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Surijit Khanna

Dr. Surijit Khanna is one of the Executive Directors of BARD Holding, a contributing factor to the world's energy problem in the concept of biodiesel.

Youtube. Monitor your Children’s Phone Activities. According to Surajit Khanna, child advocate from New York, mobile phone usage among kids continues to rise at a fast pace and many at age eleven already have one.

Monitor your Children’s Phone Activities

While the digital world can pose more opportunities for kids for assessing information to entertainment, it can also expose them to the dark world of the internet. Sexting, cyber-bullying, internet and social media addictions, online name-calling and other cyber crimes become the order of the day. While these and many more make the online world a dangerous space for everyone, kids and teens are more vulnerable and are easy prey. Not to ignore the fact that all these can have serious consequences on the kid’s overall well-being and worse still, they might unknowingly expose the whole family to cyber threats. Best Diet for Children - Voice of the Kids. Children Safety Issues including Coronavirus - Surijit Khanna. Surajit Khanna's Million People Million Dollar Campaign. Surajit Khanna's Million People Million Dollar Campaign. Discuss Racism and Protests with Kids. According to the Child Advocate – Surajit Khanna, the racial injustice and distress we are facing in this current time around the world have put many parents on the hedge on how to discuss protests and racism with their kids.

Discuss Racism and Protests with Kids

With the increase in, civil disobedience, and police brutality many parents are worried about the safety of their kids and how to protect them. For many kids, the current situation might be difficult to understand. However, positive discussion about the protests and racism are important at this particular time. “With the ongoing news, the importance of discussing this topic with kids cannot be overemphasized, “says Dr. Surajit Khanna, an advocate for children’s safety issues. Here, Dr. Discrimination Against Black Students. Black Students Life in America - Surajit Khanna - Medium.

For many decades, the African American community has faced a lot of pain and setback due to racism.

Black Students Life in America - Surajit Khanna - Medium

A lot of theories and constitutional laws have proven how deep racist character is rooted in the lives of many. Black adults still believe the country still has a great deal of work to do give black equal rights with the whites. Starting from a very young age, black students experience racism and discrimination everywhere they go even in schools and colleges. Sadly, this has been their painful reality for many years. Research as shown that, many black American college students struggle with depression and anxiety due to racial discrimination than other ethnic groups or races. Do you ever wonder why many Black Americans did not attend college or there has a high case of dropouts? Additionally, research showed that there is a huge difference between blacks in colleges and those that are not in college. Here, Dr. Guide to Cybersecurity for Kids. Surajit Khanna Guest on Radio Show this Friday in NY. Cybersecurity Tips for Kids - Surajit Khanna - Medium.

Cybersecurity has always been a challenge over the years says Surajit Khanna.

Cybersecurity Tips for Kids - Surajit Khanna - Medium

Studies have shown that kids are now spending an average of 2 hours daily on the internet. From watching movies to streaming their favorite music, to pass time on social media, there is no limit to how one can be connected to the internet. Prevent Child Trafficking. NY Coronavirus Death Toll Rises For 3rd Day In A Row. NEW YORK CITY — New York's coronavirus death toll crept up for the third day in a row Wednesday, as the state reopens and almost two weeks after police brutality protests drew crowds of thousands into the streets.

NY Coronavirus Death Toll Rises For 3rd Day In A Row

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office reported 53 people died from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, up from the 46 reported Tuesday and 39 reported Monday. To keep up to date with coronavirus developments in NYC, sign up for Patch's news alerts and newsletter. A total of 24,404 New Yorkers have lost their lives to the virus since it first hit the state in early March, state data shows. The numbers have been on the rise since New York reported its lowest death toll Saturday with 35 lives lost to COVID-19. At the height of the pandemic, in early April, New York lost about 700 people every day. The state data does not specify where in New York those 53 people died, but notes hospitalizations decreased to 2,190 and ICU admittances decreased to 630. Both Gov. American Riots 2020. American Riots 2020-George Floyd. Best Ways to Stop Child Trafficking. Dr.

Best Ways to Stop Child Trafficking

Surajit Khanna, an advocate for child safety and currently a champion of Voice of the Kids explores the best ways to stop child trafficking. The United Nations International Labour Organization estimated 10 million adults and nearly 4 million children as victims of trafficking and it affects every country in the world. In 2018, More than half of the human trafficking cases in the US are forced sexual exploitation involving only children. This means 1 out of 4 victims are children. COVID-19 and Our Children - Surajit Khanna - Medium. Covid-19 in African American Communities. African Americans and Covid-19 - Surajit Khanna — Spring Valley - Medium. According to Surajit Khanna, the US is now the hotspot of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the African Americans seem to be the hardest hit.

African Americans and Covid-19 - Surajit Khanna — Spring Valley - Medium

The recent study carried out by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has shown huge disparities in the confirmed cases and deaths among African Americans. In Chicago, Black Americans makeup only 30% of the state population, yet accounted for 52% of the confirmed cases and 72% percent death rate. In Michigan, African Americans makeup 13% of the population and still recorded 33% of confirmed cases and 40% of death. For an illness that knows no race, class, societal status, or age, why are there so many disparities in the number of confirmed cases and deaths among African Americans? Read on as Dr. 1. Surajit Khanna. Surajit Khanna.

Tips to Teach your Kids about Bullying. Dr.

Tips to Teach your Kids about Bullying

Surijit Khanna, an advocate for child safety and currently the champion of Voice of the Kids walks you through the effective ways in which parents can deal with child bullying. The fact is no parent ever wants to think of their dear child being bullied or even worse, being a bully. Sadly, around 90 percent of students: kids, teens have experienced bullying. Whether the bully, the victim, or those who witness bully, bullying can have both short and long term consequences on everyone and it can be catastrophic. Hence, it’s a thing every parent needs to make as a priority. Coronavirus In MN: COVID-19 May Be Triggering Kawasaki’s Disease In Children. Coronavirus: Latest News | Community Resources | COVID-19 Info | Download Our App | CBSN Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — COVID-19 appears to be taking on a new form in kids.

Coronavirus In MN: COVID-19 May Be Triggering Kawasaki’s Disease In Children

Fifteen children between the ages of 2 and 15 have been hospitalized in New York with symptoms of Kawasaki disease, a serious illness first noted in children with COVID-19 in the United Kingdom. There are no cases in this area, but doctors and parents are on the lookout. Homeschooling during Lockdown. Homeschooling during Lockdown. Coming Crisis: Stress From Pandemic is Hurting Families. How Can We Help Them Now? – NBC10 Philadelphia. NBC10 is one of dozens of news organizations producing BROKE in Philly, a collaborative reporting project on solutions to poverty and the city’s push towards economic justice.

Coming Crisis: Stress From Pandemic is Hurting Families. How Can We Help Them Now? – NBC10 Philadelphia

Follow us at @BrokeInPhilly. A chorus of child and family advocates is warning that state and local governments aren’t doing all they can to prevent or prepare for a potential surge of families coming into the child welfare system as a result of the coronavirus pandemic -- and a crisis could result as new cases and a backlog of old ones compete for attention.

“We’re in danger of seeing a large number of families that are going to struggle with basic needs,” said Kara Finck, who directs the Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic at Penn Law, “who should be treated with concrete supports and resources and not enmeshed in the child welfare system.” Increased unemployment, say advocates, means families face new or deeper financial worries, a stressor long correlated with child abuse. Mark E. Dr. Kids’ health issues may go untreated for longer out of COVID-19 fears. OTTAWA — While children have been largely statistically unscathed by COVID-19, doctors are concerned that fear of the virus may be keeping parents from seeking medical help for kids with other illnesses. Pediatricians across the country have noticed a drastic drop in emergency room visits, and some hospitals report that those who do come have more advanced symptoms than normal.

“They’re needing much more resuscitation and care than they should,” said Dr. Kevin Chan, chair of the Canadian Paediatric Society’s acute care committee. Online Child Abuse Prevention during Lockdown. Corona Lockdown And The High Risk Of Online Child Abuse. COVID-19: How The Health of Children Is at Stake - Voices4Kids - Medium. Children may not be dying in the same number as adults or senior citizens due to COVID-19, but their health is at risk and so are the lives of their parents and grandparents. While children are often more susceptible to certain diseases and environmental toxins, they are also often more responsive to medical treatment and have a better ability to bounce back and heal from health issues. The latter appears to be the case with COVID-19, but it should not lead to an utter dismissal of their unique health care needs or their special circumstances by politicians.

There is a reason we have experts in the care and treatment of children and the creation of the field of pediatric medicine that includes pediatricians, pediatric nurses, and children’s hospitals. Children have unique health care needs due to the fact that disease, stress and trauma, and health interventions are almost always different for kids than adults. In some ways, it can be far more complicated. Dr. It is happening again. Gov. Surijit Khanna. Tiger tests positive for coronavirus at New York City's Bronx Zoo. Spring Valley, NY, USA Startup. Talk to Children about Coronavirus. Surijit Khanna for Kids. Behance. How to Keep your Children Safe from Coronavirus? – Surijit Khanna – Child Advocate. According to Dr. Surijit Khanna, the widespread of (COVID-19) coronavirus across the globe sure comes with anxieties, fears, worries among everyone, including your children.

Keep Yourself and Your Children Safe From the Coronavirus. Dr. Khanna Asked Guest Blogger Eric Fisler to Provide Advice on Coronavirus Prevention In fact, the yearly Rockland Youthfest which usually attracts about 4,000 people each year has been cancelled due to concerns about the virus. The Voice of The Kids reserved a booth at this event and was planning to go with Durisan samples (see below) before it was cancelled. So many of us have been paying close attention to the news on the Coronavirus and how quickly it is spreading. There’s been much written on the level of danger associated with it; but for our purposes here, I want to focus only on ways to protect your family, especially your children. POINT ONE: Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, like a surgeon and pay close attention to the fingertips where most of the points of contact occur.

POINT TWO: This goes “hand-in-hand” (pun intended) with the above paragraph of washing your hands.