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Artofthetangle. Susan Breen Silvy. Zentangle - Zentangle. BLOG.SUZANNEMCNEILL.COM: Zentangle® Eggs - oh so easy! View a YouTube Fun and easy for all ages!

BLOG.SUZANNEMCNEILL.COM: Zentangle® Eggs - oh so easy!

You are going to love these... everyone will be thrilled to find a Zentangle® egg in their Spring Easter basket. All ready to hide for the big Egg-Hunt!! Ahhhh... Spring is in the air. A time of renewal. How to draw MI2 (ME TOO) By Linda Farmer, CZT CZT® Mimi Lempart of Florence, MA, and a graduate of the very first CZT class, created this amazing ornate tangle she’s named Mi² (Me Too).

How to draw MI2 (ME TOO)

Mimi writes, “I don’t often come up with tangle patterns, but this one is inspired by a tiny, intriguing, swatch of wallpaper I saw in a book. I call the pattern ‘Mi² (Me Too).’ As I sketched it out in pencil I realized a similarity to the way the patterns Huggins and W2 begin, except with oval, or seed-like shapes in alternating directions. The first two steps illustrate that you line up the seed shapes and connect them vertically (alternating inside and out). For me the most challenging part of drawing Mi² (Me Too) was the very first step – getting the seeds spaced and aligned nicely. Below the steps are two beautiful monotangle Zentangles by Mimi with examples of ways to vary Mi² (Me Too). New Artella Land. - Official Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Station - KMCC Training Programs, Certified Coaches.

Levenger - Lap Desks, Totes, Business Card Holders, Leather Briefcases, Fountain Pens, Portfolios, Wallets, Desk Accessories, Organizers, Journal. Stefanie Renee Photography - Journal. Pink Spoon Marketing For Therapists. Empathy Map. Why use an empathy Map Good design is grounded in a deep understanding of the person for whom you are designing. Designers have many techniques for developing this sort of empathy.

An Empathy Map is one tool to help us synthesize our observations and draw out unexpected insights. We teach it as a synthesis tool to help quickly uncover latent user needs. By introducing this synthesis tool and others, students are provided with tools to help them quickly go through their notes from needfinding in the field to distill down to what are the golden nuggets of opportunity. How to use an Empathy Map UNPACK: Create a four quadrant layout on paper or a whiteboard. Note that thoughts/beliefs and feelings/emotions cannot be observed directly. IDENTIFY NEEDS: “Needs” are human emotional or physical necessities and desires. How do we teach it? This can be introduced as a synthesis tool to be used after going to the field for needfinding. 2. 3. Zentangle a Map! I have a friend across the world that I have never met.

Zentangle a Map!

She just wrote a book, and I am very pleased to be a part of the blogroll to get the word out. Kass Hall lives in Australia and is a a Certified Zentangle® Teacher. This is something I knew not a thing about, until I got her book. Kass and I decided that a map was in order, since that combines techniques from both our books. I just took a very eventful trip from my home in Colorado to Ghost Ranch in northeastern New Mexico and decided that was the journey to map. First of all, I read the whole book since I was a Zentangle virgin. I made four spinning wine glasses and pine trees around our friend’s house in Fairplay where we drink wine.

I added color in Photoshop Kass has so many ideas in her book for this meditative art, it was hard to choose. Zentangle Community. Laughingorchid Studio. Zentangle™ Tiles will hold 150 tiles (6p/1pkt) - 25 sheets SHIPPING NOW! - $14.00 : Crop Stop!, Your one-stop cropping solution. Zentangle Educator Workshop - November 12.

Zentangle® for Educator’s Workshop Monday, November 12, 2012 Come learn the new and creative drawing form called Zentangle® and unlock the potential for this creative tool in your classroom.

Zentangle Educator Workshop - November 12

With Zentangle, drawing can become relaxing, intuitive, and fun while increasing one’s personal sense of well-being, creativity and focus at any age. Any classroom teacher can apply this art form to classroom challenges such as problem solving, team building, focus with ADD, self esteem, handwriting, and stress management. All participants will learn how to create zentangles, discover how drawing tangles benefit a student’s learning, and leave with resources for use in the classroom. This is a four hour workshop and the cost is $65 including materials. Workshop Location: Center for Health Promotion Smile! 49 S. Concord, NH 03301. Art Sleeve Protectors Sample Pack by TangleOn. Zentangle. What is it? Zentangle's Mooka. Zentangle's Betweed.

NonCZT interesting works

CZT Certified Zentangle Teachers. Reference. Zentangle: Meditation Through Pattern-Drawing. By Maria Popova If greater creativity and more mental balance are among your new year’s resolutions, look no further than Zentangle — a type of meditation achieved through pattern-making, created by artist duo Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.

Zentangle: Meditation Through Pattern-Drawing

Each pattern is built one line at a time, organically combining simple patterns into complex zentangles in unplanned, unexpected ways that grow, change and unfold on the page as you enter an immersive state of flow. Totally Tangled offers a fantastic introduction to the relaxing and beautiful practice through step-by-step instructions and over 100 original tangles. We’re particularly taken with Zentagle because its basic principle — building on simple shapes and combining different patterns into complex creativity — is such a beautiful visual metaphor for our core philosophy of combinatorial creativity. Donating = Loving Bringing you (ad-free) Brain Pickings takes hundreds of hours each month. Brain Pickings has a free weekly newsletter. Share on Tumblr.

Zentangle inspired arts