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Surepaint is a top leading painting service provider in Brisbane. QLD. They provide residential and commercial painting services, their painting services are designed to treat every home and commercial space as if it’s their own.

Body Corporate Painting Service Brisbane. Body Corporate Owned Property Painting Throughout the Brisbane Region As Body Corporate Manager or part of a committee that is responsible for large scale properties that house multiple residents or commonly used areas, it is not only in your best interests to ensure the paintwork is well maintained, but is a requirement of the job.

Body Corporate Painting Service Brisbane

Organising the painting of a Body Corporate owned building can be a daunting task, but Surepaint is here to help. Surepaint is not afraid to tackle the big projects, and we know the expectations and pressure you will be under to get the job done right. The committee might have limited funds for such a big job, and timely repairs are of the essence. If a Body Corporate needs the paintwork of a Brisbane property redone, contact Surepaint. Surepaint are a local painting contractor in Brisbane with years of experience under our belt. Large Scale Paintwork 7 Years in the Business: Surepaint has great experience with large scale painting projects. Colour Consulting Brisbane. Expert Colour Consultant for Brisbane Properties One of the hardest parts of painting a home, whether it be the interior or exterior, is knowing what colour to paint it.

Colour Consulting Brisbane

Different colours will have different impacts on interior and exterior surfaces, and then there are different types of paint like oil based or water based paints with different finishes like gloss, matte and satin. It can be a lot to handle, so Surepaint is here to help. Surepaint has colour consultants who know everything there is to know about paint and colour. Our expert colour consultants will provide expert advice on what colours and paint types will make your dreams a reality. Colour Consultant Brisbane with Surepaint Surepaint’s colour consultants are armed with the experience and technical knowledge to help you pick the best colours for your painting project, whether you are after a classical, timeless colour scheme or a modern, on-trend selection of colours.

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane. Expert lead paint removal in the Brisbane area Many homes in Brisbane before 1970 required lead paint removal Brisbane on exterior walls and some interior walls.

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane

As it flakes and degrades, it poses a possible poisoning risk. If you have damaged lead based walls, or are looking to renovate your property and suspect it has lead based paint, it’s time to call in the professionals. Surepaint is a Brisbane based contractor with expert tradesmen that service the entire Brisbane region. Our chemical paint strippers and methods avoid the use of sanding, which would expose people to dangerous toxins and avoid the risk of poisoning. Whether it is an old wall in need of stripping, or an entire house undergoing renovation, Surepaint’s qualified and professional lead paint stripping teams can meet all your needs from interior and exterior walls down to a single door. Surepaint has individual lead paint removers and whole dedicated teams of contractors that specialise in Lead based paint stripping. 1.

House Washing Brisbane Qld. House Washing Services in Brisbane Homes and buildings, like many things, become dirty over time.

House Washing Brisbane Qld

They will collect dust and in some cases become mouldy. Houses however can be washed to clean them, leaving them sparkling new and is a key factor in extending the lifetime of paintwork. Surepaint can make washing your home a breeze. Teams of experienced contractors are ready to service properties across Brisbane. The team at Surepaint will do a pressure wash of the building, applying their high standard for detail and quality. It is ideal to wash the house every year after having exterior walls painted. We provide high quality pressure cleaning for residential, commercial & industrial customersOur highly reviewed company service Northside, Southside, Inner City & Western SuburbsWe regularly pressure clean mould from external / exterior surfacesWe do our best to provide a good service for all our customers.

Exterior Commercial Painting Brisbane. Exterior Commercial Painting for Properties in the Brisbane Area Commercial properties like business offices, stores, workplaces as well as schools, hospitals and aged care facilities will need exterior surfaces painted or repainted for a number of reasons. Whether the business is re-inventing their image, the building needs renovations, the property has changed hands or if there is some faded or damaged paintwork, you know that you will have a limited time frame and budget to complete the project. If you need exterior painting done on a commercial property, look no further than Surepaint. Surepaint is a painting business that services Brisbane properties. No matter the size or scale of the paintwork required, you can count on us for top notch quality, swift resolutions and great prices. The weather in South-East Queensland can be harsh on building exteriors, and we know this all too well. Interior House Painting Brisbane. Interior house painting across the Brisbane region Interior painting may seem daunting, but the results are definitely worth it.

It can revolutionise a residential space, increase property value and bring new life into your home. If you are unsure where to start, the experienced team at Surepaint is here to help. Our interior house painting services can accommodate all your residential needs. From painting a single wall or individual door through to an entire house or unit interior, Surepaint has got you covered with the best premium paints and qualified, experienced painters.

We have individual tradesmen and whole teams that specialise in interior painting for residential properties, and we service the central Brisbane area, from the CBD out to 15km away. We service residential and commercial properties, and have painted both timeless old Queenslanders to modern style homes in a range of areas. We specialise in meeting all of our client’s needs from start to finish. Painters Brisbane, Northside & Southside.