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I am a 2X certified Salesforce developer/Consultant/Architect with over 7+ year of Salesforce development experience

Milestones for Cloud Analogy in the past month. Cloud Analogy is a Salesforce Consulting company that was formed way back in 2015 by Ajay Dubedi and other co founders.

Milestones for Cloud Analogy in the past month

Within a short span of just three years they have achieved what can be termed as a stupendous success – that too in this short span of time. Cloud Analogy has a highly talented team of developers, designers and Project Managers and has successfully implemented some of the complex Salesforce solutions for their global list of clients. It is obvious, that the team works dedicated to achieving a dream for itself. These are professionals who are driven by passion and is always updated on the latest technology – not just Salesforce but mobile app development as well as proficiency in Mean Stack development. However, the past one month or so, the company has achieved some of the milestones on its path of sustained growth. We have become the Pledge 1% partner We did Gold Sponsor the India Dreamin 18 event – Biggest Salesforce Event in INDIA.

Milestones Achieved. Shopify Integration with Salesforce. Shoot Your Marketing & Sales Automation With Salesforce Pardot - Suraj Tripathi. Salesforce Pardot for business offers effective, integrated campaigns that incorporate and nurtures leads better than your traditional software.

Shoot Your Marketing & Sales Automation With Salesforce Pardot - Suraj Tripathi

CRM integration, social media marketing, micro-level web analytics and personalized content, all add up to a quantifiable ROI for organizations with multi-touch sales cycles. Pardot enables B2B marketing automation giving businesses the power and flexibility to integrate marketing activities with a cloud-based solution that shows your sales team exactly where to spend its time in order to maximize ROI. The system automatically scores prospect leads on the basis of their activity on your website and, provides hard data for an otherwise subjective sales process. Leads that are not close to conversion are automatically placed into nurturing tracks. 5 Mistakes A Salesforce Developer Can Commit Or Should Avoid. This Salesforce Blog is a developer’s experience in the Journey of development and customization.

5 Mistakes A Salesforce Developer Can Commit Or Should Avoid

The problems faced by a day to day developer and the mistakes committed by them can sometimes be interesting and useful to a wide range of developers and administrators. So let’s start the epic!! Salesforce Integrity: One Client Various Touchpoints. Now moving forward let’s dive into salesforce. If you are familiar with Salesforce, then you must be aware that on this platform we no longer deal with data silos. If ever a person comes across the similar situation like above, salesforce comes to rescue by providing a single view of customer data. Salesforce Identity enables you to connect with your customers across all digital channels through centralized registration, profile management, and Single Sign-On. Build & Import Customized Content Into Communities Theming - CloudAnalogy. If you want to read visually stunning, personalized communities with Lightning Bolt, then first we need to understand “What is Community Theming ?”.

Build & Import Customized Content Into Communities Theming - CloudAnalogy

Theming brings about a transformation in the look and feel of a Salesforce Community. It helps to bring a much deeper level of customization. In fact, theming may offer a hierarchical problem, as it becomes complex by using dynamic components, components written by other users for the App Exchange – as well as page level variations.

So, the Lightning platform is taken as a groundwork for theming – something which the user was familiar with. Now, we will have in-depth understanding of Community Theming, Audience platform and importing content into Salesforce Community with CMS Connect. Enhanced Customer Experience With IoT Cloud. Salesforce introduced its Cloud-based IoT Cloud platform, so as to offer the opportunity to its clients in a better understanding of the customer data.

Enhanced Customer Experience With IoT Cloud

IoT has emerged as a buzzword in recent years. However, the Salesforce consulting companies are looking out for ways and means – to establish a connection between the data on the connected devices and the customer data on asepiste. Journey Builder - Cloud Analogy. Built on ExactTarget’s FUEL platform for the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Journey Builder will enable marketers to map customer journeys to digital marketing interactions, such as email, mobile, social and Websites, to power personalized customer experiences that dynamically evolve based on consumer or customer engagement.

Journey Builder - Cloud Analogy

Journey Builder’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to visualize and map the path of each customer’s journey with your brand. Whether your campaigns include online channels such as email and mobile, or an offline channel such as direct mail, Journey Builder enables you to increase campaign performance and drive customer satisfaction. Journey Builder is another system that is built on top of Contact Builder. In the past, when we set up trigger events for clients, they had to be custom-built by the services implementation team. Journey Builder changes that. The types of available triggers include: The Seven Stages of Successful App Journeys #1 Discovery. Ways to Integrate Heroku with Salesforce - Cloud Analogy. Einstein Analytics Developer Experience - Cloud Analogy. Zoho To Salesforce Data Migration - Cloud Analogy. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Capabilities for Sync with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics - Cloud Analogy.

Salesforce Security - Cloud Analogy. Can you really afford a free CRM? - Cloud Analogy. With the number of customer touchpoints increasing, it is nearly impossible for a corporation to manage its relationship with its customers without a CRM software especially as it enables the corporation to leverage data that it has about there customer history helping it enhances business associations with clients.

Can you really afford a free CRM? - Cloud Analogy

One vital aspect of good CRM is its functionality to integrate information from various channels and sources, including an organization’s website, phone, email, live visits, advertising materials, and social media. Why Businesses need CRM? A CRM solution assists a corporation in visualizing a chronicled view of its client engagement. This helps a corporation predict client needs successfully and grow revenue. CRM isn’t just used to manage the current clients but at the same time is valuable in attracting new clients. Nodejs to Salesforce Integration drives Enhanced Employee Engagement at Telmatics - Cloud Analogy. /*Here we are getting the META-DATA of a particular Report */ function getRecords(conn) jsforce.browser.init({ clientId: "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", redirectUri: " proxyUrl: " jsforce.browser.on('connect', function(conn) var ul = document.getElementById("ul"); //Getting the ul tag by using getElementById. var e = document.getElementById("ddlViewBy"); var reportId = e.options[e.selectedIndex].value; console.log('Id....' + reportId); if(reportId !

Nodejs to Salesforce Integration drives Enhanced Employee Engagement at Telmatics - Cloud Analogy

/*Here getting the metadata*/ console.log('reportId ' + reportId); Org Security Fundamentals!!!... - Cloud Analogy. It is no doubt that your org contains essential data which obviously you do not want to share with anyone.

Org Security Fundamentals!!!... - Cloud Analogy

Ever imagined what can happen if your valuable information is leaked to the third party. They can play around with confidential information stored in your Salesforce Org. It’s always better to take precautions in advance before it gets too late. So it’s high time to take precautions and make your org safe and avoid leaking of any valuable information. What we should make sure on our end is: User AccessConnected AppsCustom CodeCompromised Accounts We should set some security principles to ensure the safety of your Org.

Defense In Depth: It’s always good to have multiple layers of defense, since using any one layer has potential to fail. The principle of least privilege: As the word suggests, each entity should have the least number of privileges which they need to do their job. Organisation Access: This deals with organization access as a whole. Public vs. 7 Checkpoints for Salesforce Developer - Cloud Analogy. As a Salesforce developer, you are supposed to take some mandatory precautionary measures for development, testing, and deployment.

7 Checkpoints for Salesforce Developer - Cloud Analogy

Development in itself could be a complex job. We should be careful enough while we are designing the UI or implementing any business logic. This piece of advice can be a long list of Do’s & Dont’s but I will be summarizing the top 7 domains under which a novice or a seasoned developer can make mistakes. Trigger: Less Code in Trigger: Business logic should be written in Apex classes and purpose of writing a trigger should be to divert the various update, insert, delete, before, after control flows to the correct Apex class.

Visual Force: Salesforce Consulting & Development Company - Cloud Analogy. Salesforce Integrated Tool For Lead Scoring - Cloud Analogy. Marketo Marketing & Lead Management solution is an easy, powerful and complete marketing platform that helps marketers get new clients effectively, enhance deals viability and demonstrate marketing’s contribution to revenue growth of the business. Features and functions: Scoring on Demographics (e.g. location, company size, industry)Scoring on Behavior (e.g. visited pricing page, opened email, attended a webinar)Product-specific scoringAbility to reduce scores based on inactivity (score degradation)Scoring on sales rep judgments (not just automated, but allows sales reps to decide)Ability to have multiple scoresAbility to score off data in managed packages that are installed inside SalesforceAbility to do social lead scoring (using Radian6, Salesforce for Twitter & Facebook, etc.)Also, the interface to do all of this is very simple (drag and drop).

Salesforce Trailhead for Developers - Cloud Analogy. What is Trailhead? Trailhead is an interactive learning methodology through the essential building blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform. It is the better than ever, simpler approach to learning Salesforce. With this system, you can test your knowledge of the platform while gaining points and badges to celebrate your accomplishments. Trailhead gives developers and administrators a guided, learning path through the key components of Salesforce, utilizing an arrangement of intuitive, online instructional exercises. Who can use Trailhead? The introductory content for Trailhead was targeted towards beginners and intermediate developers. Microsoft Office™ OUTLOOK SALESFORCE CONFIGURATION - Cloud Analogy. Any modern age enterprise takes help from a wide range of applications – to enhance operational efficiency by encompassing a wide range of functions.

Some of these applications are standalone and works alone. However, there have many things in common as they face similar business complications and issues. It is the integration of these related or separate applications that ultimately enables the organization to increase operational efficiency, quality and consistencies.

In this post, we will provide you with some insights on the details of Outlook Configuration with Salesforce. Before we arrive at the solution provided by us, we need to have a clear understanding of the requirements of the client. What are the Requirements ? Salesforce™ Android Attendance Management App – Cloud Analogy. Locker Services and Lightning Components – Cloud Analogy. LockerService brings multi-tenancy to the browsers. This is done by sandboxing of code and isolation of elements, thereby setting them apart from the rest of the system.

Locker acts as a Virtual iframe that helps to bring all the security benefits – minus the drawbacks of UI for an iframe. In fact, In LockerService, all components are loaded in the same DOM and hence is this found to be lighter in nature – compared with Lightning Container Component. LockerService for businesses are enabled for components with API version 39.0 and lower. Components, Tools and Services Useful for the Lightning Developers – Cloud Analogy. Here is a code snippet : All About Salesforce1 Lightning Components - Suraj Tripathi. Some Features of Field Service Lightning - Suraj Tripathi. We live in an era of advanced technologies that is changing from the standpoint of mobile computing, cloud computing, IoT and the other technologies. We expect 58 connected devices to be used per person by 2022. Our households already have whole lot of connected devices such as connected cameras, speakers and many more. This is what is changing the customer expectation in an entirely different way.

Before we start discussing about the Field Service Lightning, let us first concentrate on What are the challenges faced by the Field Service Lightning Management ?