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Chalk Challenge. Free Design 2 Part Magazine. Business Cards - Wedding Invitations - Labels - 123 Print. Brand Products: Post-it® Products. Coupons. The Challenge. Swagbucks. Swagbucks has to be one of my favorite ways to earn gift cards toward places like Amazon, Target, Overstock, and more.


By simply searching the web (as I would already do) I am rewarded with Swag Bucks to put toward items I want. In a nutshell, Swagbucks is a search engine similar to Google. The more you search, the more points you earn. I’ve been using Swagbucks for a few months now and really love the program. In the last couple of months, I have earned $60 worth of rewards as Amazon Gift Certificates fromSwagbucks alone! Since I’ve been using the program, I believe I’ve found some tips and tricks that can make it easier to win so I figured I would share them with everyone… Use Swagbucks to Vist your Favorite Sites.Don’t Oversearch – Swagbucks will only let you win about 3-4 times a day, and will very rarely let you win twice in the same hour.Sign Up Your Friends and Family.Install the toolbar.Play Daily Poll.Use your swag bucks to Play Swagstakes for a chance to win big.

Business Cards - Wedding Invitations - Labels - 123 Print. Viggle Tips and Tricks. Instagram Online Search and Management. Productivity Hack: The Surprising Benefits of Using Your Apps on Separate Devices. We often praise apps for being cross-platform, since that makes it easy to use them no matter what device you are on.

Productivity Hack: The Surprising Benefits of Using Your Apps on Separate Devices

However, there’s a down-side to it. If your app is everywhere, then your notifications are everywhere. Uk.businessinsider. Pentagon may have accidentally mailed live anthrax to 17 states. This Snoring Hummingbird Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day. 6+ Sites That Enhance The Instagram Experience. While Instagram’s popularity is undeniable, one of the main drawbacks of Instragram is that the developers have not provided a web interface to comfortably browse the latest images posted or discover new users.

6+ Sites That Enhance The Instagram Experience

It’s all done directly from within the app. Whether you just want to browse images that are shared, keep up with your feed, create a portfolio of your Instagram images, or even keep up with the most popular tags on Instagram, each of these sites offers different ways of enhancing the Instagram experience. SnapFinch One of the most popular Instagram websites, Followgram, has relaunched as SnapFinch, a site that makes it easy to browse and search for photos shared through Instagram, as well as PicPlz, Steply, Burstn and Snapr.

SnapFinch’s home page features the most popular photos, as well as the latest tags and users. Clicking on any given photo on the homepage, rather than open the photo up, will open up a page of photos with the same tag. 7 Stylish Ways To Bring Instagram To The Web When Mobile Is Not Enough. Now that the Instagram-Android-Facebook buzz has finally calmed down, we can say for sure that Instagram is still an immensely popular mobile app, currently sitting at #7 on both the App Store and Google Play.

7 Stylish Ways To Bring Instagram To The Web When Mobile Is Not Enough

This kind of popularity sure calls for a way to use Instagram on the web, but an official way to do this still doesn’t exist. The lack of official solution brought about an abundance of unofficial means to view and use Instagram on the web. Here is a list of the best ones currently available. How Are You Doing On Instagram? These Websites Will Tell You. Have you ever wondered just how much interaction you get from your followers on Instagram?

How Are You Doing On Instagram? These Websites Will Tell You

Or perhaps how many new followers you’re getting on a consistent basis? What about which accounts you really like the most? Within Instagram itself there aren’t any tools to display these statistics, but by connecting your account to these websites, you can get loads of interesting, useful and important information. Whether you’re new to Instagram or a long-time user, these websites’ wide array of features are sure to help you better understand your Instagram community and let you know how you did this past year. Iconosquare A Complete Instagram Account Manager. This certainly isn’t the first time Iconosquare (previously Statigram) has been mentioned on MakeUseOf, and that’s because it’s such a solid tool – consistently improving and offering more features.

Overview Rolling Month Analysis Rolling Month Analysis covers statistics spanning over the course of a month from the current day of viewing. Discover new Recipes. Power Up Your Instagram Experience With These IFTTT Recipes. For automation on the Web, there’s nothing like IFTTT (If This Then That).

Power Up Your Instagram Experience With These IFTTT Recipes

If you’re not familiar with it, you’re missing out. IFTTT lets you automate almost any service you use, saving you time you didn’t even know you were spending. Among the numerous things you can automate with IFTTT are your Facebook photos and videos, your Facebook Page, your eBook reading, and even your iPhone. Find The Best Instagram Web Viewer: Your Options Compared. The mobile Instagram app has traditionally been the only known way to access the Instagram community.

Find The Best Instagram Web Viewer: Your Options Compared

In the early days their homepage only had links to download the app on your Android or iOS device. Since then, they’ve allowed you to view your feed and comment and like photos, but it still isn’t a desirable way to use Instagram on your desktop or the web to search, discover and interact with others. There are many ways to use Instagram without a mobile device. In fact, the web has become clogged with “Instagram web viewers”.

And while most of them are junk, there are a few that shine through this colossal mess of web apps. How Are You Doing On Instagram? These Websites Will Tell You. 2 More Slick Ways To Browse Instagram On Your Computer. We’ve already introduced you to 7 awesome ways to take your Instagram browsing from mobile to computer, but with Instagram’s popularity, you’re always bound to continue to find many more options on how to get the most out of the site.

2 More Slick Ways To Browse Instagram On Your Computer

While none of these services will give you the ability to upload photos to Instagram, due to an API limit imposed by Instagram themselves, they will allow you to browse photos, leave comments, and follow other users. Basically you can do just about everything else you would want to on Instagram. So rather than squint at your smartphone screen, why not take your Instagram browsing to your browser, and view the gorgeous photos posted using the photo-sharing app on your computer screen instead. By using services like Ink361 or Instadash, replying to comments, adding new comments, and discovering new users to follow couldn’t be easier. Ink361. Instacuteness: The Cutest Animals on Instagram, Viewable on the Web!

10 Instagram Masters You Should Follow. Instagram has more than 150 million monthly active users.

10 Instagram Masters You Should Follow

But within these masses, how many Instagrammers really have a creative concept and artistic vision for their mobile photography? Of the 55 million photos that are posted each day to Instagram, most are fun and individual pics that are rarely interesting to anyone outside the social circle of their owner. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Social networks are meant for personal entertainment and communication, and Instagram is no exception.

Every once in a while, however, an inspiring person comes along and shows the rest of the community how far we can go with social media tools. The 10 Most Popular Apps from the Wix App Market in 2013! When the Wix App Market was launched about a year ago, two amazingly powerful changes took place in the Wix platform: Wix users could now integrate a huge variety of 3rd-party Apps to their websites.

The 10 Most Popular Apps from the Wix App Market in 2013!

With the App Market, the possibilities to improve your website’s functionality massively expanded and they just keep growing! Developers and tech companies could now be a part of the Wix family, making their services available to more than 42 million users worldwide. 2013 was a successful year for the Wix App Market. As the variety of Apps grows, Wix users continue to enjoy new features and services. Extragram. Organize your instagram feeds. Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come (1998) [Full Album in 1080p HD] Bi_graphics_24-daily-things-to-make-you-smarter.png (PNG Image, 1200 × 2695 pixels) - Scaled (37%)

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The objective is to ensure the best use of existing tools for extending discovery, gaining knowledge, and improving the decision-making process at all organizational levels. As such, this report considers the important effects of having good data visualization practices. Free Wireless Design & Development Magazine. Free CED Magazine. Free Dealerscope Magazine. Free Wireless Design & Development Daily Newsletter. Free Quick Printing Magazine. Free packagePRINTING Magazine. Free Screen Printing Magazine. Free In-Plant Graphics Magazine. Free Design World Magazine. Free Design 2 Part Magazine. Free Machine Design Magazine. Free NCB BarIQ - Secrets of a Well Run Bar eNewsletter. Free Forensic Magazine. Free MDT (Medical Design Technology) Magazine. Free Photonics Spectra Magazine. Free BioProcess International Magazine. Free Medical Design Briefs Magazine. Free Lab Animal Magazine. Free Nature Methods Magazine. Free Laboratory Equipment Magazine. Contact Free Trade Magazines.

Contact Free Trade Magazines We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our Free Trade Magazines subscriptions, adding a free trade publication or becoming a Free Trade Magazines affiliate. We also welcome all of your comments and suggestions about Free Trade Magazines. Frequently Asked Questions We get a lot of common questions and most have simple answers. It can take a little time for somebody to answer your request but below you will find a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which contain answers to the most commonly submitted requests. Non-US Subscriptions Are subscriptions available outside of the United States? Currently subscriptions are only provided to businesses in the United States. User Account Issues Username problems? Help! Your username is the email address that you used when you signed up. Okay, I generated a new password but my password still doesn't work. Usually this is because the Email My Password button was clicked twice.

Subscription Issues No. Free Controlled Environments Magazine. Free American Laboratory Magazine. Free Healthcare Magazines. d4 art free magazine subscriptions. Mathematically Precise Crosshatching - Symbiartic - Scientific American Blog Network. The technique of hatching, using many thin, parallel lines to describe form, texture and shadow has been in use since at least the middle ages. It lends itself well to etching, engraving and drawing, and was a favourite technique of Albrecht Dürer. Mathematics-inspired artist Hamid Naderi Yeganeh uses formulas to push crosshatching into stunning and complex forms. It can be difficult for a modern audience to appreciate all of the coded symbols in a work by Renaissance artist Dürer - and I do not mind admitting that I cannot follow the mathematical formulas that Yeganeh uses to launch his iterative artwork. The formulas are shared below each piece for those who can explore and appreciate them. I love the tiny circles in particular - it's a way of creating the forms that in one way evokes cells and also demonstrates the power of computer modelling under the hand of an artist.

When Yeganeh turns to representational art, the intense crosshatching takes on a playful air.