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Ravi Sah

I am delhi based web designer.

Getting High Visibility Across Digital Media is Now Possible! It's every business owner's dream that his brand should get visibility in the media space.

Getting High Visibility Across Digital Media is Now Possible!

Some businesses run as a partnership or limited liability concern and others as limited companies and all these entities work under a brand that the product or at needs to be promoted aggressively. A brand is basically a symbolic representation of what the product or service has to offer and is a graphic representation of its attributes. Why Hiring a Designer Helps! · If you desire to treat your website as a revenue generation source, then hiring a freelance web designer will be of great help. Regular changes in texts, fonts, images, alt tags, image tags, description tags are needed in order to target high rankings for a fresh set of keywords.

Modern Web Design. Role of WordPress Developer in Digital Era !

Modern Web Design

A WordPress developer in Delhi is all you need to get ahead!!! Indeed! This headline is true if you want to win mindshare and market share in a cluttered market like India. For every client, they are many agencies, freelancers and amateurs who are more than eager tocorner the business of an agency to enhance their portfolio. But serious entrepreneurs who think big do not save pennies to lose out on millions. Small Businesses Need Web Design to Scale to The Next Level: sunlightsah. If you are reading this, chances are that you are some stage of the start -up ecosystem either as an entrepreneur or as an investor budding employee.

Small Businesses Need Web Design to Scale to The Next Level: sunlightsah

Web design lends a unique identity to the business that will help itself carve a distinct identity in the minds of users. If you are a small business web design company, consider yourself lucky as you can get work from anywhere and service both big and small clients. Ethical, affordable, responsive and SEO-friendly web design is what clients want and if you can offer the same, then that will script your success story. Ensure Your Business in Safe Hands Having inhouse personnel for web design is okay if you have high requirement on daily basis but if the work is intermittent, then you need to hire a web design company with a complete in-house team and who have minimum ten years of experience in catering to clients from diverse industry verticals. Pick an Ethical Trust Worthy Partner Adopting an Honest, Communicative Approach Works Best Source:

Differences between Bootstrap and Foundation. Front-end frameworks make life easier.

Differences between Bootstrap and Foundation

Moreover, they also increase productivity and proved to be perfect for prototyping and building sites. Additions like cross-browser compatibility and ready-to-go CSS components work as cherries on top. Essentially, using a front-end framework means that you do not need to start from scratch every time you build a new website and web apps. Front-end frameworks, also defined as CSS frameworks are usually composed of a set of standard files like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Though there are dozens of useful frameworks, two of the most popular are Bootstrap and Foundation. Bootstrap (2017) Bootstrap, originally developed for Twitter, was created by Mark Otto, and Thornton with the release on August 19, 2011. Mark Otto said that - A small team of Twitter sets out to improve the platforms internal analytical and administrative tools.

The open-source front-end framework consists HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Bootstrap Framework Wiring Foundation (2017) 1. 2. How to Create WordPress theme from HTML? If You know HTML+CSS+Javascript and create beautiful websites than you can create Wordpress themes for yourself or your clients easily.

How to Create WordPress theme from HTML?

You can convert your HTML pages into Dynamic Wordpress Platform or can create a full-fledged Wordpress website for your client. If you are newbie than you can get basic learning of Wordpress design programming to get more familiar with it. Whatever reason you are here to Today, I will show you how to create a simple WordPress theme. Follow below guide to create your theme from scratch. Choosing the Name & Layout for Theme First of all give your theme a unique name, create a sub-folder in the wp-content/themes directory in your WordPress folder. Before you start creating the theme, you should decide how the layout of your website will look like.

A Brief Primer to Starting Web Designing!!! - Ravi Sah web designer. Website design can increase your sales and business growth. Research studies are showing that companies that value good design are found to be with increased chance at being more successful and also, those companies that incorporate design usefully within their organisations increase the demands for their services and their product.

Website design can increase your sales and business growth

Did you know that there are various affiliated and government organisations which provide an array of different services and products that can aid your design business sales to achieve higher, innovative, intellectual property, standard and measurement needs? Various designs optimisation provide different kinds of benefits that you should not take for granted. Crafting a website with a good design not only makes your brand look great but it has some other commercial benefits if used in business: Puts your business's position carefully to competitors. Increases customer satisfaction up to a large extent. Considering that you're interested in increasing the sales of your business, and why shouldn't you be. 1. 2. 3. 4. Why It’s Better to Pay a Web Designer Than Using Software Tool? – webdesignerindelhiblog. With almost everyone demanding more than one website for himself or herself, there is no way designers can keep up with the burgeoning demand and hence there has been a sudden surge in the popularity of software tools that offer website building functionalities with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Why It’s Better to Pay a Web Designer Than Using Software Tool? – webdesignerindelhiblog

Some of the popular ones include WIX, IMcreator, Weebly, Jigsy that have gained the maximum traction in the market. They are perfect for kids, students, home makers, retired people develop websites that immortalize their memories on the web. Without any photoshop or coding experience, you can create awesome websites by just using the drag n drop functionalities. Even 6th grade students can now do it fairly well and more mobile apps are being launched to create mobile-friendly websites in less than a day. Yes, the needs of a business are very different from what is needed by a business as the website reflects the image of the company. Freelance Web Designer in Delhi, India - Ravi Sah.