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Twitter. Twitter. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: ‘women not equal to men’ The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has been accused of blatant sexism after declaring that women are not equal to men and claiming feminists in Turkey reject the idea of motherhood.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: ‘women not equal to men’

The devoutly Muslim president said biological differences meant women and men could not serve the same functions, adding that manual work was unsuitable for the “delicate nature” of women. His comments ignited a firestorm of controversy on Twitter and one well-known female TV news anchor even took the unusual step of condemning the remarks during a bulletin. ÊzîdîPress sur Twitter : "Ezidi Genocide - Day 100 #TwitterKurds #Sinjar #Shingal #HeritageOfMesopotamia... ÊzîdîPress sur Twitter : "Ezidi Genocide, 3.08.2014 - Day 92 #TwitterKurds #Shingal #Sinjar #Ezidi #Yezidis... How a Turkish leftist gave his life to save Kurdish Kobane. ISTANBUL — Suphi Nejat Agirnasli lived a scholar’s life on an island in the Sea of Marmara, a short ferry ride from the center of Istanbul.

How a Turkish leftist gave his life to save Kurdish Kobane

He was translating a multivolume encyclopedia of psychology from German into Turkish. He often worked in the living room, in sweatpants, looking out at the water. “He told me that he didn’t want to grow up. With friends like Turkey, who needs enemies? Osvaldo Vargas on Twitter: "YPJ-soldier in #Kobane fighting #ISIS together with her dad. A very powerful picture. #TwitterKurds. Bestanuce sur Twitter : "VARTO’DA POLIS BIR GENCI ÖLDÜRDÜ! Foto:DIHA... Cahida Dêrsim sur Twitter : "Day 17 and Kobane is still resisting! #TwitterKurds...

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