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Sweet Corn and Coconut Milk Chowder Recipe. Sinking your teeth into a perfectly ripened ear of sweet corn straight from the stalk is one of the finest pleasures of summer.

Sweet Corn and Coconut Milk Chowder Recipe

I long for that moment all winter long. Mushroom Soup. Calories Calories are just a unit of energy.

Mushroom Soup

If you eat more than you use you can gain weight, or lose it if you don't eat enough. How much you need depends on your weight, gender and how active you are, but it's around 2,000 a day. Galettes aux pois chiches & petits pois, sauce au sésame. Cette semaine, je vous parlais des pâtes à la farine de lentilles corail pour incorporer plus de légumineuses à vos assiettes.

Galettes aux pois chiches & petits pois, sauce au sésame

Ces galettes sont aussi une bonne alternative pour changer un peu des pois chiches ajoutés à vos poêlées de légumes. Crêpes très légères - Plaisir et gourmandise chez Sophie. Les Havreflarn (galettes suédoises à l'avoine comme chez Ikea) Je crois vraiment pouvoir affirmer que c'est grâce à Ikea que nous connaissons cette double galette croustillante à l'avoine et au chocolat.

Les Havreflarn (galettes suédoises à l'avoine comme chez Ikea)

Dès que l'on croque dedans, on devient accro à ce goût merveilleux. Depuis des années, je pense réaliser un jour ces galettes, mais par manque de temps et d'idées, j'ai toujours repoussé ce moment. Je regardais parfois dans les livres ou sur internet et je n'étais jamais emballé par le résultat. Healthy Eating On-The-Go. One of the questions people always ask me is how do you stay healthy when you’re busy or out at work all day.

Healthy Eating On-The-Go

It might seem like an impossible task, but trust me it’s way easier than you think! Plus taking your own food almost always tastes better than any store brought sandwich or unexciting salad, it’s much less expensive and it makes you feel so much more energised. So how do you do it? Roasted Beet and Potato Soup. This is hands down my favourite thing I’ve ever cooked!

Roasted Beet and Potato Soup

I know I’m an enthusiastic person and say the best a lot, but I promise – this really is the best. I’ve honestly been dreaming about it non-stop. It’s just so insanely sweet and creamy with subtle hints of coconut and cumin, and a little hint of spice from the chilli. Photo by cherryhealthylife. A Southern Soul: Roasted Sweet Potato Soup. There's just something special about a warm bowl of homemade soup, right?

A Southern Soul: Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

Even though we are not completely into cooler weather here, I decided it didn't matter, I'd make a pot of soup in anticipation of beautiful fall days, cozy sweaters and cool nights by the fire. Everyone in my family loves sweet potatoes no matter how they are cooked, so coming up with this easy, fast recipe was a labor of love. Broccoli and Cheese Soup. Oh yes!

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Creamy Broccoli and Cheese Soup that’s quick, easy, and entirely from scratch! This homemade Panera Bread copycat is filling and flavorful and is always met with a request for seconds [and thirds!] By my family and friends. Creamy Tomato Soup with Baked Mozzarella Balls. I’m still tallying up the winner from yesterday’s shenanigans but had to sneak this amazingness into your life ay-sapp [that's ASAP if you don't speak crazy] Creamy Tomato Soup with Baked Mozzarella Balls For.

Creamy Tomato Soup with Baked Mozzarella Balls

Your. Face. Soupe de courgette-épinard-ricotta. Une soupe, au mois d’août?

Soupe de courgette-épinard-ricotta

Cookies aux flocons d'avoine & banane (recette légère) - Recettes by Hanane. Des cookies parfumés, croquants, et très peu caloriques ! Recette libanaise Salade de boulgour aux lentilles - La-cuisine-de-mes-racines. La fille de l'anse aux coques: SALADE DE LENTILLES ET DE BOULGOUR. Une belle association que celle-ci, boulgour et lentilles, ce ne pouvait être que bon. J’ai trouvé cette salade dans les dossiers Q-cuisine, et elle provient de Food Everyday. Je n’ai pas été déçue.

La salade est délicieuse. J’ai fait quelques ajouts qui me semblaient appropriés, et ils se sont avérés judicieux. Cela rend la salade encore plus intéressante au goût et en saveur. Ingrédients : pour 4 portions. Boulettes de lentilles rouges au boulgour, tartare de légumes au zestes de citron. Sevgili arkadaşlar, Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons Recipe. I make these gluten-free coconut macaroons all year round; when I retested it today, my younger son ate an entire baking sheet of these yummy little cookies!

Later than usual this year, my favorite spring holiday falls on April 19th, just over 3 weeks away. Beet and Feta Tabbouleh. How do you feel about beets? I wonder because it was only recently that it occurred to me that not everyone is a fan of these sweet, toothsome globes. Over Christmas I met the two friends I’ve known longer than any others for lunch at André’s in Kansas City. A cozy café filled that smells of chocolate and coffee, it was a perfect place to linger over a wintertime lunch with good friends. We sat there, drinking tea well into the dinner hour. As it turns out, André’s is also a great place to have a beet salad.

The waitress came by to tell us about the lunch menu – quiche and sandwiches. The waitress returned a few minutes later and ask if my name was Jessica. Back at the table, I devoured my beet salad. If you like beets, this salad is for you. I add some feta and loads of beets and call it a meal. Beet and Feta Tabbouleh Use any grain in this twist on the bright, classic Middle Eastern salad of parsley, bulgur, and lemon. Author: Jess Smith (an Inquiring Chef original recipe) Lentils and Bulgur Wheat with Caramelized Onions Recipe. Lentils and bulgur wheat with caramelized onions is a delicious Middle Eastern dish. A great source of protein and fiber, it is also a tasty Vegetarian entree. If I had to eat one type of food every day for the rest of my life, it would be Middle Eastern food. Une recette de Pancakes light ⋆ Blog du DimancheBlog du Dimanche. Je vous l’avais annoncé le week-end dernier sur Instagram et Hellocoton, Almost No Fat Banana Bread Recipe.

Sweet Potato & Lentil Cakes with Lemony Avocado Sauce. It seems I have a hankering for lentils lately. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with a list of lentil facts like I did in this post. This time, I think it’s best that we go straight into the description, because it’s a doozy in the most wonderful of ways. Versatile. Fresh. Flavor-packed. Light. Protein-rich. Une recette de Pancakes Light sans Oeufs – Blog du Dimanche. Dimanche dernier, je me suis levée avec l’envie de faire des pancakes. Ca rend généralement tout le monde heureux et ça me donne de la motivation pour toute la journée ! Le problème, c’est que je n’avais pas d’oeufs, et que ma recette de Pancakes Light en nécessite deux. Bon.