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Sunco Powder

For over 35 years, sunco has provided high quality rotary valves, diverter valves, slide gate, knife gates, blower, blower packages and more.

Double Dump Valves. Eurus Blower. Lancaster, South Carolina 29720: SUNCO a company of repute has expertise in dealing with bulk material.

Eurus Blower

In fact, has efficacy in dealing with a wide range of materials. With over 5,000 installations and the implementation of an all-new 25,000 square foot bulk handling facility in Lancaster, SUNCO provides better service to customers than its competitors. High-end equipment guarantees production efficiency. SUNCO has started its efforts to address bulk handling issues. With custom-designed equipment, it has earned its reputation in the competitive marketplace. According to the founders of SUNCO, the spectrum of solutions, ranging from conveyors to vibratory products, ensure the safe handling, and subsequently takes care of the production process. Rotary Valve. © 2020 Sunco Powder Systems, Inc.

Rotary Valve

The Sunco Dust Collector Valve is a low-cost solution designed for light duty dust collector applications. This valve offers a tremendous cost savings over our heavy duty series. To keep costs low, the Dust Collector Valve is only available in the configurations listed below. It is also designed for maximum temperatures of 150° F and pressure differentials of 4 psi or less. Construction & Specifications Sizes: 6", 8", 10" and 12" Body: Double Flap Valve. In 2019, there has been a very pointed focus on a lot of different industries across the US, and with this has come about a particular focus on heavy bulk material handling operations for different types of industries.

Double Flap Valve

What this means is that company that usually deal in handling, sorting and packaging heavy bulk material has now amped up their operation several times, and as a direct the result, a new need for different types of bulk material handling equipment has been created all over the US, in more than hundreds of different, unique clients. In fact, a lot of products and recent innovations which were previously the only niche machines used by very select companies for a small number of operations have now get the opportunity to come to the spotlight, making them known as very useful implements that can certainly reduce the workload of manual labor by a large amount.

How Trustworthy is suncopowder? Being Inexpensive: A Big Benefit. Sutorbilt Blower. Knife Gate Valve. © 2020 Sunco Powder Systems, Inc.

Knife Gate Valve

Sunco Knife Gate Valves are available in wide range of constructions and sizes. Our most common Knife Gate has a solid one-piece cast body, with integrally cast gate jams and guides. They are full port and designed with blow out proof packing glands and nylock locking nuts. We have over 1,000 Knife Gate Valves in stock with multiple models to choose from. Available types of actuation include hand-wheels, gears, chain wheels, as well as air cylinders. Our valves are designed and tested to Tappi TIS 405-8 and MSS-SP81 standards. Rotary Feeder. Pneumatic Diverter Valve. The Sunco Conveying Diverter is commonly used on pneumatic conveying applications to reroute material from one load point to two discharge points.

Pneumatic Diverter Valve

The standard divert angle is 0° x 22.5. However additional divert angles, such as 0° x 30°, can be supplied upon request. The Conveying Diverter Valve consists of a robust body manufactured in two sections, split at the center flange for ease of access to the internal sealing flap. The internal surfaces are machined to provide a smooth surface, allowing for no lodgement points. With the special cone transition at the inlet, an efficient internal seal is maintained, thus increasing the conveying line pressure. Suitable for pressures up to 20 PSI. Standard Features & Specifications. Rotary Airlock. Diverter Valve. Eurus Blowers are Leaders for Your Material Handling Processes Blowers from many companies are available in market.

Diverter Valve

Different market experts will tell you about different types of machines that will be depending upon the requirement you have, matching to set u you carry and your budget. While roots and sutorbilt blowers come out as very good brands and you may see them famous among manufacturing industries, new technology of blower that combines the functions of these two blowers and gives better output is available in market. If you have any of the roots of sutorbilt blowers, you may need a replacement. Knife Gate Valve. Gate valves are great way to control the flow of material.

Knife Gate Valve

Free flowing material needs cut of flow for easy processing and slide gate valve proves to be the best equipment. Generally, they are used with gravity application above another valve to maintain the flow of material. You can use them for removing the dust or controlling the flow of dry ingredient. Different Types of Valves Present in SUNCO Powder System. Handling bulk material is not easy at all, it needs some great muscle power to handle it.

Different Types of Valves Present in SUNCO Powder System

And it is not possible for every person to have such a huge muscle so. So SUNCO Powder system launched itself to be the specialized leader in handling different heavy bulk material. They primarily manufacture equipment which can handle a wide range of dry and wet materials. We have marked our importance by installing over 5000 stores all over the world related to the different bulk material handling equipment. Different Blower Packages in SUNCO Powder Systems – SUNCO POWDER SYSTEMS, INC.

SUNCO powder systems are also the world leader for manufacturing blower packages also.

Different Blower Packages in SUNCO Powder Systems – SUNCO POWDER SYSTEMS, INC

These are the types of equipment that supplies a wide range of positive displacement. This positive displacement carries out generally by vacuum and pressure or vacuum/pressure content that helps in controlling and managing the bulk machine. Every blower packages generally have silencer which is aided with a heavy-duty base that helps in cleaning as well as accessing the equipment well. The basic designing is being done with calculating the performance and how it will react to any external environment or how the blower package will react against any specific application. It is very important to have a perfect sized blower so that it could give perfect system performance. What are the different kinds of blower that we offer: Eurus Roots Sutorbilt Blower. Untitled. Pneumatic Diverter Valve. Diversion of material may be required in industries where different outputs are prepared with same material.

Pneumatic Diverter Valve

At any point of time, in your process, you may require using raw material or processed material for two different processing. In such cases, rather than using two completely different processes, you can divert the processes from where they should chance. For example, in paper industry, you may require paper pulp for manufacturing two different types of papers but the pulp remains same.

Hence, the process of producing pulp remains same and you can use the diversion method to send the pulp to two different lines from one place. Sunco Powder System. Sanitary Rotary Valves. © 2019 Sunco Powder Systems, Inc. Sunco's Clean Lock Rotary Airlock is designed for sanitary/hygienic applications, where cleanliness is a primary concern. It is a modular design engineered specifically for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where cleanliness, both internal and externally, must be to a high standard.

All internal and external surfaces are fully machined, creating a smooth surface with no lodgement points. A quick-release rotor is standard, which allows for easy cleaning with minimal downtime. The drive is typically direct-coupled, which makes the valve more compact and eliminates the need for motor mounting plates, bosses, chains and sprockets, which may otherwise contaminate the process and complicate the cleaning process. Design Highlights upon request Quick-release stainless steel rotor for fast and easy accessibility and. Knife Gate Valve. Blow Through Valves. The Sunco Blow-Through Rotary Valve is an extension of our Drop-Through Rotary Valve and is designed for use in the Pneumatic Conveying Industry.

The unique design of the Blow-Through Rotary Valve allows you to introduce high pressure conveying air through the valve body and rotor pockets, which ensures a high efficiency throughput with a low effective pressure drop. This is achieved by more blades being in contact with the valve body for longer periods of time, resulting in less air leakage. It also ensures the each rotor pocket is efficiently emptied. Design Highlights Maximum Number of Blades in Contact with Body at One TimeGood Throat Opening at Valve Inlet, Providing High Pocket FillageRobust Body Stiffened to Prevent DistortionHeavy Shaft Diameters to Minimize DistortionOutboard Bearings to Prevent ContaminationPrecision Machining of Components Standard Features & SpecificationsBodies: Cast Iron, Cast 316SS. SUNCO POWDER SYSTEMS, INC – For over 35 years, Sunco has provided high quality rotary valves, diverter valves, slide gate, knife gates, blower, blower packages and more.

Gardner Denver. Best Blower Packages Come with High Specification and Best Fitting Sunco provides large manufacturing equipment for better material handling processes. There are good quality valves for different purposes and blowers from good companies. You can buy best quality blowers in industry manufactured at Sunco or from different brands. Gardner denver is a good seller of blowers very popular among manufacturing industries. You can buy these blowers from Sunco and get related accessories of best quality. You not only need the blowers or valves, you will need a full blower package because there must be a fitting system attached to blower.

Rotary Feeder. Rotary Valve.