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Did you know? - Improving your knowledge daily with interesting facts, stories and things that make you think. We fact check all of our content. SiteInspire - Web Design Inspiration. Create a new banner ad - Google Web Designer Help. Print Friendly & PDF. Content Idea Generator. Random Useful Websites. For Business: Marketing on Facebook. PageCloud - The Web is about to change forever. Hotjar v1: See how your visitors are really using your site – for free. After seven months of beta testing, Hotjar Insights is now Hotjar, and the team has included a whole raft of new features based on customer feedback, and testing.

Hotjar v1: See how your visitors are really using your site – for free

What does it do? Hotjar is a conversion rate optimization solution, helping you to understand how visitors engage with, and interact with, your website. Marketing Stack: A curated directory of marketing resources and tools. Keygo-Secure Storage and Chat – Applications Android sur Google Play. Wickr – Free end-to-end encrypted text, video, picture and voice messenger with full sender control.

Keygo-Secure Storage and Chat – Applications Android sur Google Play

Trusted by world leaders, executives, journalists, human rights activists, celebrities, and your closest friends. StatCounter Global Stats - Browser, OS, Search Engine including Mobile Usage Share. Company List. Download tumblr videos. Counting impressions and clicks - DoubleClick for Publishers Help. One of the key strengths of digital advertising is that it can provide detailed metrics on how advertising campaigns are performing.

Counting impressions and clicks - DoubleClick for Publishers Help

The most fundamental metrics are impressions (the number of times an ad has been served) and clicks. Here are some insights into exactly how DFP counts those metrics. Counting impressions. Facebook Marketing Partners. mParticle. Facebook Advertising Help, Tips & Support. Presentation Zen. There are a ton of storytelling-related books and websites in the cosmos.

Presentation Zen

And there is no shortage of people giving story advice and tips. Much of the advice is helpful, but the enormous volume of information related to writing or telling better stories can be overwhelming. Therefore, when someone credible comes along who offers free, insanely simple yet effective advice for improving one's story, he will find a very large audience indeed. This is exactly what happened just a few years ago, all quite by accident it would seem. In 2011 Comedy Central began shooting a documentary about the process behind the creation of a typical South Park episode. Run Presentations with Office Remote for Android. Microsoft quietly launched a new Android app that lets you control Powerpoint presentations on your PC over Bluetooth.

Run Presentations with Office Remote for Android

With the free app, dubbed Office Remote, you can control Powerpoint to advance through slides, play and pause embedded audio and video clips, switch to slide thumbnail view, check out speaker notes discreetly on your device and keep any eye on the presentation timer. Office Remote also works with Excel and Word, making it a neat tool to have if you frequently present spreadsheets and documents in front of an audience. With Excel, you can scroll, zoom and switch between worksheets, use filters and slicers, and hop to any named objects in your file. The app offers similar functionality on Word, and additionally lets you jump to headings and comments quickly. Office Remote was previously available only on Windows Phone 8. Web-based visualisation tools. 17 Testing Tools for Mobile UX. Below, you will find 17 tools that will help you test various features of your app and obtain real-time feedback.

17 Testing Tools for Mobile UX

Instant screencasts: Just click record. Sign in - Google Accounts. SEMrush - service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain. About to make the jump to the DoubleClick version of the Google Analytics script? Read this first. Update 2/18/2014: As it turns out the logic I used in my test below has an issue due to using setTimeout to test whether the user’s browser had loaded the GA script successfully.

About to make the jump to the DoubleClick version of the Google Analytics script? Read this first.

Phil Pearce commented and suggested following Andre Scholten’s method which avoids the use of setTimeout. I’m happy to report that follow up tests indicated less than .5% (yes, 1/2 percent) of users failed to load the DoubleClick version of the Google Analytics script. 5 Free Tools for Competitor Keyword Research including Mobile for 2014 - San Francisco Business. Everyone seems to be in a panic as a result of Google’s move to no longer provide keyword data in their analytics results.

5 Free Tools for Competitor Keyword Research including Mobile for 2014 - San Francisco Business

If this is the case for you, you’re probably on the hunt for some competitor keyword research discovery tools that will enable you to see your own data and also find what others are ranking for. When thinking about keyword discovery research, it’s still important to look at search terms, but now you need to dive much deeper and look into other factors such as social media and context. The good news is that there are plenty of free keyword research tools for small businesses on the market to help you achieve your goals—these are our top five recommendations. San Francisco based start up. YouTube Keyword Tool. A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Internet of Things.

Smart locks, smart thermostats, smart cars — you’ve probably heard some of these terms lately, and you’re going to hear them even more as the year goes on.

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Internet of Things

But what are these things exactly — and what makes them so smart? These devices are all part of an emerging category called the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. At its very basic level, IoT refers to the connection of everyday objects to the Internet and to one another, with the goal being to provide users with smarter, more efficient experiences. Some recent examples of IoT products include the Nest Protect smoke detector and August door locks. Kit lets anyone design their own smart home without coding skills. Homes & Housing Life Hacks Lifestyle & Leisure We’ve all, at one time or other, thought about having those magic lights or stereo that come on simply by clapping.

Kit lets anyone design their own smart home without coding skills

The Internet of Things is slowly making this type of appliance control easy for anyone to install in their homes, with claps more likely replaced by smartphone taps or algorithmic automation. We’ve already seen a few innovations — from Roost’s smart battery to LightFreq’s light and music control device. Free Online Animated GIF Maker - Make A GIF Easily.

Unfiber. Breakout List on Product Hunt. Indexes. Fiksu Indexes for October 2014: Cost per App Launch Index (CPL): October 2014 The Cost per App Launch Index, which tracks the cost of each repeat app launch over time, focuses on engagement and lifetime value of mobile users. In October, the Android CPL Index increased to $0.10, up 28 percent over September and a 26 percent drop year-over-year. The iOS CPL Index increased 24 percent to $0.26, an increase of 39 percent year-over-year.

Cost per Install (CPI) Index: October 2014 October saw the CPI for iOS increase 21 percent to $1.46 representing a significant 59 percent bump year-over-year. App Store Competitive Index: October 2014. Curalate: Pinterest, Instagram + Tumblr Marketing & Analytics Tools. Developers. 8 great Chrome extensions to transform your ‘New Tab’ page. The ‘new tab’ page is something you probably look at for a lot more time than you think every day, so why not put it to work or get it to do something other than just show new tabs? Here are eight great Chrome extensions to beautify, redesign or put your new tab page to work. Earth View from Google Maps My personal favorite at the moment, Earth View simply replaces the new tab page with a random satellite image of the globe from Google Earth.

Media Business Asia. Webmaster Tools - Home. Customer personal data protection across Asia. Protecting consumer’s personal data at all costs. Startups in Asia are becoming multinational companies faster than ever before. Having customers spread out across the region can lead to big money. Unfortunately, in order to get that cash, startups should know local regulations for data protection, which can become a cold shower for your entrepreneurial fantasies.

There is some good news. The ZEFR Blog. BrandID Pulse - Create an account. Inform Content Strategy In order to create the most compelling videos for your audience, use BrandID Pulse to surface the content that is already working. Surface what videos are trending Pinpoint the channels who are creating those videos Watch specific video examples to mimic. Web Technologies Market Share - Datanyze. Photographers, Illustrators, Designers, Portfolios on The Creative Finder. A Research Engine. Behance.

My Visual Brief - create a design brief quickly & visually. Dollar Photo Club - high quality royalty free stock photos and vectors - Dollar Photo Club. True Reach. Work faster in Excel. Intro to Power View for Excel 2013. This blog post is brought to you by Allie Rutherford a Program Manager on the Excel team. Converting a Date in Excel to Week, Bi-Week, Month, and More Tim Wilson at Web Analytics Demystified. Social Media Marketing Management Platform and Tools. Shakr. Media Business Asia. Australian Privacy Foundation - Privacy Laws of the World.

This document is a partner to pages on International Instruments, on Privacy Laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and on Privacy Laws of the States and Territories of Australia Contents Introduction. SlideShare: Digital Perspectives 2014  Our friends at Reactive have released their ‘Digital Perspectives 2014′ SlideShare presentation, that highlights global viewpoints on everything digital in 2014. Tip o’ the Week #196 – Change Outlook meeting duration - The Electric Wand. Resource Center. Technology is evolving marketing - ITmedia marketing.

Facebook Video Downloader Online. Block Posters - Create large wall posters from any image for free! Showcase for mobile app developers - ContractIQ. Improving how the world collaborates—one task at a time™ App Maker - Make an app with Conduit Mobile App Builder. Word Clouds. Get the Popular Android apps in Thailand on AppBrain. SEMrush - service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain. ShareGrab. TrackMaven. About Us. Create infographics & online charts. Fire a Floodlight tag on a click - DFA Partner Help. You can use a JavaScript event handler to initiate a Floodlight call when users take some action such as a click, downloading a PDF, selecting an item from a menu, or submitting a form. The method described below requires that the user's browser have JavaScript enabled.

The New Digital Ad Ecosystem. Ad Innovations – Google Ads. DoubleClick Rich Media Gallery. KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more! - Download Free Software. YouTube to MP3 Converter - Scoopasia. AngelList. Search in a Giphy. CallApp. Open Garden. Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether (Lite) by SVTPThis premier app turns your phone into the fastest high-bandwidth Internet hotspot around so you can use your laptop, tablet, or game console online. It also easily enables internet via USB, and it's optimized for the latest lightning-fast 4G connections. Home.


Presentation Tools. What's the Best Book on Creativity You've Ever Read? - Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online. Home. Current local times in selected cities. – Be a publisher. Dashboards.