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Asia Scout Network. 10 trends that will shape consumer mindset and behavior in 2013. Payment in a heartbeatNovember 11, 2014 | 5:26 pm Our recent report on the future of payments and currency spotlights the rise of biometric payments—using a unique physical characteristic to authenticate transactions—which promise to greatly improve security and help remove friction.

10 trends that will shape consumer mindset and behavior in 2013

So far we’ve seen systems that rely on fingerprints (e.g., Apple Pay) and the palm’s unique vein payment (see Quixter). Now, the startup Bionym is exploring ways to harness its Nymi wristband, which uses the wearer’s unique cardiac rhythm as authentication, for payments.Bionym is linking with MasterCard and the Royal Bank of Canada for a test in which an NFC chip in the wristband enables contactless payments.

The future of User Interfaces. Advertising Lab. Futurismic - near-future science fiction and fact since 2001. Trend Hunter. Published: Jul 7, 2012 • References: It seems memes have escaped past the bounds of the Internet, with the help of the Nyan Cat scarf by TEIJDOS.

Trend Hunter

Express your love for hot Internet memes in hand-knitted style by this creative Etsy shop owner. With a knitted shrine to Nyan Cat, also known as the Pop Tart Kitty, you'll be able to wear your favorite meme in a comfy clothing form. Hand-knitted using bulky and chunky acrylic yarn, this meme-influenced wearable will be as soft as the little kitty cat it sports on the front. Media2mrw – your ideas for the future of media.

World Future Society. Mark Coleran. Co.Design. Contagious. What’s Next: Top Trends.