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秋记. 时间仓促,博客排版也出现问题,有机会设计成PPT教程。


Notes: 非PPT专业人士,只需知道如何快速设计一份好的PPT即可。 快速从模仿开始! 并依据一个标准修改成自己的东西即完成。 我爱PPT官方网 - 中文演示设计平台 | 提供免费PPT模板及相关素材资源的社区型网络平台 - Powered by Discuz! The Zooming Presentation Editor. The Art of PowerPoint-ing. PowerPoint is sometimes used as a software to create image slideshow, where album consisting multiple images are displayed through the entire slideshow.

The Art of PowerPoint-ing

With that, here are some interesting Multiplex animations that you can achieve by combining different animations, tweaking timings and images etc. 7 Multiplex animations are demonstrated. 1 - Cross Dissolve, which leverage on random bars. 2 - Diamond Strips, which made use of multiple Strips. 3 - Quartz, which made use of shape and wheel to achieve quartz effect. 4 - Multi-Checkered, which consists of dual checker board effects, 5 - Complex Blinds, which is an advance blind effect, making use of Split and Random bars effects. 6 - Clone Merge, which leverage on dual Float in effects. 7 - Matrix, which made use of multiple Expand effects as well as timing tweaking and image cropping. Multiplex Animation - Download. The "Lessig Method" of presentation.

The "Lessig Method" of presentation is not an official method per se, but many people who know about the work of Stanford law professor, Lawrence Lessig, have been inspired by his presentation style and informally refer to his approach as something unique indeed.

The "Lessig Method" of presentation

Those who have seen Lessig present have been talking about his approach for a while. David Hornik at VentureBlog wrote a post entitled Putting the "Power" in Powerpoint over two years ago. In this post he heaps praise on the presentation style of Lessig. Hornik says Lessig's presentations "are a fantastic combination of content, art and brand.... " PowerPoint Heaven - The Power to Animate.