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Sun Technologies

Sun Technologies is a Managed IT Service Provider & recognized as an award-winning innovative IT solutions company, specializing in IT Infrastructure Modernization, Digital Transformation, Test Automation, Mobile Applications, Cloud/DevOps, and Game Testing Services with expertise in many technologies in the areas such as Databases, Servers, Operating Systems, Cloud, Storage, Virtualization, Middleware, and Security. Learn how Sun helps clients lead with digital at

Untitled. No-code development platforms software market. Basic Skills An individual with a basic skill set is enough to drive the No-code/Low-code platform and build applications efficiently.

no-code development platforms software market

Faster Product Delivery The configuration is quicker than writing, debugging, and compiling, which allows the teams to create end-user functionalities faster. Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Services. Performance Testing Services and Load Testing Services. API Web Testing Services. Scriptless Test Automation Tool:No code Testing approach.

Mobile App Testing Services in USA. Edge computing. Everything You Should Know ABout DevsecOps. Chatbot development service. Software Test Automation Services in USA. Top Digital Transformation Solutions & Services. Staff Augmentation Services in USA. Scriptless automation using selenium. IT Consulting Services v2 converted. Web application penetration testing. Open source Scriptless Automation - Whitepaper. Providing Test automation framework using UFT. Providing Microsoft SCCM Deployment Solution. DBA and Production Support Services. Staff Augmentation and Managed Services in USA. Oracle Data Migration to Retailers in USA. Iptv middleware providers. Automation Testing services for Pharma Industry. Automation Testing for Banking Services.

Companies looking for Staffing Vendors. Web based Database Application Development for Financial Services. IT Infrastructure v1. Scriptless automation using selenium. Selenium automation framework. Web application security whitepaper. Open source Scriptless Automation - Whitepaper. Effective Technical IT Whitepapers for Free. Robotic Process Automation. Build effective unit test suite. Key Principles of Unit Testing 1.Educate and Prepare your Development Team Application leaders must Foster “upstream thinking” by asking product team members to delve deeply into the root causes of operational concerns.

Build effective unit test suite

Have your teams focus on a risk-based approach with the right sized team composition and technology for testing by dissolving your testing center of excellence (COE) and improving environment provisioning and delivery practices. Even if organizations are operating in a traditional waterfall model, encourage the developers to build automated unite tests as part of their DevOps and CI/CD practices. Before creating the tests, ensure that all the team members share their thoughts and have a similar objective. Build effective unit test suite. Secure your Web Application with these effective steps. The standard features of web applications define the success of your business.

Secure your Web Application with these effective steps

Web applications such as websites, online services, mobile apps make it possible with greater efficiency. Many SMBs are now using web apps to interact with customers, track workflows, automate tasks, and other requirements. But the persistently evolving web threats and attacks can put entire enterprises at risk. CICD pipelines for deploying multiple projects: Automate the process. Scriptless test automation solution with AI. Legacy application modernization service. Choosing the right Modernization Approach There are many ways to transform legacy systems.

legacy application modernization service

Enterprises use their own strategies to achieve legacy modernization. Fully automated migration is an efficient option that uses migration guides, checklist, migration tools and code generators to convert legacy data and code to modernize platforms. It also allows enterprises to tackle legacy modernization without distracting business operations. CI/CD Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment Services. Infrastructure As Code Consulting in USA. Infrastructure Monitoring Solution. Scriptless Test Automation Tool:No code Testing approch. Public Sector IT Solutions in USA. Healthcare Technology Solutions. Telecom Software Services. Since 1996, Sun Technologies has specialized in the broadband and multi-media communications industry with extensive experience in staffing IT and Network professionals for service providers, system integrators, and telecom equipment vendors.

Telecom Software Services

Our telecom IT solutions help ramp up opportunities while keeping costs low with our hybrid global delivery model. With Sun Technologies’ innovative solutions we answer the ever-evolving questions and needs of our customers, adapting to new market barriers. Infrastructure Monitoring Solution. Scriptless Test Automation Tool:No code Testing approch.

Network and Security Solutions in US. Application Maintenance Services for Enterprise. Managed IT Services and Support. Aerospace & Defense Consulting. Non Functional Testing Services in USA. CMS & eCommerce Platform Services. Devops Consulting Services in USA. IT Infrastructure Modernization Services in US. Top Game Development Company. Chatbot development service. Automated Functional Testing Company. Digital Transformation Solutions & Services in USA. Software Quality Consulting. Magento Development Agency. Drupal Consulting Services. Best Cloud Migration Consulting Services in USA : Migrate Aws, Azure, Google Cloud. Application Development Services in USA.