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Online Fashion Jewellery Store - Sunu's Fashions. The ultimate fashion terminus for the gorgeous lady in each one of us!

Buy Latest Danglers & Drops. Golden Floral Pendant Necklace Set NKC424 – Sunu's Fashions. 7 Amazing Antique Combo Necklace set for Girls in 2020 – Sunu's Fashions. Your jewellery represents the moment of truth you look!

7 Amazing Antique Combo Necklace set for Girls in 2020 – Sunu's Fashions

Picking an exquisite and in-vogue bit of adornments is a significant choice and selecting a necklace is one of the most of them. We are here to help you with seven amazing antique necklace combos for girls in 2020 that you can flaunt on your important occasions. These are special because they are:ElegantAffordableEasy to carryFashion statementOnline Available 1. Choker Set: These pieces of jewellery are worn around your neck like a collar. 2. In these necklaces, the front broad designs are expanded some bit of the chest with gems and stones and just look like bibs. 3. Pendant necklaces are very girlish. 4. Multi-layered necklaces give you a royal look. 5. These antique jewellery necklaces have a remarkable legacy across the world. 6.

Colorful beads jewellery is highly popular among girls. 7. Shop Best Oxidised Jewellery Earrings. Buy Women's Traditional Earrings. Matte Finish Golden Bridal Combo Set NKC386 – Sunu's Fashions. Buy Oxidised Jewellery Online. Top 5 Valentine’s Day Jewelery Gift Ideas for Her in 2020. Jewelry carries a classic and timeless significance.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Jewelery Gift Ideas for Her in 2020

For ages, it has been used as a token of love, appreciation, and adoration. Men choose beautiful gifting pieces for their loved ones amongst the variety and essence that jewelry comes with. Whether your partner is a subtle person who likes minimal jewelry or someone who likes traditional fashion jewelry pieces, your wonderful Valentine will most likely appreciate the idea that you will put into finding the perfect piece of jewelry that will suit her style. Although there are many choices that you can finalize, here are some of the top selections. 1.

A staple in any kind of jewelry collection is a charming multilayer bangle. Be it running a simple errand, attending a meeting, the charms multilayer bangles by online fashion jewelry Chennai will make the jewelry collection of your Valentine absolutely complete. 2. She will remember the special day every time she opens them. 3. TOP 5 EARRINGS TO GIFT YOUR PARTNER THIS VALENTINE’S DAY – Sunu's Fashions. The day that comes with the essence of love being spelled all over it is here yet again and with it, your plans for making your loved ones feel special must be here too.


A simple token of love that explains your appreciation for your special someone is enough. In this article, we will help you choose the best possible option that will put a smile on your woman’s face almost immediately. Needless to say, earrings are one such piece of jewellery that is adorned and loved by all women. Some may like to keep it minimal while some may like to wear big earrings. Regardless, all women love wearing earrings in general. WHITE BEADED TASSEL EARRINGS: A simple and minimal pair of earrings that will go perfectly well with the trendy and casual attires, the white beaded tassel earrings will prove to be a suitable option in case your partner likes to keep things subtle.

Make sure that you buy one of these gorgeous jewellery pieces to help your partner stand out in the best possible way. VALENTINES JEWELLERY – Sunu's Fashions. Antique Gold Traditional Lakshmi Coin Necklace NKC346 – Sunu's Fashions. Interview With Sarith Subramanian (Owner of Sunu’s Fashions) 1.)

Interview With Sarith Subramanian (Owner of Sunu’s Fashions)

When was Sunu’s Fashions store founded? It was founded in the year 2010. 2.) How did you get idea or concept for the business? We saw that Fashion Jewellery was and still largely remains to be an unorganized market, in the sense, wholesalers, distributors, sellers/resellers don’t seem to have a fixed selling price / maximum retail price thereby having customers to pay for the profits of the middlemen. 3.) Our mission is to become the best online Fashion Jewellery store by leveraging technology and standard operating processes in organizing the Fashion Jewellery supply chain and enable value-delivery right from the skilled artisans to the end-customer 4.)

A) Customers usually compare prices in other marketplaces — online and offline, and attest that our pricing is right b) Also, every piece of heavy jewellery (especially necklaces and designer bangles and bracelet) come in 2 to 3 levels of quality which at the outset is difficult to identify. 5.) 6.) 7.) Yes it is! 8.) 9.) Traditional Kasu Bangles B31 – Sunu's Fashions.

Oxidised Black Metal Bangles B52 – Sunu's Fashions. Golden Stone Necklace NKC191 – Sunu's Fashions. Buy Traditional Necklace Set Online. Best Online Fashion Jewellery Store.