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Write or Die by Dr Wicked. The Novel Generator. Welcome. Novel Writing Tips & Fundamentals - So You Want To Write Fanfictions on the Internet.. Before we get started...

So You Want To Write Fanfictions on the Internet..

My word is not gospel. Actually, gospel means 'good news' so my word is definitely not that. This is just my experience. It might help. It probably won't hurt. Addenda, 12.12.09: first, yes, this list is primarily aimed at those relatively new to fanfic writing, but I think there's some advice that never goes out of style. second, there's not a single thing on this list I haven't done myself. 12.14.09: revisions will be ongoing through the next couple of days, thanks to your wonderful discussions & suggestions. keep them coming!

So you want to write fanfictions on the internets. A loosely organized and certainly incomplete manifesto for you, Dear Writer, containing advice, suggestions, tips, positive affirmations, and a great many four letter words. You're writing for an enormous built-in audience. You're not as bad as you think you are. You're not as good as you think you are.

Fanfiction is predicated on the collective knowledge and experience of the fandom. I Love Reading And Writing! (Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Rules For Writing. Elements of Story - UPDATED by =illuminara. Updated Mar. 18th 2009 The following is a self-discovered list of elements contained in an excellent story: An interesting and intriguing main character, an individual with a unique past that has made him who he is at the time of the story. Be sure to explain the important aspects of this backstory where appropriate. This main character must have a story goal: a mission to accomplish, a mystery to solve, his past to reconcile, a villain to overthrow, a treasure to find, a person to save, etc. Along with this goal, the character must have an all-consuming desire that drives him to accomplish what he sets out to achieve. Fear. An enemy. Conflict or a clash of interests, which results in a fight.

Suspense, especially building up to the final climax. A suitable and interesting setting and time period. Clarity. Believability. A twist or two. Climax. A satisfying--if not happy--ending. The Single Most Powerful Writing Tool You’ll Ever See That Fits. And now for the continuing run of yesterday’s milestone post: A bold claim, that. But I challenge you to read this stuff — which, when printed, really does fit onto one page — and then argue that you’ve seen a more empowering checklist of must-haves gathered in such a condensed space. There’s enough stuff here to fill up a bookshelf. If you don’t know what these questions mean, then by all means go to that bookshelf and settle in. If you do, then get busy, your bestseller awaits. This is a listing of everything you need to know about your story before you can successfully finish it, stated in the form of a question.

Crazy, I know, but it happens. For drafters — those allergic to story planning and who fight to the death for their defiance of outlining — this becomes a checklist of things you’re looking to discover (answer) in your series of inevitable drafts. And if you leave only a few of these untouched then no draft you write will ever be final. Mechanics of Writing + Writing TIps. Okay, yall, I need more fandom-specific resources, but tell me what you think.

Mechanics of Writing + Writing TIps

Also, if you have any suggestions/complaints about the layout or anything, let me know. Mechanics of Writing / Writing Tips 10 Tips for Writing Sex A Dialogue Primer Creating Dazzling Dialogue English Lit Style Sheet Common Errors in English Usage Essays on Writing Mainly fan-fiction related, some Angel/BtVS related. How to Use Apostrophes How to Write a Sex Scene How to Write Dialogue, or Say What? Grammar Mishaps: Who vs Whom Guide to Grammar and Writing Guide to Grammar and Style Idioms in the English Language Mimiheart's List of Commonly Confused Words Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers One Look Dictionary The Perdue Online Writing Lab PoeWar: Writer’s Resource Center Writing Romantic Comedy.