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World's Smallest Magnetic Byte - Sixty Symbols. Third-Polarizing-Filter Experiment Demystified — How It Works. © Copyright 2004 Darel Rex Finley.

Third-Polarizing-Filter Experiment Demystified — How It Works

All rights reserved. This article, with illustrations and copyright notice intact, may be freely distributed for educational purposes. Shine light through two polarizing filters oriented at 90° to each other, and no light gets through. How to Prolong and Restore Lead-acid Batteries - Battery University.

Science People

Weather. Astromony and Space. Hydrogen Fuel, Over Unity, Free Energy and Zero Point Energy Research. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE. The Royal Society: Welcome. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGY AND SUSTAINABLE LIVING. Longitudinal Wave. BEYOND- Center of Fundamental Concepts of Science. Science Videos and Experiments by Robert Krampf, The Happy Scientist. Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videos. The Vega Science Trust - Richard Feynman - Science Videos.

Chosen by the New Scientist - best on-line videos 2007.

The Vega Science Trust - Richard Feynman - Science Videos

A set of four priceless archival science video recordings from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) of the outstanding Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman - arguably the greatest science lecturer ever. Although the recording is of modest technical quality the exceptional personal style and unique delivery shine through. Feynman gives us not just a lesson in basic physics but also a deep insight into the scientific mind of a 20th century genius analyzing the approach of the 17th century genius Newton. For the young scientist, brought up in this age of hi-tech PC/Power Point-based presentations, we also get an object lesson in how to give a lecture with nothing other than a piece of chalk and a blackboard. How to make an electroscope (DIY)