the idea of a sunset or a rainbow really drew me in. I started with a simple but sophisticated color graduation. It’s a very easy concept in theory but in practice, takes precision and weighing … and patience. My husband and I are using this bar in our shower at home right now at home and it has fantastic lather and a great balance of bubbles with moisture and creaminess. Ingredients 21.5 oz DistilledWater. Gardening Cold Process Soap. Difficulty:IntermediateTime:30 minutesYields:5 pounds If you have never made cold process soap before, I strongly suggest getting a couple of basic recipes under your belt before diving in.

Gardening Cold Process Soap

Check out Soap Queen TV on Cold Process if you want to get started with cold process. It’s a 4 part series that will take you through the basics (and be sure to watch the episode on Lye Safety). If you’re a book worm, Bramble Berry also has some helpful reading on the cold process technique. Pretty in Pink: Salty Cold Process. Time:45 minutesYields:5 pounds Why put Pink Himalayan Salt in your CP?

Pretty in Pink: Salty Cold Process

The obvious answer is that it looks totally unique. What you may not know is that Pink Himalayan Salt is known for its nourishing and soothing properties. I love it inside cold process for its exfoliating and moisturizing abilities. Plus salt bars have a very creamy lather. Soapfest 2011: Black and Tan Beer Soap. Difficulty:AdvancedTime:45 min.Yields:About 4 pounds Oktoberfest is an annual beer festival that originated in Germany.

Soapfest 2011: Black and Tan Beer Soap

They celebrate with beer, food, music and other festivities. The only thing missing from Oktoberfest is soap! That’s how we’re celebrating Oktoberfest this year. Enjoy our variation of the black and tan drink (traditionally, it’s Guinness and a Pale Ale beer layered in the glass) soap made with real beer, scented with the delicious Oatmeal Stout fragrance oil blended with a little Almond Biscotti. Ingredients. Snow-Globe Soap. Dec19 by Brenda Ponnay Stuff their stockings with something they can wash their hands with! By Brenda Ponnay. Cold Process Soap Recipes Page Seven. Cold Process Soap Recipes Page Five. Cold Process Soap Recipes Page Four. Cold Process Soap Recipes Page Three. Getting Brave with Color. Advanced Swirling Part 2: Getting Brave with Color Guest post by Kat from Otion (Bramble Berry’s retail store) Welcome back to my four-part swirling tutorial!

If you missed part one on Understanding Color Theory Terminology, make sure to check it out here. I’d like to start out today’s topic by reiterating what my professors told me in painting classes that helped build my confidence with color and technique. 1. 2. 3. When it comes to picking colors, experiment with colors that are opposites. “A thimbleful of red is redder than a bucketful” –Henri Matisse. Cold Process Spider Webs. Difficulty:IntermediateTime:45 minutesYields:About 3 pounds Team Bramble Berry and I were brainstorming Halloween soap ideas and this was the project that we got most excited about.

It’s a very simple technique that adds that extra special (spooky) touch for Halloween. Give these away as a hostess gift or put them in your guest bathroom to impress your friends. Ingredients 1.04 oz Castor Oil. Linear Swirling (Cold Process) Advanced Swirling Part 5: Linear Swirling Guest post by Kat from Otion (Bramble Berry’s retail store) This is the grand finale of my advanced swirling tutorials. Today is linear swirling! Make sure that you check out parts 1 (Understanding Color Theory Terminology) , 2 (Getting Brave with Color), 3 (Soap Design and Color Matching) and part 4(In-the-Pot swirling) if you haven’t already. Learn the secret to a fabulous linear swirl!

Before you get started, check out my must have materials for swirling! Step 1: At a light trace, separate half of the batch into two smaller containers; one for each color, add scent by hand before pouring. Apple Jack Peel for Fall. Baby Soap: Buttermilk Bastille Baby Bar. How to Make Soap and Soapmaking Recipes - Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen. Dog Shampoo Bar - Cold Process Soap Recipe. Here’s a cold process soap recipe for dog soap. The essential oil blend makes it great for repelling fleas without drying out dog’s delicate skin. Ingredients: 8oz coconut oil 6oz olive oil 1.5oz castor oil 6.5oz palm oil 3oz canola oil 8.5oz water 3.54oz lye.

Bath and Body Recipes - Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen.