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Superior Health Care Australia Pty Ltd

Allevyn Foam Dressing. ALLEVYN Classic Range All of the dressings in the ALLEVYN Classic range utilise the unique triple-action technology which consists of a non-adherent wound contact layer, an absorbent foam core and a highly breathable top film.

Allevyn Foam Dressing

This technology is designed to create a moist wound healing environment to keep the wound at the optimal moisture level for wound healing. There is a range of adhesion qualities on the different dressings in the ALLEVYN Classic range. ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive has a non-adherent wound contact layer for when no adhesion is required.

ALLEVYN Gentle has a low-tack soft gel adhesive designed to provide a gentle helping hand during application of the secondary retention. ALLEVYN Gentle Border and ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite both have a gentle silicone adhesive across the wound contact layer and border for gentle adhesion with no need for secondary retention, finally ALLEVYN Adhesive provides a secure adhesive for when dressing retention is paramount. Superior Health Care. Thermoscan Probe Covers. Superior Healthcare is the Name to Trust for Affordable Thermoscan Probe Covers Medical clinics and hospitals go through countless probe covers on a daily basis, and thanks to Superior Healthcare they can restock their supply at a competitive price.

Thermoscan Probe Covers

We offer replacement Thermoscan probe covers that allow medical practitioners to provide their patients with the most comprehensive and accurate care possible. The Place to Go for Affordable Thermoscan Probe Covers Superior Healthcare has been a trusted supplier of Thermoscan probe covers since 2001, providing our customers with the equipment they need to deliver safe and professional care to all patients. Simple to fit and easily disposable, these probe covers allow for quick changes for each new patient, while always ensuring the highest degree of accuracy in the reading. Sorbact Compress 7cmx9cm, Box 40. Catering & Kitchenware, Food Gloves (Blue) For the perfect fit, feel, and dexterity, choose our ambidextrous vinyl gloves.

Catering & Kitchenware, Food Gloves (Blue)

Wholesale customers can rest assured that we only source and provide the highest quality of vinyl gloves. One of the leading brands we source vinyl gloves from is Ultra Fresh. Antibacterial Spray Online. Alcohol Swab Prep Pads 6cm x 6cm, Box 200 - WIPES & TOWELS, WOUND MANAGEMENT - Product Detail - Medical Holdings Aust Pty Ltd. Antibacterial Disinfectant. Antibacterial Disinfectant With operations, constant visitors bringing in germs, and a wide range of patients with a wide range of illnesses all under one roof hospitals and other medical facilities can be host to a wide selection of bacteria.

Antibacterial Disinfectant

With our premium antibacterial disinfectants hospitals across Australia can maintain their rooms, wards, hallways, and operating theatres to the highest standard. To find out more about our effective and affordably-priced antibacterial disinfectants, call Superior Healthcare today! The Go-to Name in Hospital Disinfectant Supply When it comes to hospital disinfectant, there is no-excuse for subpar products.

Our staff can assist customers in finding the right type of disinfectant product to meet the daily needs of your any hospital or medical clinic, and ensure they can provide their patients with safe and professional care. Superior Health Care. Buy an Early Life Nutrition for Your Kids with Single Click. Every mother wants to keep her child healthy and strong.

Buy an Early Life Nutrition for Your Kids with Single Click

Mommies want their kids to get all nutrients in single solution. While making sure that your kid is getting enough nutrients while having their food, you must include something extra along with green vegetables and other kinds of foods. And in such cases, nothing can be better than the PediaSure. PediaSure is considered as one of the clinically proven nutritional supplements that give the adequate amount of essential nutrients to your child. Consuming 1 glass of delicious PediaSure shake supplies 7gram of protein and 25 grams of other vital vitamins and minerals to your kid. PediaSure is a great source of healthy nutrients which is designed for children's growth.

Superior Health Care Australia. While Superior Healthcare has the scope and resources of a large supplier, we also have the personalised and dedicated approach of a small team.

Superior Health Care Australia

Want to discuss discount pricing for when you bulk buy TENA Pants online? Looking for alternative continence supplies that provide the service and care you need? Pick up the phone and talk to Superior Health Care – a friendly and familiar representative will be waiting to take your call and discuss your needs. Tena Flex Pants. Wound Management, Creams and Ointments, Solosite Wound Gel. Superior Healthcare delivers the very best wound care creams and ointments across every corner of Australia.

Wound Management, Creams and Ointments, Solosite Wound Gel

We have many convenient options that you can choose from, including next-day dispatch for many order and free shipping when you buy in bulk. Superior Health Care Australia. In fact, Superior Healthcare is always looking for ways to make sourcing your healthcare supplies easier.

Superior Health Care Australia

We stock the leading trusted brands and deliver all across the country, but our team remains small, dedicated, and personalised to you. When you pick up the phone to talk to your Superior Healthcare representative, the familiar voice on the end of the phone will know about your company, your needs, and any special requirements you may have. From TENA pads online to diagnostic medical equipment, we will offer solutions that suit your team. The Superior Healthcare Promise means easier purchasing and invoicing, professional and personalised advice, Australia-wide delivery, and a Supplier Partner Program that benefits you! Buy TENA pads online from Superior Healthcare and save. To buy TENA pads online, simply explore the products on this page or call us today to discuss your needs. View the full range of TENA pads and incontinence products or buy TENA pads online today. Wound Management, Creams and Ointments, Solosite Wound Gel. Superior Health Care Australia.

When you’re ready to buy Sustagen online, you will find a diverse range of products and solutions from our team.

Superior Health Care Australia

This includes: Novasource Renal Vanilla Tetra 237ml, Box 24 - NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, NESTLE (OTHER) - Product Detail - Superior Health Care Australia Pty Ltd. Description: If you’re looking for a calorie dense nutritionally complete formula for your patients with renal conditions, Novasource Renal Formula from the team at Superior Healthcare may be able to help you.

Novasource Renal Vanilla Tetra 237ml, Box 24 - NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, NESTLE (OTHER) - Product Detail - Superior Health Care Australia Pty Ltd

At Superior Healthcare we stock a large range of nutritional supplements and a complete collection of medical supplies to suit your needs. Whether you’re working in an aged care home, a home care environment, a GP clinic, a hospital, or another medical environment, Superior Healthcare has the answer. Read on for more information about Novasource Renal Formula as well as the supply service we offer you. Novasource Renal Formula Novasource Renal Formula is a specially designed, arginine-rich, and energy-dense oral supplement.

In every 8 fluid ounce serving of Novasource Renal Formula, patients will receive 21.6 grams of protein. The Superior Healthcare difference is ultimately simple. Wound Management, First-Aid Supplies Australia - Superior Health Care Australia. Needles & Syringes - Product List - Superior Health Care Australia. Incontinence Pads & Supplies For Elderly Australia. Wound Dressings Australia. Use of Syringe and Needle – Things You Must Know. Healthcare Products Supplier.