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Understanding Family Office - Kotak Wealth Management. Over the years, Family Office Services have adapted to cater to the needs of wealthy families in search of expert financial planning advice.

Understanding Family Office - Kotak Wealth Management

Here are some commonly asked questions to help you understand the Family Office better: What is a Family Office? Range of Services For ultra high net-worth individuals - Kotak Wealth Management. The scope of the Family Office is significantly broader than a pure investment advisory.

Range of Services For ultra high net-worth individuals - Kotak Wealth Management

In addition, it facilitates the provision of other value added services to provide a complete solution. This ensures that you, as a Family Office client have a single point contact for taking care of wealth, family and administrative needs. Family Office Services in india - Kotak Wealth Management. Created to meet the needs of Ultra High Net-worth Investors, Family Offices function as private wealth management advisory outfits.

Family Office Services in india - Kotak Wealth Management

A Family Office is a comprehensive solution to manage your family’s financial and wealth affairs. Family Office proposition goes much beyond managing wealth. It provides solution for building, preserving and transferring family wealth and legacy. Key highlights of the Family Office are: Your ‘Personal CFO’ with 360 º visibility Work with all your existing bankers and service providers from ‘your side of the table’ Open architecture philosophy with access to best in class solutions across the market with no bias Organizational accountability & continuity Independent advice aligned to your interests with benefits of larger institution when required Complete fee transparency Institutional ownership of relationship with sufficient checks and balances. Family Wealth Offices in India - Kotak Wealth Management. Estate Planning Services in India - Kotak Wealth Management. When planning your Estate for preservation, management and succession various roles need to be taken on to carry out the necessary activities.

Estate Planning Services in India - Kotak Wealth Management

Trust Versus Will Trust provides for management of the Estate during person’s lifetime and also provides for distribution and management of wealth post demise. Will is a legal declaration of a person’s intention with respect to his property which he desires to be carried into effect only after his death. Estate Planning Process - Kotak Wealth Management. Estate Planning in India - Kotak Wealth Management. Asset Allocation Process - Kotak Wealth Management. The asset advisory service functions as a malleable structure, offering you the flexibility to take care of short term opportunities.

Asset Allocation Process - Kotak Wealth Management

Through a comprehensive investment process with a strategic plan in place, it makes room for tactical allocations to make the most of short term opportunities. Need for Tactical Allocation The concept of tactical allocation is to counteract the rigidity of a long term strategic asset allocation strategy. The necessity for tactical allocation arises to enable: Asset Advisory Services - Kotak Wealth Management. As an investor you may engage an investment firm to execute your transactions while you act in the advisory role.

Asset Advisory Services - Kotak Wealth Management

This transaction approach though rich in choice, is also a time intensive process requiring detailed follow up on the various asset classes and the products. In a transaction model, your portfolio has to be consistently balanced evaluating risk and return for every product. An advisory service will not only understand you as an investor but further tailor investment solutions to suit your needs. Investment Schemes Recommendation - Kotak Wealth Management. The creation of an investment portfolio best suited to your needs arises from deep research and understanding of the various products available.

Investment Schemes Recommendation - Kotak Wealth Management

You may have a fair idea of which asset classes and product types interest you, but you will need to further choose from various schemes under each product type and then execute them. Given the volume of choices available in the market, many investors appoint an investment firm to handle these activities. Research Capability. Structured Investment Products - Kotak Wealth Management. When formulating your investment strategy it is important to determine your risk profile and attitude towards risk, the volatility of asset classes and the risk return profile of the products at hand.

Structured Investment Products - Kotak Wealth Management

For maximum benefits from the asset allocation process, you need: Access to a wide range of product offerings Support of an in-depth research team Superior means of executing transactions As an investor, you can engage the services of an investment firm offering transaction services, which encompass wide product range access, research and execution services. Portfolio Management Services in India - Kotak Wealth Management. Your investment plans must be based on various insights.

Portfolio Management Services in India - Kotak Wealth Management

The main source for these insights will be from your risk profile and the understanding of which asset classes meet your return expectations. At this point, it is important to understand that different products play different roles in portfolio construction. If returns are one side of the story, risks are the other. Balancing these is the key to a customized investor portfolio. Asset Allocation Model - Kotak Wealth Management. Asset Behavior - Portfolio Risk Portfolio risk arises from the variability in performance across various asset classes.

Asset Allocation Model - Kotak Wealth Management

Asset classes are by definition those securities which can be grouped by shared characteristics, law, regulation and their behavior in the market over time. Assets are classified by their risk and return behavior in any given market environment. Asset Allocation Practice Asset classes perform differently due to the inherent nature of the asset type. Wealth Management Plan & Risks - Kotak Wealth Management. When a wealth plan is made, the first step is to assess your capacity for undertaking financial risk. The capacity for risk depends on your responsibilities, objectives, personality and many other variables. To gain this understanding, the first step is: The risk profile is an individual’s ability to assume financial risk as part of his/her investment portfolio.

The reward in assuming higher risks lies in the possibility of generating higher returns. However, your ability and willingness to take financial risks depends directly on you and your environment. Wealth Management Process in India - Kotak Wealth Management. Before exploring investment strategies and planning, it is important to first gain an understanding of yourself and your needs. Basis this, your investment goals can be structured and the appropriate services can be employed to gather growth opportunities for your wealth. Understanding Investment Needs The following aspects will help you understand your investment needs better: Risks and You explains the investor - risk capacity and relationship Know Your Asset Classes to understand portfolio risk Build Your Portfolio with a balance of risk and return.

Private Wealth Management Services - Kotak Wealth Management. The Kotak Mahindra Group (‘Kotak’) has one of the oldest and the most respected Wealth Management teams in India. Kotak offers the widest range of wealth management solutions to High Net-Worth Individuals for over fifteen years, emerging as the largest Wealth Manager by a wide margin. The Kotak client base ranges from entrepreneurs to business families, and also includes employed professionals. Kotak provides financial advice and manages wealth for 44% of India’s top 100 families with Wealth Management offices spread across 10 cities in India. The Kotak Mahindra Group. Private Banking & Wealth Management - Kotak Wealth Management. Alternate Opportunities Funds in India - Kotak Realty Fund.

Real Estate Funds India - Kotak Realty Fund. At Kotak Realty Fund, we believe in responsible investing. We recognise our commitment to not only our investors, but the larger society that we operate in. Investing responsibly The real estate sector provides significant employment opportunities. Through our realty fund investments, we help create employment opportunities at the local level and leave a positive long-term impact on society. Real Estate Investment Approach - Kotak Realty Fund. As the India experts in real estate fund management, Kotak Realty Fund is uniquely positioned to identify sector trends and capitalise on the opportunity - much ahead of the curve.

This enhances our ability to deliver superior performance to our clients. Our goal is to opportunistically invest in high-quality realty assets across India’s fastest-growing cities. Our investment objective is to generate long-term capital appreciation for our investors. Realty Fund Investment Process - Kotak Realty Fund. Realty Funds in India - Kotak Realty Fund. Real Estate Fund Management Team - Kotak Realty Fund.

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