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AICA Sunmica

dia’s leading manufacturer of high pressure decorative laminates with prime focus on innovative design & exotic range. Which offers wide range of designer laminates sheets of doors, kitchen and more.

Benefits of Using High-Pressure Design Laminate Wood Sheets. The trendy high-pressure design laminate wood sheets are widely used in modern homes.

Benefits of Using High-Pressure Design Laminate Wood Sheets

Being one of the most preferred materials, these sheets offer high durability and provide many benefits to the users in homes as well in offices. Read this short write up to know how these High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) materials, are used for varied purposes. • Suede or Matt Finish: These types of laminates are used for all general purposes. It can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. As per the experts from the best laminate company in India, this type is used in functional areas like a kitchen where durability should be high.

How to Use Decorative Laminate Sheets Creatively? Know About High Pressure Laminate Manufacturers India. Know About High Pressure Laminate Manufacturers India. Beautify Your Home With High-Quality Decorative Laminate Sheets - AICA Sunmica. What You Need To Know About High Pressure Gloss Laminate Sheets? With the real estate and interior decoration industries are booming the laminate market is witnessing a splendid growth in the construction industry.

What You Need To Know About High Pressure Gloss Laminate Sheets?

Laminates have become the most preferred option for the interior designers who use this material in their various projects done both in homes and commercial buildings. These experts always prefer to use high gloss laminate sheets that provide shinning to the places in showrooms, kitchens, and even spa centers. Read on to find some interesting facts about these High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) sheets. Undoubtedly high pressure laminate sheets are known to be one of the widely used surfacing solutions for both homes as well as construction projects. Factors like low-cost maintenance, easy installation, high durability, providing an attractive finish, and many more are the reasons for the demand of the HPL sheets in the market. high pressure laminate sheets products entirely differ from low-pressure laminates. For more details please visit — Decorative Design Laminate Wood Sheets - AICA Sunmica. Decorative Laminate Trends in 2020 by AICA Sunmica. Decorative Laminate Trends in 2020.

Decorative Laminate Trends for Bathrooms in 2020 - AICA Sunmica - Medium. Bathrooms are spaces where people often start and end their days.

Decorative Laminate Trends for Bathrooms in 2020 - AICA Sunmica - Medium

This is a place where you gear up for the day in the morning and unwind and relax after a long day. This is a space that needs to exude comfort and warmth and so the colors and décor should be such that they reflect the same. While laminates are used extensively in decorating other aspects of homes, their usage in bathrooms has been low; however, this trend is changing now.

4 Tips to Choose the Right Decorative Laminate for your Dream Home. While promising exceptional robustness, durability and aesthetic appeal, decorative laminates from well-established brands such as AICA are easy to install, clean and maintain.

4 Tips to Choose the Right Decorative Laminate for your Dream Home

Laminates are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, colors and styles and add the right amount of elegance and durability to a number of surfaces such as furniture, wall panels, doors, wardrobes, cabinets, platforms, etc.While decorating your house with laminates, you need to keep in mind a few things:Area of UsageDepending on where you plan to use the laminate, you will need to decide on the color, design, texture and finish.

If the room where you are placing furniture with laminates on is small, you may want to opt for a light-colored laminate. Why Modern Offices Need Trending Laminate. AICA Sunmica — Sunmica is a Brand of AICA. Laminate Trends for The Modern Office Article. Over the last decade, a lot has changed in modern work life.

Laminate Trends for The Modern Office Article

The way we work has changed along with the space we work in. Whether it is small or large, office space is expected to be comfortable with an environment that reflects professionalism. Bulky desktops have been replaced with laptops, physical files have been replaced with digital files, large desks have given way to modern, modular furniture and instead of landlines, smartphones are commonly found in offices. With the millennials joining the workforce, the old, rigid structures are being questioned and replaced.

Flexibility and functionality combined with the aesthetic appeal are the underlying factors on which the décor of modern offices is based. Over the years, the laminates industry has too matured, and technological advancements have contributed to the manufacture of excellent quality, durable laminate surfaces that are beautiful, easy to implement and maintain. Think Modular. 3 Ways to Enhance Your Living Room with Decorative Laminates – Aica Sunmica. Homes are built with a lot of love, care, passion, and zeal.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Living Room with Decorative Laminates – Aica Sunmica

Every aspect of a home is a true reflection of its inhabitants. Building a home and decorating it is a very huge dream for many people. A lot of thought and planning goes into creating a home and transforming it into a space that provides the right energy and ambiance that the owner seeks. Laminates play a very vital role in making homes look beautiful and also serve a functional purpose when they are used in the form of panels, on furniture and floors. By choosing the right laminate, in the right color and texture to create unique patterns, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Living rooms, in particular, are a very important part of homes, where you receive guests and spend quality time with people. Decorative Laminates Trends in 2020. AICA Laminates are Ideal for Your Wardrobes - 3 Compelling Reasons. Wardrobes play a very important role in our lives.

AICA Laminates are Ideal for Your Wardrobes - 3 Compelling Reasons

They hold a lot more than our secrets and help keep our homes, clothes and other personal items organized. They are an item of the important furniture that finds their place in most bedrooms. Top 5 Decorative Laminate Trends in 2020 - AICA Sunmica - Medium. Decorative laminates have become very popular in home décor and this trend is here to stay.

Top 5 Decorative Laminate Trends in 2020 - AICA Sunmica - Medium

The global market for decorative laminates is expected to grow further in 2020. Moreover, the growth in the construction industry, especially in the Asia Pacific region will give a further boost to the growth in sales of decorative laminates. Real estate gurus believe that laminate decors also contribute to the increase in the value of homes. As a result, homeowners are opting for laminate interiors, panels and furniture and moving away from materials such as wood, marbles, and granite.

YouTube. Easy Maintenance Tips for Decorative Laminates. 3 Ways to Rock The Classic Home with Laminates – Aica Sunmica. Buying your dream house is not merely about purchasing an asset.

3 Ways to Rock The Classic Home with Laminates – Aica Sunmica

It also involves choosing the right décor to make it your home – a place that is a reflection of your personality and gives you the required tranquility to be able to deal with the challenges posed by the outside world. Tips to Buy Decorative Laminates. 5 Reasons to Use Decorative Laminates for Kitchen Countertops. Decorative Laminate countertops have been in fashion for many years.

5 Reasons to Use Decorative Laminates for Kitchen Countertops

Over the years a lot of research has gone into improving the durability and quality of decorative laminates and they can now compete with natural materials like stones and wood in terms of aesthetic appeal. While you may look for functional elements in your countertop, the aesthetics cannot be ignored. Decorative Laminates: Indispensable For Great Bedrooms Article.

Since time immemorial, bedrooms have been intimate spaces. Whether they are treated as a place that helps one recover after a long day outside, a place of rest and relaxation or an oasis of peace and tranquility where one can unwind and tune in to his / her inner-self, bedrooms are an integral part of homes. Bedrooms are a place where people spend quality time and so the décor should be such that it provides for a comfortable environment. Decorative laminates are becoming a popular choice for making modern bedrooms look sleek, simple, yet aesthetically appealing. Owing to the fact that they are anti-bacterial, durable, easy to clean and are extremely versatile, they are used across varied surfaces in bedrooms. Aica - Sunmica Corporate Presentation. The Art of Minimalism in Home Interiors - AICA Sunmica - Medium. The term ‘minimalism’ emerged in the early 19th century and became an integral part of design and architecture.

The concept strives to strip everything to its innate, basic qualities and to infuse simplicity. This also resonates with the Zen concept of simple living with no layers of pretense, but a transparent nature that reveals the truth and inner qualities of a person. Minimalism had been a part of modern art but became popular in the field of architecture in the late 1980s. Key characteristics of this were wide, open spaces, white elements and minimal furniture that reflected a simple way of life.

Simple materials, basic geometric forms, repetitive patterns and structures, the inclusion of natural light, etc. were integral to this form. “Less is more” is the underlying principle in the minimalistic home. 4 Tips to Get Your Home Renovation Project Right with Decorative Laminates - AICA Sunmica Decorative Laminates. Inspire - Design - Create - AICA Sunmica. 5 Benefits of Partnering with a Leading Laminate Brand. The laminates market is a highly competitive one in the Indian market.

Despite the growth in demand for decorative laminates, it is important for dealers to associate themselves with good, well-established brands like AICA Sunmica to achieve success in the long run. Here are the top 5 benefits of partnering with them: Brand Name Well established brands sell by themselves. Sunmica, for instance, is a brand that is highly trusted when it comes to decorative laminates. Futuristic Approach If brands don’t change for the better, they perish. Growing Trend of Laminated Doors - Doors & Windows.

Home doors - external and internal play a crucial role in defining the beauty of a house. External doors are usually the first thing a visitor sees and hence they need to reflect the style and ethos of the house and create a great first impression. Moreover, they need to retain the original features of durability and strength. Due to their practicality, stylishness, variety, and affordability, laminate doors are becoming a popular trend these days. While there are many factors that are responsible for the growing demand for laminates in home interiors, the top 5 reasons that have contributed to the increase in demand for laminated doors are: Affordable Housing Projects The number of affordable housing projects has grown like wildfire in tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India owing to the reduced rate of interest on home loans.

4 Ways to Revamp your Office with Decorative Laminates. Why do office spaces need to look drab and dull with greys and whites? You can give a complete overhaul to your boring office space by adding a dash of decorative laminates that can break your monotonic work life and make your office look inspirational and vibrant. Why do office spaces need to look drab and dull with greys and whites?

You can give a complete overhaul to your boring office space by adding a dash of decorative laminates that can break your monotonic work life and make your office look inspirational and vibrant. By making a few changes to your office space, you can make yourself feel good and also increase productivity. Here are some small changes that can help you achieve this:

The World of Textures in Decorative Laminates - AICA Sunmica - Medium. Best Decorative Laminates 3 Tips to Help. Decorative Laminates Company AICA Sunmica. Decorative Laminates Company in India – AICA Sunmica Commercial Advertisement. Going Trendy – The Laminate Way Article. Decorative laminates are increasingly becoming popular and being added to various surfaces to add properties that enhance their performance and aesthetic appeal. Exceptionally realistic looking laminates are finding their way into homes as well as commercial spaces making them look rich, while also being affordable. Like all other aspects of life, technology has created an extensive impact on the laminates industry as well. Industrial Laminates Manufacturers Suppliers – AICA Sunmica. Best quality laminates in india. ‘Home is where your story begins…’ The above quote holds true in every regard, when it is about creating that perfect living space that you can call ‘home’.

Dealer of Decorative Laminates - 4 Tips to Become a Successful Dealer of Decorative Laminates. Dealers looking at widening their array of products can make the most of the growing popularity of laminates. Decorative Laminates Sheets – Aica Sunmica. Best Decorative Laminates Collection. Aica-Sunmica Products & Collections. Leading High-Pressure Laminate Manufacturers Company in India - Aica Sunmica. AICA Laminates India Pvt. Limited has completed six years of operations in India ever since its establishment in the year 2011. Today it is the only Japanese company in India, manufacturing high pressure and industrial laminates.

Best Decorative Laminates Company in India – AICA Sunmica.