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How to start a company with a Foreign Director | SunBrio. In today’s internet and global era the world has come closer and has become a single place to do business. In such times opportunities knock at odd hours and many a times foreigners coming to visit India or having contacts via different mediums of communication want to open up businesses in India with the help of a local partner. At this moment questions such as “How do I register my company with a Foreign Director?” Or “Is it possible to start a company with a foreign director?” Are asked. There are two types of situations that arise from such a requirement, one in which the foreign director is not in India and wants to be a director from his home country and the second in which the foreign director is in India and wants to start a company.

As per companies act it is mandatory to have a local resident as one director at least to be able to incorporate a company. Lets discuss more about the situations where a company is to be registered with a foreign director: Trademark registration in india with sunbrio.


Wiseguy. Guide to choose the right Trademark Classes | SunBrio. The Trademark Act 1999 was introduced to enable trademark protection keeping in mind the modern day ways of doing business. Under the Trademarks act, applications are divided into a total of 45 classes. This number was 42 previously and has been updated to 45 as per the NICE classification system acceptable globally. Trademark classification means a class of goods or services in which a certain brand name deals in. Out of the 45 classes, classes 1 to 34 are called the product classes which describe various ranges of products in each class. Class 35 is called as a universal business activity class which covers all activities related to providing the services of doing business and allied activities like advertisement etc. and classes 36 to 45 are called as service classes which describe various types of services.

This system was enabled to make intellectual property protection fair and viable. IPINDIA website: Trademark Registration goes online in India. The dawn of technology has brought in many new convenience features. Online transformation of information from anywhere in the world being it’s most important. This has enabled the transformation of local means of obtaining information into online means. The basic method of filling a form by hand and submitting it to the Government office for any corresponding purpose has now turned into online submission of form from any convenient place in the country. The need for physically being present in the office has been eliminated with this online technology. The prime minister’s digital India campaign has boosted the initiative of the government to implement such online measures to assist the general public of the country.

Trademark Registration is one such thing provided by the Government of India for individuals and companies doing business here. The Government has identified this bottleneck and implemented the Online Facility for getting a Trademark Registration in India. Time taken for Trademark Registration in India can be reduced with the expedited examination of the application | SunBrio. In India, there are approximately 2 to 3 lakh trademark applications pending to be registered. It is almost impossible to get the trademark registered within a year’s time. Due to its technicality and legal aspect, it is very important that every application be analyzed and scrutinized properly before any type of registration is granted for the same.

If anything wrong happens and the ministry ends up giving the trademark registration to an application which was not adhering to the legal aspects, then this will go against the law. It is then impossible to reverse the action and can have adverse impacts on the day to day business of the registered trademarks. Once you apply for Trademark Registration, it is first examined and an examination report is issued. If the ministry finds any discrepancies with the application, it raises its objection in the report. In case you are in a hurry and want to speed up your application, there is a formal way to do it. Free Trademark Search VS Paid Trademark Search - Sunbrio’s blog. The Registrar of Trademarks, India, has provided with a portal which shows the database of trademarks applied and registered in India. It shows all the trademarks online and hence is a reliable source of database. The person searching needs to just feed the trademark name which he wants to search in the box online along with the class and hit the search button.

He is then showed all the trademark applications matching the database. This however might seem easy, but is not completely correct if not done the right way. The Registrar also provides an official search report service. The main reason why this report is required, is to obtain a Copyright Registration for your company’s logo. Thus, if you are looking for find just the availability of your brand name to be registered as a Trademark, it is advised that you go with the Free Trademark Search Report service. Trademark Registration India: Checking Trademark Availability Online in India through Trademark Registration Search. As per the Trademark Act, registration of an already registered trademark or similar mark is prohibited.

This means that if you apply for an already registered trademark, it is bound to be rejected. But, this rejection is not obtained instantly. The registry queues your application and rejects it about 12 to 18 months later. But, because you have applied for the trademark, you start using that brand name with the TM symbol as suggested. There is goodwill that gets established on your brand name in those 12 to 18 months. This results in loss of initially established goodwill which is an essential for future business growth, along with welcoming of unwanted legal complications. Let us find out how you can search the brand name’s availability on the Government of India portal. Once you are on it, there is a tab which allows you to enter the brand name. Once you press the “search” button you are provided with the search report. The first thing that comes in mind once any entrepreneur decides to start his business, is to name it.

He wants the name of his company to stand out and be in correlation with his vision and ambition. He thus starts shortlisting a few brand names and discusses it with his friends and family to ultimately finalize it. Depending upon the nature of his business, he then checks for the availability of the domain name suiting his brand name. Most of the times this is what every entrepreneur does to check the availability of the brand name he wants to adopt for his ambition venture. Family and friends will give honest opinions most of the times and help the entrepreneur analyze the effect of the brand name on his clients. The most important factor while deciding on a domain name should be the availability of it to be trademarked with the Government.

Pune to be facilitated as a Start-up breeding ground. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, on Wednesday while speaking at an inauguration function held at Force Motors, Chakan, Pune, said that Pune shall be focused as a start-up hub and shall be provided with all the necessary help. Pune is a well located and cultured city. Our country has seen many thriving entrepreneurs from this City.

It never lets you down. Pune, is located well near Mumbai. The Oxford of the Easy, Pune has many new and extraordinary brains in the making. Start-ups require security of their ideas, inventions and creations. Once a start-up obtains the trademark of his brand name, or even files for its registration, it can start its business. The right time to Trademark a Brand Name in India | SunBrio. Starting a company and making it successful is the dream of every entrepreneur. While achieving his dream, he ends up creating a very beautiful product, which is the brand name.

This brand name represents his idea and carries his legacy. In today’s fast world, a brand name is on everybody’s tongue the next minute. The world has been connected faster than ever; hence things travel through the media even faster. This brand name is what will have perpetual succession. It will go down in the books of history if it is big enough. A company’s success is also dependent on the uniqueness of his brand name with respect to the image it has created, the product or service it represents, the clients it serves and the people who created it.

The biggest success of a company is when it creates its own identity in the market. Now, when should one really secure its brand name? The best time to get a Trademark Registration for your Brand Name is when you decide it. SunBrio’s Trademark Registration service takes not more than 30 minutes! – Medium. In today’s online era, every activity is done online. Trademark Registration is also a service which can be obtained online. SunBrio, a Pune based start-up, provides this service for its clients all over India, through its online framework. Generally, when you want to get your trademark registered, you have to visit your lawyer and then carry out the physical documentation procedures. This is very time consuming and complicated. SunBrio, through its online framework, has eliminated these futile efforts needed for the same. Once you contact SunBrio, they first obtain all the preliminary information required for getting your trademark registered in India.

After obtaining the preliminary information, they carry out a search to check your trademark availability and provide you with the signal to go ahead or not. After obtaining your documents and payment, they draft the application and send it to you for your approval. All this process takes not more than 30 minutes. Contact details: Trademark registration based in pune. SunBrio launches Trademark Registration service all over India from Pune, Business - weSRCH. Assisting the government’s aim of digital India is a leading professional service providing organization known as SunBrio Consultancy. They provide trademark registration services throughout India. In the age of digitization and with the government’s mission of digital India, SunBrio is playing an important role in assisting the same.

Ishan & Chaitanya are the founders of SunBrio, and this is what they had to say. Ishan says, “The government of India is going digital. SunBrio is located in Pune and proves the service of Trademark Registration to its clients all over India. Trademark registration is applicable all over India. SunBrio provides trademark registration service at a professional fee of Rs 2,000/-, and an additional mandatory Government Fee of Rs 4,000/-. Trademark Registration is very important in securing the Goodwill of any company, its products and services, and hence needs to be availed before starting any business. Contact details: SunBrio Consultancy Pvt. Company Secretary, IPR, Licenses, Registration and Financial. SunBrio forays into online professional services for individuals and companies doing business in India.

[27 Oct 2016, Pune] A leading startup in professional services SunBrio Consultancy Pvt Ltd proposes to take professional services online through its ecommerce portal. SunBrio is a one-stop online access to financial, legal and professional services required to do business smoothly in India. Initially, the company started offering services only forTrademark, Copyright and Import Export Code registrations all over India.

Gradually over time and after thorough research they have implemented the services of Design Patents, Company Registrations, Company Management, Company Closure and its Registrations and Licenses all over India.With the current pool of added services they have successfully served over 2000 clients with 1500+ trademarks successfully filed. Upon conversations with the founders, Mr. Adding to their vision Mr. SunBrio brings to you services which cover the Registrations and Compliances domains of any company required to do business in India.