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SureshotClinic experts herbalists prepared various herbal supplements with years of experience and knowledge to cure various health-related problems completely without causing any side-effects.

These Three Signs Are Related To Slipped Disc or Disc Bulge. March 26,2021 - by SureShot Clinic - Leave a comment If you are someone who is suffering from back and do not know the underlying cause of your back pain, then the information we are going to share can be helpful for you.

These Three Signs Are Related To Slipped Disc or Disc Bulge

Today we will discuss three common symptoms that are related to disc bulging and slipped disc. So, if you are experiencing these three signs, it is best to consult a doctor and do not delay the treatment process. Common Symptoms of Slipped Disc and Disc Bulge: Feeling pain while sitting: Sitting for long hours can lead to excess pressure on your spine. However, there could be other reasons also for the back pain you are facing. But if the problem is severe, then you need to take medical help and proper treatment to get rid of the problem and to understand it is best to always consult a doctor whenever you experience back pain that especially if it is not going away. Seek Medical Help Immediately If: If you experience numbness in the inner thigh. Five Effective Slip Disc Treatments without Surgery!

These Three Exercises Help To Treat Herniated Disc Problem. Marjariasana Steps, Benefits of Practising Marjariasana Everyday. What is Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease? - Symptoms and Treatments. February 24,2021 - by SureShot Clinic - Leave a comment When it comes to spinal disorders, people sometimes get confused because there are many spine related problems that people are unaware of.

What is Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease? - Symptoms and Treatments

Therefore, today we will discuss the spinal disorders known as intervertebral disc spacing, which is also known as a lumbar degenerative disc. Before we get started with the symptoms, let’s understand first what is the lumbar spine? And the symptoms, and the treatments for the lumbar degenerative disc. Lumbar Degenerative Disc is a problem related to your spine, and this occurs in the lower back area with ageing. Lumbar Degenerative Disc problem happens when the water content in the discs dry out with ageing. Sometimes, people do not find out that they are suffering from this spinal disorder.

Here are The Symptoms of Lumbar Degenerative Disc: In this problem, the disc loses its natural flexibility and height that causes stiffness. How Expert Figure out About Intervertebral Disc Spacing problem? What Happens When You Drink Water From A Copper Vessel? According to the Ayurveda, keeping water in a copper vessel has many benefits and today we will discuss the benefits of consuming water that has been kept in a copper vessel.

What Happens When You Drink Water From A Copper Vessel?

This will also highlight that reason behind the usage of copper vessels to keep water from ancient time. Copper is a mineral that has an important role in our health. One of the most popular reasons is that water kept in a copper vessel helps in the body’s purification. As we all know, 70% of our body is water and therefore water plays an important role in the well-being of our entire system. This practice was followed by our ancestors, our grandparents, our parents, and slowly the upcoming generation is also realising the benefits of keeping water in a copper vessel. Amla Powder and Honey Health Benefits.

There is a saying that two heads are better than one, and this is the case in having amla powder and honey together.

Amla Powder and Honey Health Benefits

These two ingredients work as a power pack to boost your overall health. Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, has amazing nutrients and therefore it is consumed for various health benefits since ages. Amla is consumed in various forms like in the form of capsules, juice, powder and raw form as well. But amla taste is sour and therefore having amla with honey not only just taste better but has amazing health benefits as well. And today we will discuss the health benefits of amla and honey.

And the answer to this is a big yes. 1. If you face digestion problems it is best to consume soaked amla in honey as the first thing in the morning or along with some warm water. 2. It just takes a slice of soaked amla in honey to improve your blood sugar level. 3. The reason it is good to consume amla and honey together during winters because these two help your body to remain warm. 4. SureShot Clinic: Ayurvedic Treatments For Sciatica, Cervical & Kidney Stone.