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Getting Along with Your College Roommate. She was a nightmare!

Getting Along with Your College Roommate

My first roommate and I could not have been more different had some sort of incompatibility test matched us. To her, the floor was a substitute for a closet, studies were something to be ignored, and the only thing worth majoring in was boys — lots of them. Her music was louder, her taste in decorations gaudier, and her interests far more rebellious than my own. I was aghast. I was overwhelmed. I wish I could report that we worked out a beautiful friendship. In spite of the best efforts of colleges these days to match roommates by interests and habits, it is a better than even chance that roomies won’t be instant friends. Even in the best of circumstances, it’s a challenge. I tell my own kids that figuring out what your roommate is about and finding ways to live together can be one of the most important learning experiences that college provides. I tell them to think about sharing a room as a cross-cultural experience. Tips for Getting Along with a Roommate Dr. Commercial dishwashers in the home-long idosyncratic post - General Chowhounding Topics.

I've never seen a posting on this, so wanted to share my experience with chowhounds. Dishes have always been a huge problem for us; we seem to use every dish in the kitchen. We've always had 2 dishwashers, but even so, sometimes there would be 4+ loads to run. I decided about two years ago to investigate commercial under the counter dishwashers that do a full cycle in 90 seconds. The Rupert Coalition - Rupert Residential Community Services Inc. Dedication Only two days before Christmas, December 23, 1989, 10 men and women lost their lives in a fire at the single-room occupancy rental building named the Rupert Hotel.

The Rupert Coalition - Rupert Residential Community Services Inc

In the aftermath of the devastation at 182 Parliament Street, a concerned group of tenants, landlords, community workers and housing groups formed the Rupert Coalition to create new housing and ensure upgrades to existing housing for low income people. Contact: The Rupert Rooming House Coalition Annual Rupert Memorial Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. at the north-west corner of Queen and Parliament Streets 17 years ago a fired raged through the Rupert Hotel (a downtown Toronto rooming house,) killing ten people and leaving dozens of others homeless. Kelowna Wedding Planner « Jessica Zais Photography. Man oh man was I excited to collaborate on this project with Stage Right Etc!

Kelowna Wedding Planner « Jessica Zais Photography

If you haven’t heard of Stage Right, Etc, they are an amazing wedding planning/decor business that are based in the same town as me, Kelowna, BC Canada. Check out their portfolio on their site at: I love that they never settle for doing the same ole same ole (white table linens and overly matchy matchy- you know the drill) but instead strive to make each wedding a work of art for their clients.

Affordable Housing Design Advisor. Dwelling Types Overview.

Affordable Housing Design Advisor

Amos Hall Floor Plan. Smart Communities Network: Green Buildings: Affordable Housing. Green Buildings -- Affordable Housing In addition to being less harmful to the environment, creating healthy indoor air quality, and utilizing renewable resources, green building technologies can be affordable.

Smart Communities Network: Green Buildings: Affordable Housing

Houses that are energy-efficient, for example, use less energy than their conventional counterparts, which makes them more affordable to lower-income families. Smart Communities Network: Green Buildings Articles/Publications. Articles/Publications Northwest Report January 1996 Shared living communities can alleviate urban sprawl and provide social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Smart Communities Network: Green Buildings Articles/Publications

Cohousing - which offers residents both private and shared spaces and resources - provides one model. Diane Meisenhelter describes her own cohousing community and its benefits. Last summer, some friends and I went to one of our favorite berry-picking spots on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, only to find that the berry fields had become the latest casualty of urban sprawl.

Yet as a low-income housing activist living in an inner-city neighborhood, I am well aware of public skepticism and resistance to the higher-density developments required if growth boundaries are to be maintained. Cohousing is a form of shared living community that seeks to strike a balance between privacy and supportive community sharing. No matter what the community's form, certain elements define the essence of cohousing: Social benefits. Pub-rev. Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-housing for Familes - Co-Housing. The following information was obtained via survey and personal interview with residents of Great Oak Co-Housing Community in Ann Arbor Michigan, May 15, 2010.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-housing for Familes - Co-Housing

Co-housing presents many unique opportunities for families with young children. Curry Stone Design Prize. Nesting Houses: Whole Prefab Home Housed in a Huge Box. Ever step outside, see how hot (or cold) it is, and wish you were still indoors?

Nesting Houses: Whole Prefab Home Housed in a Huge Box

Well, the front entry to the inner of these housing structures does just that – it opens up to a larger warehouse-like, glass-and-metal structure structure, rather than right into into the wider world. Across the way? No neighbors, per se. Instead: a series of nine shipping containers form a stark contrast to the traditional white siding, brown shingles and standard-sized windows of the core house. Homes Inside Houses: Pictures of a Multi-Home Mega-House.