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How To Make A Stylish Photo Frame For Several Photos. Here is a simple yet stylish photo frame that can accomodate quite many photos at once. The idea is very simple. Fasten twines on the empty frame and hang photos using clothes pins on them. How to Make Leaf Skeletons. I wanted to share with you a project from one of my readers who shares with us how to make leaf skeletons.

How to Make Leaf Skeletons

I LOVE this! I have several leafs in various forms displayed in my home and knew I needed to make some of her leaf skeletons to add to my decor. I love how a pattern of leaves can enhance the beauty in your home. So I asked Heather if she would mind sharing her project with you. You can find more great projects from Heather at her blog The Other White House. I have spent hours and tried various ways of making these. You need washing soda, not baking soda! Gather your leaves. Washing soda is a strong base so you may want to wear gloves when handling the leaves. You will add 3/4 cup of washing soda and 4 cups of water to your pot of leaves. Keep going, you will need to add more water so your pan doesn’t dry out. When 1.75 hours are up fill a glass baking dish with cool water. I carefully removed them and rinsed with water and added clean water to the pan. 37.1Kstumbleupon.

The letter 4: Lighted Canvas Tutorial. Paper Lantern DIY- Kalia's Nursery- The Details. When I first saw this craft in Martha Stewart's Living, Kalia was in the womb (kicking away, everyday, all day long... ) I saved the magazine and then added it to her nursery board on Pinterest when I saw it online.

Paper Lantern DIY- Kalia's Nursery- The Details

I finally sat down to make one (only a year later after first seeing it ;) If only I had realized how easy it was... I am using this for parties from now on! I have never seen it on a blog or actually done, so I was a little intimidated, as my definition of easy and Martha Stewart's definition of easy, are NOT the same. I finished this project in less time than it took me to finish one glass of wine and an episode of The Office. I Could Do That / Transform a bread box into a charging station for small electronic devices. Turn An Old Crib Into A Work Bench A Little Learning For Two.

DIY Design Community « Keywords: headboard, design, DIY, modern. Our friend Miki has ideas that just won't stop.

DIY Design Community « Keywords: headboard, design, DIY, modern

Wanting a headboard, but not something heavy and permanent, she came up with this brilliant, textural, tone-on-tone solution that, literally, pops off the wall. Any guesses as to how she pulled it off. (Hint: they're super inexpensive and quite easy to use.) They're simple styrofoam balls from the craft store, merely cut in half, and applied with tape. I love the Braille-inspired pattern. DIY Design Community « Keywords: DIY, hat rack, paint, crib.

With an old weather beaten drawer front I found in a field and some spindles off of a broken crib I tried my hand at making a coat rack.

DIY Design Community « Keywords: DIY, hat rack, paint, crib

I cut the spindles to make the pegs for the hats to hang on, made pilot holes into the bottoms of all of them, and screwed them into the drawer front. Sanded everything Then, with some paint and racing stripes, a hat rack for all of the middle child's hats :) Weekend DIY: Yarn Bowl. Two weeks ago, while discussing DIY ideas about our No New Gifts Christmas I mentioned a lovely yarn bowl that I wanted to make.

Weekend DIY: Yarn Bowl

Most of you know how much I value hand work be it just for the sake of mental health and the feeling of accomplishment. In a mostly virtual and fast-paced world, one of the most precious acts is working with your hands to create practical objects that can be touched. So, of course I didn't waste much time and dived happily at the project together with my daughter in the first moment available. DIY Design Community « Keywords: DIY, Mid-Century, clock, how-to. Curbly-Original There's nothing like an iconic mid-century classic to set your home apart.

DIY Design Community « Keywords: DIY, Mid-Century, clock, how-to

Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook. This is how to make an excellent excuse for driving a lag bolt into your wall, the Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook.

Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook

Functional yet sylish, it gives a nice industrial design feel wherever you mount it. Last winter after breaking out the serious cold weather gear, I found myself fighting the coat rack next to the front door. It was, to put it bluntly, failing miserably. Tipping over, breaking off, it was a mess. How to build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse & The Door Garden - StumbleUpon. First off – you really can build this thing very cheaply, but to do so you have to recycle, freecycle, and scrounge.

How to build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse & The Door Garden - StumbleUpon

If you just go out and buy new everything it will probably cost over $200 – still not bad all in all.This Article is featured in Jan 2010 issue of Birds and Blooms Magazine! Want to find out if this thing works before you read all this? Read 6 months in the Greenhouse first.Want to see what happens when a few inches of wet snow accumulates on this?