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Some Sweet and Fun Facts About Sundaes. We serve up some fresh sundaes in Fairfield, Connecticut, on the daily, so you can say we at are experts in this fun and sweet ice cream dessert.

Some Sweet and Fun Facts About Sundaes

Here are some fun facts about this well-loved dessert: The typicalSundaes usually consist of one or more scoops of ice cream topped with sauce or syrup. Some may want toppings such as sprinkles, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and other fruits such as bananas and pineapples. This makes it one fun dessert in Trumbull, Connecticut.The origin debateSeveral American localities have claimed to be the birthplace of the original ice cream sundae.

Gelato, Ice Cream, or Yogurt: Which Is Better? Don’t know which sweet treat you want to eat?

Gelato, Ice Cream, or Yogurt: Which Is Better?

We at know this struggle all too much. What Is Tempered Chocolate? Chocolate, in all of its forms, is delicious and never disappointing.

What Is Tempered Chocolate?

Aside from that, it is also very beneficial to our health. When consumed in the right amounts, it can be advantageous to our mental and physical health. For example, cocoa and dark chocolate are rich sources of antioxidants. It also increases blood flow to the brain, which is very good for our cognitive function. Cheesecake: Never-Ending Possibilities. Love it or not, cheesecakes have been around for a long time enough to satisfy many people all over the world.

Cheesecake: Never-Ending Possibilities

Interesting Facts about Cakes. Cakes need no introduction.

Interesting Facts about Cakes

It is one of the first desserts that we love. Before you go looking for this dessert in Trumbull, Connecticut, check out first these fun facts about this much-loved dessert: In the Middle Ages, cakes are flat, round pieces of bread baked hard on both sides. They only use regular bread, and the consistency is made with butter and eggs.According to an old American superstition, placing a fruit cake under your pillow will help you find a good husband.The cake stacking custom was very popular at weddings, even in the old days. Each guest brings a layer of cake. Did you enjoy these fascinating facts about cakes? Fun Facts About Gelato. Italy has bestowed us with many culinary gifts, and that includes gelato.

Fun Facts About Gelato

This refreshing dessert has a history as diverse as the colors and flavors that it comes in. Before you run to find this dessert in Trumbull, Connecticut, check out these fun gelato facts: A Sicilian fisherman opened the first Parisian gelato shop in 1686. It is called Café Procope and is still operating in the city.The name of this frozen treat came from the word congelato which means “frozen.”Gelato is similar to ice cream because it contains sugar, milk, and flavors, but gelato has less cream and no egg yolks. Creamy Curiosity: How Is Butter Produced? Butter—a smooth, creamy, and fragrant milk product that is often used to make luscious sweet treats in Stamford, Connecticut.

Creamy Curiosity: How Is Butter Produced?

Using butter makes cakes and other desserts smoother and softer while giving them a delicate scent. While adoring to the scent, taste, and texture of butter, have you ever wondered how it is produced? Well, here are the steps in making butter: Step 1: Ferment Store fresh milk in a glass jar and leave it to ferment for three to four days in the fridge. Step 2: Filter When you see watery substances and the curd is floating midway, that’s the time you scoop it out.

Milk Substitutes for Making Ice Cream. When you think of sweet treats in Stamford, Connecticut, ice cream often comes into mind.

Milk Substitutes for Making Ice Cream

The main ingredient for this type of dessert is milk, which is mostly dairy. However, some prefer or are unable to consume dairy milk for some reason. So, looking for alternatives is indeed necessary. Are there alternatives for dairy milk? Yes, they’re the non-dairy ones or conventionally referred to as plant-based. Sweet Treats From All Over the World to Keep You Cool. Different cultures all over the world are unique from each other.

Sweet Treats From All Over the World to Keep You Cool

However, one thing that all cultures love is the love for cold, sweet desserts like the sweet treats in Stamford, Connecticut. To know about the desserts from Mexico to China, read the list below! The Several Origins of the Ice Cream Sundae. Ice cream sundaes have always been a favorite since its conception.

The Several Origins of the Ice Cream Sundae

The creamy ice cream topped with syrup and toppings has captured the taste buds of many people all over the globe. Originally, the crowd favorite was ice cream sodas. However, religious laws forbade soda shops to sell them on Sundays because people were not allowed to indulge in frilly, sugary treats. How to Beat Brain Freeze and Enjoy Your Desserts. Let’s set the scene. You and your friends are having fun, chatting away over a bunch of sundaes in Fairfield, Connecticut.

But when you take a bite, you feel a sharp pain in your temples that leaves you sore for a couple of minutes. That’s a brain freeze, the enemy of dessert lovers everywhere. A little bout of brain freeze can spoil the fun of eating sweet treats in Stamford, Connecticut and many other places. But don’t fret! Take small bites or sips of cold food or drinks. To make the best out of every dessert, follow these tips to beat brain freeze. 5 Interesting Ways Desserts Are Healthy for You. A lot of fad diets say that desserts should be avoided like the plague. But current research says a dollop of sweet treats in Stamford, Connecticut isn’t as bad as we think. In fact, they can be good for your health. Health buffs rejoice! Here are five ways that desserts can be good for your health: They promote serotonin production. Here are Three Frozen Desserts You Should Try. We all love a good dessert. It puts us in a good mood, and a few bites are all it takes to satisfy our cravings.

Desserts come in different shapes and sizes, and people of all ages come to love every one of them. Can Sugar Be Good for You? Here Are Three Benefits. A lot of people see sugar as a guilty pleasure, and that it’s the number one culprit in many health problems out there. However, sugar is not at all a detriment to our health when taken in moderation. In fact, it has some surprising benefits you might not be aware of. Here are some of them. Fun Facts About Your Favorite Desserts. Let’s have a quick riddle, shall we? What’s delightful in taste, never unappealing to the eyes, and can be considered as a source of happiness? The answer: desserts. De-stress with Desserts. Do you find yourself feeling kind of stressed lately? How to Up the Excitement with Your Desserts! Different desserts are enjoyed not only using our taste buds but also using our vision; we often look for perfect treats that are not only delicious but also pleasing to the eyes, snapping photos and posting them on different social media platforms.

Being Healthy with Desserts. Most people are always craving for a good dessert and are also concerned with being healthy today. They are more health-conscious with the food that they eat and their way of life. Delicious Antidepressant: Ice Cream. Did you ever have that day wherein you were feeling low and you just found yourself gobbling up a tub of ice cream? Diet Right: Cutting Out Sweets Is Not the Way to Go. When you read articles on losing weight and healthy living, there’s this common theme wherein they advise their readers to say “no” to the delicious sweet treats.

Ice Cream Cake for the Young Ones and the Young Once. Make a No-Bake Cake and Scream for Ice Cream. Choosing the Best Amongst the Rest! Getting Healthy with Ice Cream! Choosing Ice Cream! When people go through a heartbreak or even sad moments, they usually resort to eating a lot of ice cream. It has become a famous comfort food to almost all of the people.

Keeping Cool This Summer.